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Why do self-styled “skeptics” believe in their own brand of miracles?

I find it such an interesting phenomenon that of all the self-styled skeptics I have corresponded with or whose opinions are aired online, every...

The Lies of 9/11 “Miracle Workers” Bush and Cheney

“America’s fate was sealed when the public and the anti-war movement bought the government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory.  The government’s account of 9/11 is contradicted...

Sixteen More Convincing Reasons to Question 9/11

It has been 16 years since the crimes of September 11th, 2001. In that time, facts have been revealed that led more than a...

Senator Bob Graham: Bush and Cheney Made Sure Plot Not Exposed

Paul Jay interviews Senator Bob Graham, former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and co-chair of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before...
Our Mission:

TO EXPOSE the official lies and cover-up surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001 in a way that inspires the people to overcome denial and understand the truth …

TO PROMOTE the best in investigative reporting, scholarly research and public education regarding the suppressed realities of September 11th, its aftermath and exploitation for political ends, the toxic air cover-up, and the anthrax attacks …

TO SEEK justice and redress for those wronged on September 11th, or as a result of the events …

TO ADVANCE the insight that ending a world in which 9/11-type events dictate the agenda requires the fall of the present system and the rebirth of constitutional and accountable republican institutions ...

TO END, by way of integrity and god-given creativity, the regime and illicit power structures responsible for 9/11 and to replace the system that made 9/11 necessary. We solicit collaboration with others who are committed to achieving these goals by way of peaceful transformation.

Journalist Abbey Martin of Breaking the Set reports on hundreds of ignored 911 warningsvideo

Bush, Rice and the Genoa Warning: Documenting a demonstrable falsehood

"I don't think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon, that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile."
--Condoleezza Rice, May 16, 2002
Graphic showing hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil on the Official 9-11 Cover Up Guide

9/11 Commission: The Official Coverup guide

The 9/11 Commission came to New York the second week of May for a two-day set of hearings at The New School University. As hundreds of Sept. 11th family members, reporters and curious New Yorkers lined up for airport-style security checks, they received copies of a new 24-page booklet published by NY 9/11 Truth, with help from 911Truth.org. "Scamming America: The Official 9/11 Cover-up Guide" is named after a quote by former Sen. Max Cleland, who resigned from the commission last November with the words, "Bush is scamming America."
Screen shot from Mindy Kleinberg testifying before the 9/11 Commissionvideo

The Kean Commission and the September 11th Families

NEW YORK CITY, May 16, 2004 - The Kean Commission was called to life in Nov. 2002, when the White House dropped its objections...
Image of Rice and Zelikow

The Condoleezza Rice-Philip Zelikow Connection: The Kean Commission and its Conflicts of Interest

MAY 16, 2004: Condoleeza Rice is a household name. But most Americans still have never heard of the man who wrote a book with her, Philip Zelikow. As the executive director of the Kean Commission, Zelikow is responsible for framing the agenda. He leads the research staff. He decides what evidence the commission sees. In news coverage of the Commission so far, few reports have noted that Zelikow and Rice have worked closely with each other on White House national security staff dating back to the late 1980s, or that they authored a book together in 1999. (...)
Photo of Sibel Edmonds

Edmonds: FBI knew about 9/11 plot in April 2001

Open Letter To Thomas Kean, Chairman Of The 9/11 Commission, from FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds  I, Sibel Edmonds, a concerned American Citizen, a former FBI translator, a whistleblower, a witness for a United States Congressional investigation, a witness and a plaintiff for the Department of Justice Inspector General investigation, and a witness for your own 9/11 Commission investigation, request your answers to, and your public acknowledgement of, the following questions and issues:
Photo of Head of the spymasters CIA Director George Tenet speaking with Condi Rice, George Bush and Dick Cheney in Oval Office

Spymasters Warned the White House

“Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” The CIA’s famous Presidential Daily Brief, presented to George W. Bush on August 6, 2001, has always...

AWOL Chain of Command

Photo of Cheney, Rice, Matalan, etc. in White House Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC)

Secret Service–No Records of Cheney’s Arrival in PEOC

The following is a response from the U.S. Secret Service to a Freedom of Information Act request for the arrival time of U.S. vice...
Map marking the Key FAA Centers on 9/11

Destruction of Flight Controllers’ Tape, Day of 9/11

New information posted at the amazing HistoryCommons.org 9/11 Timeline.
Photo of floor at CIA Headquarters Building

Judge let US secretly destroy CIA ‘black site’ evidence

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba -- Defense lawyers for the alleged 9/11 plotters said for the first time Sunday that the government destroyed a...
Vice President Cheney in the PEOC, Presidential Emergency Operations Center

Military officials ignored Cheney’s 9/11 shoot-down order

By Stephen C. Webster RawStory.com Newly published audio this week reveals that Vice President Dick Cheney's infamous Sept. 11, 2001 order to shoot down rogue civilian...
Image of text: Who is Rich Blee?

Who Is Rich Blee?

Despite threats of prosecution from the CIA, the makers of 9/11: Press For Truth have released their new documentary podcast Who Is Rich Blee?
Mindy Kleinberg testifies before the 9/11 Commission raising questions that would never be answered in the final reportvideo

Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked The World

J. Michael Springmann has just published, Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked The World. As a former member of the US Foreign...
Image of a transponder

Implications of September 11 Flight Transponder Activity

ABSTRACT: It has been the consensus of informed observers that the loss or alteration of Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) information for the four September...
Sally Regenhard holds sign at Commission hearing: LIES!

Judge in 9/11 Suits Feels No Regret That None Ever Went to Trial

Originally published at The New York Times by Benjamin Weiser on 9/9/2016 After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, scores of victims’ family members...
The printed volume of The US Congressional Joint Inquiry

Five Revelations in the Missing 28 Pages

The missing 28 pages from the U.S. Congressional Joint Inquiry into intelligence activities related to 911 were finally released to the public. These pages...
David Ray Griffin's new book, Bush and Checny Ruined America and the World

Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America

WAS AMERICA'S RESPONSE TO THE 9/11 ATTACKS AT THE ROOT OF TODAY'S INSTABILITY AND TERROR? The events of September 11, 2001, set off a chain...


Uncle sam, rendered in graffiti on brick wall, next to a payphone wiretapping your calls

Is the NSA lying about its failure to prevent 9/11?

Originally published at Foreign Policy by James Bamford on 7/21/15 Missed Calls On March 20, 2000, as part of a trip to South Asia, U.S. President...
Alomari Visa Application

Graham Wrong on 9/11 Visas, Again

Sen. Lindsey Graham incorrectly claimed that “all the hijackers who attacked — attacked us on 9/11 were visa overstays.” Two of the 19 hijackers...
On 9/11/01, Brian Williams interviews firefighter David Restuccio as footage of the collapse of WTC 7 rolls in the backgroundvideo

How Brian Williams Can Regain Our Trust

NBC News anchor Brian Williams is taking heat for having repeatedly lied to the public about an Iraq War experience that he never had....
Photo of Usama bin Laden

The Cutting Edge: But, but, bin Laden died in 2001, didn’t he??!

Originally published at Nafeez Ahmed's Blog by Nafeez Ahmed on 7/15/15 Bin Laden Died in 2001, didn't he? Last month, I broke an exclusive in-depth investigation...
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld on Larry King

Rumsfeld on 9/11: Unbelievable

9/15/01: Assistant Defense Secretary Victoria Clarke, WBZ Boston interview with Jim Mitchell: Mitchell: Can you describe that terrible moment for us? Clarke: Well, the terrible moment...
Image of FBI shield

FBI publicly releases a few more pages about Sarasota Saudis; 80,000 pages given to...

Originally published at The Broward Bulldog by Dan Christensen and Anthony Summers on 5/9/14 The Justice Department late Friday made public four new, heavily censored...
Photo of California Macy's store window

Revealed: NSA pushed 9/11 as key ‘sound bite’ to justify surveillance

Originally published at Aljazeera America by Jason Leopold on 10/30/13 The National Security Agency advised its officials to cite the 9/11 attacks as justification for...