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Now That You Know, What Can You Do? -

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Now That You Know, What Can You Do?

After years of extensive research, the 9/11 Truth Movement has compiled a tremendous amount of evidence that not only exposes the 9/11 Commission Report as a whitewash, but also strongly suggests that elements within the US Government were complicit in the 9/11 attacks. We are not at a time in history where we can afford to be complacent. We cannot sit back, and "let someone else take care of it." We must act, and we must act now. This is truly a grassroots movement--no foundations, NGOs or government agencies are even allowing, let alone facilitating or funding, this critically important work ... it's about people, ALL the people, working together to break through the barriers and demand truth, and justice.

We know from the polls that millions of people now at least question the official story. Now, it is critically important that we, these millions, become as involved and active as we can immediately. It's important to remember, no matter what the media tells us, we ARE the majority! If you're new to this, you will be astounded at the response you may receive--even wearing a button or t-shirt, or putting a bumper sticker on your car can often draw people into conversation with you. Not all of us can lead a group or host a conference, but we can all do something!

For the people who died on 9/11; for the surviving family members; for the troops and civilians who've lost their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan; for the protection of our remaining civil liberties and restoration of those lost; for our friends and loved ones; for America and the world: We must act, and we must act now.

Right Now, You Can:

  1. Refer the uninitiated to Also review some of the many other excellent sites, such as:
  2. Distribute fliers and handouts wherever possible, and post them in public places. A number of good resources are available to download at this page.

  3. Engage in "Freeway Blogging"--posting or holding signs at visible locations, such as highway overpasses, and placing 9/11 Truth stickers everywhere you can think of (except on private property, of course). (Disclaimer: Please be respectful of others' private property, and be aware of your local laws ... )

  4. Attend 9/11 Truth related events in your area. Host a 9/11 Truth film party at your home or local meeting place. None of us has to be an expert to have questions! You could simply say to people, "I have a lot of questions about what we've been told. If you do, too, or if you wonder why I have questions, let's get together and talk about it, watch some films, and figure out what we're going to do to get this country back on track." Many people think they need to know the intricate details before they can talk about it. Wrong! Even asking "How did some guy in a cave in Afghanistan shut down our entire military on 9/11?" is enough to get started!

    Some suggested event locations:
    • Libraries
    • Educational or religious facilities
    • Coffeeshops
    • Group meeting rooms in restaurants
    • Rec centers
    • Your living room or back yard.

  5. Some suggested places to publicize your events:
    • Indymedia, Craigslist, and other sites that list local events
    • Your local community or public radio stations (PSA's) and newspapers
    • Bulletin boards, both online and off

  6. Contact local activist groups in your area, urging them to present or allow you to offer 9/11 Truth information to their members. Offer to show a film, give a presentation, or bring in a speaker.

  7. Contact your local religious leaders and ask them to view 9/11, American Empire and Christian Faith, 9/11, The Myth & The Reality, or read Christian Faith and the Truth About 9/11 by Dr. David Ray Griffin, or perhaps 9/11 & American Empire: Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out, and link them up with others in faith-based settings, such as Rev. Rich Lang in Seattle, at Trinity United Methodist Church.

  8. Place 9/11 Truth-related DVDs on public access stations in your area (see 911TV Project for more information and materials prepared for public access broadcast).

  9. Ask your local library to purchase 9/11-related materials. Many of them offer this service online, through an "I need material" form or similar simple steps. If not, donate them yourself--ask your librarian what's needed to get the materials on the shelf, rather than in the "used book sale bin." See one librarian's article about this.
  10. Call in to radio shows, pointing out the connections between whatever they're talking about and the need for 9/11 truth--people are talking all the time about the consequences of 9/11, yet not making the connection. Help them out. From, here's a list of progressive radio talk shows. We know this is not a "progressive" issue, it's an American and global issue, that defies previous right/left paradigms.
    Air America:
    All day and night
    Mark Levine:
    M-F, 6-7PM (EST)
    Sun, 5-7PM (EST)
    Bernie Ward:
    M-F, 10PM-1AM (PST)
    Sun, 6AM-9AM (PST)
    Thom Hartman:
    M-F, 12-3PM (EST)
    Doug Basham:
    M-F, 10PM-1AM (PST)
    Ray Talifaro:
    M-F, 1-5AM (PST)
    Ed Shultz:
    M-F, 3-6PM (EST)
    Peter Werbe:
    Sun, 11PM-2AM (EST)
    Mike Webb:
    M-F, 9PM-1AM (PST)
    Peter B. Collins:
    M-F, 3-6PM (PST)
    Lynn Cullen:
    M-F, 12-3PM (EST)
    Laura Flanders/Mary Ambrose:
    M-F, 10-11AM (PST)
    Guy James:
    Sat, 6-9PM (EST)
    Young Turks:
    M-F, 6-9PM (EST)
    Stephen Crockett/Al Lawrence:
    Sun, 12-1PM (CST)
    Tony Trupiano:
    M-F, 3-6PM (EST)
    Don Elkins:
    Sat, 6-8PM (CST)
    Mon, 6-8PM (CST)

There is strength in numbers. We urge you to join us and act now!

Thank you!

Want more ideas?

Check out Stan Goff's 35 Point Practical Guide for Action

Avoid burnout and exhaustion. We strongly encourage people to network with others and avoid isolation, becoming immersed in the details of false flag operations and what can become extremely depressing information. Action is the best deterrent and remedy for depression. Get out there! See also this excellent resource offered by the ACLU, Stress Management & Burnout Prevention, by by Katrina Shields (from the Social Change Training). It's a good idea to occasionally share a meal together as a group, and sometimes simply plan a fun activity. As Saul Alinsky advises in Rules for Radicals, "A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic."

Reader submitted idea: Public library computers are always on with Internet and are used by many people. Therefore, when I go to a public library what I do is that I go to any available computer and search "9/11 Truth" using Google or Yahoo and then pick a truth website; when that website appears on that computer, I leave it on. I then move to another available computer and pick a different 9/11 truth website and leave it on, too. In about five minutes I bring these websites up on 5 - 6 different computers. Sooner or later, someone comes to these computers to use them and see the sites. This way I introduce 9/11 Truth websites to those people. Those who have never seen any 9/11 truth websites (and there are still a lot of them), when they see it for the first time, you have to see their faces. I think this is one of the many ways to introduce 9/11 truth to people. (Thanks for the idea, S.H.)

Nonviolent Action: You might consider the following links concerning a piece titled "198 Methods of Nonviolent Action" by Gene Sharp.
198 Methods of Nonviolent Action--
Some Background on Gene Sharp--


The following random ideas were compiled at the Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference "Outreach" Session.

(Please keep in mind that one person's actions "on behalf" of the movement reflect on the entire movement. Our goal is to "recruit" people into this work, entice them with the truth, engage them in activism, not turn them away because of one person's off-putting and outrageous behavior subsequently used as an excuse to dismiss the very credible information we're putting out. JM)

For brief one on one encounters, dispensing a little info can often be better than too much. People generally cannot absorb more than three main topics at one sitting.

Offer facts, not opinions. Requests for opinions allows the listener to not take ownership of the information given.

A Citizen Band (CB) radio is an effective tool if you drive a lot, or on the flip side, a home base if you're home frequently.

Consider the Drip Marketing concept: On average, a person has to be exposed to an advertisement 6 to 8 times before the ad's concept sinks in. Drip marketing is advertising across a wide spectrum of mediums simultaneously. Hence, the consumer is exposed to the ad from various angles in a short time frame resulting in increased likelihood of being drawn in.

Bed sheet signs: They are large, and can be coupled together for even larger signs such as: "Google 9/11 Truth", "9/11 Truth Leads to Peace" "Wash. D.C. Scoundrels Revealed: See: (your favorite website)" In lieu of bed sheets, fabric stores offer inexpensive material. Carrying large signs is most effective, as permanently affixed signs don't last long, and can be considered illegal. This applies to holding a sign on interstate overpasses; it's best to keep the sign in motion.

Chalk on sidewalks=inexpensive signage.

Place help wanted ads in your local paper: Wanted: people who want the truth about 9/11. Contact: (your favorite website or personal info).

Focus on informing high profile, credible, and most influential persons in your community.

Follow guidelines at when questioning candidates or people of stature.

Have your favorite websites or contact info put onto a self inking rubber stamp. Stamp your handouts, snail mail envelopes, DVDs, etc. (note: DVD stamping requires a special ink).

When hosting an event, tabling, or one on ones, don't miss the opportunity of gathering people's contact information.

Have 9/11 info on your person at all times (cargo pants provide various pockets for organizing info).

Be artsy - I.E., Boston Tea Party. Wearing a compelling costume can aid in discussing and dispensing literature).

See the "Activism" heading at for more ideas and tools

Wear buttons (Some favorites are "Ask me about 9/11", "What about Bldg 7?". Wear 9/11 T-shirts.

Smaller can be better, so condense your message - 9/11 = brief & eye catching. Catchy phrases- 5 - 6 words I.E. "Washington Politics Unmasked at: (your favorite website)", "Washington Insiders Revealed at:"

We can't get mainstream media on board, but we can get the lower echelon media employees on board - same goes for Congressional staff/interns or anyone you're trying to enlighten (come in the back door as necessary- take the path of least resistance)

Check for notices of monthly action campaigns (always occurring on the 11th of each month - also post your events there)

Visit for monthly action campaigns

Seek out and utilize existing resources when applicable - (don't reinvent the wheel); however, this is a call out to all artists of all mediums for their gift to flourish in forms revealing 9/11 Truth - embrace the art community

Purchase a media list - better yet, if you have one, please share it

Make little creative boxes to house a variety of DVDs, make a sign for the box "Free 5 day 9/11 Documentary Rental" - give boxes to coffee shops, bookstores, mom & pops.

Download videos of WTC7's collapse onto your computer and show them to all - you just never know who might be receptive. A laptop's or ipod's portability aids wonderfully. Videos are available from,,

P.S. Many spider webs can bring down an elephant

Make DVD donations to Public Libraries

Make friends with the person who does your reprographics and provides office supplies (discounts are nice)

Table or put up a Kiosk at high school sporting events: Literature lands on dinning room table for Mom and Dad to see - double whammy
Write letters to the Editor, and most importantly, elected officials and influential people/organizations.
Try to get past the gates of wikipedia - persistence required. Alternative site that is in its infancy stage is
Lobby leftist/progressive/religious publications to cover us (Mother Jones, America Prospect, Harpers, Namaste, etc.)
Network with the Zine community (example: check out ?The Red Pill? at
Go to college/university websites, send emails to professors in Political Science, Science Depts., etc. Subject line could be ?100+ eminent academics support 911 Truth, see
Artists: Add comedy to express message - short vignettes
Ask others for ideas on how to spread the 9/11 message
Place PSAs on Alternative Media
Utilize public access TV ? see
Send certified mail to representatives - then make follow up call - best to send to local State & Federal Offices as DVDs can be ruined if sent to D.C.

Lobby the following to make 9/11 Truth more prominent to the public: AK Press,,, Howard Stern,, CodePink, etc.

Be consistent: Do group street corner gatherings - same day, same time, regularly - add art for affect.
Words and symbols change people's perception (Miss, Mrs.-Ms.) (She/He - Se) (say nine eleven, not nine one one - the emergency number) (write 9/11 or 9-11, not 911)
Give presentations to, and network with other groups. Some to consider are:
Senior Centers. Seniors have spare time and often are influential in their community.
Churches. Most churches have men's and women's groups which meet regularly.
Veterans or active military: VFW Posts, military recruiters, National Guard headquarters.
Business affiliations: Professional or trade
To members of, Democratic, Republican, Green Party, University/Campus clubs, Peace and Justice Groups, Code Pink, Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, Hispanic community (the immigration issue produced a massive turnout = organization)
Alternative Radio, editorial/news staff of local publishers or radio stations
Minorities/Gay community: you might surmise they are accustomed to learning more about the absurdities of humankind
Network with: Global peace week: Guy Fawkes' day - Veterans Day, July 4th Annual Rainbow Gathering, Impeachment movement, Burning Man gathering, New York first responders (See DVD "Dust & Deceit"), New York Custodians Union (they helped clean up the mess),, Physicians for Social Responsibility
Have at-home group and/or public documentary viewings.
Purchase billboard display advertising - perhaps along Interstate/Freeways
The sign might say: America, for 9/11 Truth, visit: (your favorite website) or, "WTC7- The 9/11 Smoking Gun, see" or "Google 9/11 Truth". Remember, you have no more than 8 seconds to get your message across.
Purchase 9/11 videos and books for handouts or mail them to influential people. Some sources for 9/11 DVDs and books can be found at
Encourage your congresspeople to speak out and their names will enter the annals of history.

To utilize encryption in emails, see
When talking 9/11, point out the obvious absurdities (planes flew around for almost two hours un-intercepted, and one hit the most well guarded building in the world) (Gov't has lied about everything else, why not this?) (Bin Laden is not wanted for 9/11 by the FBI) (People were arrested for picking up Space Shuttle remains, how did people get away with picking up scraps at the Pentagon?) (First Responders were hailed as heroes by our government, but in reality, they were sadly disposable) (How would CSI have handled the crime scenes?) (Reference Bldg. 7 to a building in your town, and ask your neighbor to imagine its collapse without the general public knowing about it- if you only have nine-story building, then ask the person to imagine one 5 times taller) The amalgam of the official story is absurd.
Add a unique closing signature to your emails. Example: Patriot Act 5 Disclaimer Notice: This post and all my past and future posts represent Parody and Satire and are all intended for Entertainment and Amusement purposes Only.

If you cannot participate in spreading 9/11 Truth, consider donations to worthy 9/11 Truth causes.
Requests: If you host a website, post this marketing info. Perhaps call it ?101 ideas to Market 9/11". Can someone get a list of millionaires? Can someone assist with subtitling DVDs? Can someone get a mailing list for Hollywood Celebs? and post this info so we can market them?
Thanks to the wonderful 2007 Feb 23rd Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference attendees for providing the above inspirations. Please forward this info to all concerned.
Follow the Enrique principle - Wake up each morning, do a little stretch, three slow deep breaths, feel the comfort, and say "Ahh, Today is a perfect day", and if you forget to say it, then say it as soon as you remember. For those of a spiritual nature, consider the reality that every moment is a spiritual experience.
Proceed with love and serendipity will follow.
Continually ask yourself, how can I be doing this better? How can I be more efficient? - and send your ideas to clearup911@yahoo so marketing idea updates can be disseminated.

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author, who is solely responsible for its content, and do not necessarily reflect those of will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.