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Australian ABC Protest on Remembrance Day with Gage/Rudkowski/Matthews/Cosmos

Hello all,

You may be surprised that after spending many hundreds of dollars in press releases to media in Australia through the AAP News Wire (the best way to access journalists) not one mainstream news journalist has contacted us about the "Hard Evidence Tour". You might also be surprised that "our" ABC, the national government broadcaster, has not yet reported on the discovery of nanothermite in the dust at the WTC or on the growing numbers of Architects and Engineers questioning the official version of the 9/11 Attacks represented by Richard Gage (AIA) and These are just some of the continuing failures of our taxpayer-funded news broadcaster, the ABC, so it once again must be brought to account by protest!

On Remembrance Day 2009 (11th of the 11th at 11am) this coming Wednesday please join us at the ABC Studios in Ultimo, Sydney to ask why we have NO VOICE and why the ABC continue to fail in their fiduciary (of trust) duty to inform the Australian Public of the news about an alternate view of 9/11 and the clear "Hard Evidence" of the Controlled Demolition of the three towers on September 11, 2001!

How can the ABC deny Richard Gage (AIA), who represents nearly 1000 Architects and Engineers, an interview, especially when he is with Janice Matthews, the Executive Director of and Luke Rudkowski,, who is one of New York's most prominent activists and victims' representatives? Well, we will endeavour to make it happen in person.

Cosmos's attendance as the founder of "the Eleventh Day of Every Month" worldwide campaign will truly make this a very special event, indeed!

Many Australians died on 9/11 and have died in the wars since and we will continue to remember them..."lest we forget"!

Meet: 11am outside the ABC Studios in Ultimo, Sydney (Close to Central Station and UTS)
Bring: A sign, t'shirt and a smile (t'shirts will be available for sale at protest discounted to cost $20 for one day only)

Please attend if possible and make the ABC accountable for their support of the lie of 9/11 and the wars that myth has facilitated.

Unlike the ABC, we are patriots and remember the fallen in the true sense of "Remembrance Day" and we wish for the end of war today as it was in 1918 on the 11th of the 11th at 11am!


Kindest regards,

John Bursill - Truth Action Australia

Exciting News from Australia ... November 14-21 - The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington - The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009
is right around the corner!

This international conference will feature some of the world's leading experts and activists in the 9/11 Truth Movement. The two-day Sydney event will include Dr. Steven Jones (Physicist), Richard Gage (AIA), Janice Matthews (, Cosmos ( of Every Month Campaign), Luke Rudkowski (WeAreChange NYC), Paul Mason (Structural Engineer), Dr. David Leifer (Architect), James O'Neil (Barrister), John Bursill (Engineer), , Dr. Frank Legge (Chemist and Co-editor,, Ken Jenkins (Psychologist, engineer and filmmaker), Hereward Fenton (Anthropologist, radio host and webmaster).

If you are nearby and have not yet gotten your tickets, do it now! If you are in other parts of the world and would like to support this important conference, you may now purchase conference t-shirts from John Bursill, conference organizer. Send him an email at to let him know what you'd like and get further order details (payment can be made via Paypal or cheque). In addition to getting a great looking t-shirt, you'll be supporting the movement down under.

Available in two colours, black and stone, these shirts are of high quality (no sweatshops!). Those who pre-ordered and have already received theirs love them! Cost:

$30 AUD each if picked up or bought at the events
$35 AUD each posted to your address in Australia (post is $5:70)
$40 AUD each international post to anywhere ($35 American dollars)
Bulk purchase can be arranged on request at substantial discount!

Funds raised will go directly to funding the Hard Evidence Tour.

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