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Calling for a Media Focused Protest on 9/11/09!

By John Bursill -- Australian Activist and Engineer
August 15, 2009

As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches once again it leads us to reflect on what we have achieved and what is yet to be achieved by the 9/11 Truth and Justice Campaign. One thing we all might agree on is that a more "focused" and "deliberate" media campaign is in order this anniversary.

In this last year we have received some very powerful tools to use in our battle against those who would see us fade away as a movement. The most powerful is arguably the "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe" paper provided, peer reviewed and published by our hard working scholars internationally. While this world-changing evidence has received press in parts of Europe and Asia, it has not been reported on within the corporate media of the "Coalition of the willing", being predominantly the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. It is important to note these countries are also the major supporters of the "War on Terror" having direct military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan to this day.

What I propose is an all out, all day attempt to get this controversial paper reported on in the press by demonstrating in front of corporate media facilities worldwide. With simply the "Thermitic Materials Paper" in one hand and Architects and Engineers DVD "9/11 Blueprint for Truth" in the other we have a completely rational and non-conspiratorial basis to demand that the press investigate the possibility of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 on 9/11. It would also be completely reasonable for us to call out the media for its disgraceful reluctance to address the hard evidence disproving the NIST building collapse reports and their clear and biased support of the cover up of the century!

It has been obvious to me as an activist out on the "11th Day of Every Month" that the majority of the public have suspicions that 9/11 involved more than Al Qaeda and believe it highly likely that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were involved. By the constant distribution of information throughout the western world by 9/11 Truth groups including and each month and the formidable work of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and other professional groups we have effectively diminished the media's power! So by destroying the corporate media's news credibility with 9/11 Truth we have created an opportunity, for they are feeling a resulting loss in revenue and their own job security is at risk.

So what's the plan...

1. Call to International Action by all the major web sites "Putting the Heat on the Media this 9/11"

2. Mobilize all 9/11 Activist networks worldwide through,, and

3. Get support of leaders, scholars and web based groups for their membership's support of this offensive and get them on the street if possible

4. Augmenting the anniversary's actions by large e-mail volumes the days before, supported by a reminder at the above sites

5. Keep the actions simple and concise by;

  • Focusing on the Thermitic Materials Paper censorship by the media and handing copies to the media at the actions
  • Handing out the "9/11 Blueprint for Truth" DVD and pushing its credible and large support base of 750 architects and engineers
  • Strongly representing the families' desire for a new investigation and their frustration with the media's inadequacies
  • Reminding the media of what has been done in the name of the victims of 9/11 and how they continue to report on the official conspiracy theory as if fact without hard corroborating evidence

6. A real focus on appearance and at least the activist leaders putting on a shirt and tie to present us in the best light in case of interview.

In conclusion to this call I would like to remind you all that each time we have had a media focus on the 11th we have had success in getting attention. As a direct result we have seen Building 7 shown on TV so now let's get the Thermitic Paper reported on. Besides, even if we do not get any direct media coverage we will get the information into the hands of the journalists, further undermining their editorial control and increasing our chances of potential news pieces.

I sent this out three days ago to gage the interest level and have recieved a very positive response and supporters of the idea include;

Dr Steven Jones
Dr Frank Legge
Carol Brouillet
Dr David Leifer

Just to name a few!

Please get this idea out there by e-mail or web!

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