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'9/11 Truth News' Website Focused on Responsible 9/11 News and Information

9th Anniversary of September 11th Attacks Welcomes "9/11 Truth News", a Website Focused on Responsible 9/11 News and Information

Not sure what to think about the 9/11 attacks? Perhaps you're curious on this 9th anniversary, but you want to avoid the circus of conspiracy theories, lies and disinformation? Starting now, you can go to 9/11 Truth News ( for updates on under-reported news, effective activism being done by the international 9/11 Truth Movement, as well as highlights of the best research and scientific information regarding the attacks.

September 09, 2010

LOS ANGELES--If you follow the American "Mainstream Media" news, you might have reason to think that a person who questions the official version of the 9/11 attacks is just a tad off the mark, or even outright crazy. Yet, those people are all around you. Roughly 45% of people in the US - over 130 million - support a new investigation into the attacks, according to a 2006 Zogby poll. A global tally of truth seekers would dwarf the population of many countries.

"This is 9/11 truth for the rest of us!"

In other words, the chances are pretty good that you or people you care about are looking for answers on this 9th anniversary. And yet with so many questions and so much public interest the issue remains basically taboo. Why the media blackout?

With no responsible coverage of the issue, everyday citizens have taken matters into their own hands, building an alternative media online. For the last 9 years, activists have taken to the web and to streets, creating tens of thousands of websites from all over the world and working to increase public awareness in their own communities.

Yet, due to the diversity of sources, people find that navigating credible information about the 9/11 attacks online can be very challenging. It is best to remain skeptical - and with good reason. Last week, a high-profile think tank released a paper recommending government infiltration and disruption of 9/11 Truth groups and websites. Add to that charlatans, provocateurs and swindlers, and you have a confusing mess. With that as a backdrop, four longtime activists decided to launch a new site for 9/11 information that would be appealing to a wider and more skeptical audience.

Just in time for the 9th anniversary of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the editors offer a new site intended to provide a positive first reference on the issue. Aptly named 9/11 Truth News (, the site offers current reports on the latest activism, recent mainstream news related to the attack and hit pieces directed at skeptics, highlights of the best research and scientific information, and thoughtful commentary on the strengths and weakness of the movement.

"This is 9/11 truth for the rest of us!" jokes 9/11 Truth News editor Scott Ford about the fact that so many people have unanswered questions, but have at the same time been shy to be branded a conspiracy theorist. To appeal to a broader audience, was designed to be highly accessible. As a result, the site is considerably stripped-down and clean compared to what people have been seeing from other Truth, Justice and Peace outreach websites. Website designer and editor Julian Ware says the format "is intended to prevent information overload and really showcase the best our movement has to offer."

Here are some of the site’s top priorities:

  • Presenting only the most factually credible and topically relevant stories
  • Avoiding the various pitfalls and negative stereotypes most often associated with 9/11 truth
  • Highlighting the most constructive movement activism
  • Providing thoughtful commentary on both our successes and failures
  • Examining mainstream response to the movement

Things the site will be avoiding:

  • Anything that might generally be easily misunderstood or seen as offensive
  • Extended debate about 9/11 research
  • Poorly-sourced assertions of any kind
  • Off topic content

"9/11 Truth News is about broadening the appeal of a very compelling issue," says editor Cosmos, creator of the international Eleventh Day of Every Month campaign. "This coming year is a countdown to the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and we need to clean up our act and move forward with strength and dignity as we continue to ask questions and demand answers."

As this movement continues to grow and spread, it becomes ever more difficult for its basic questions to be ignored or marginalized by the mainstream media. To end this media blackout, activists will need to find new ways to convey the basis of their skepticism. If history is any kind of clue, thousands of activists from all over the world will be doing just that - nonstop, 24/7 - until there are answers, accountability and justice.

For more information about the website, the editors and advisers have a look at our ABOUT page, or CONTACT us. Or, call Scott Ford at (970) 279-1110.

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