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Forget the Conspiracy...  
Connect the Dots! 

Where did all the foreign intelligence warnings come from? 
Were they ignored?  

What was the Pakistani connection to Atta and 9/11? 

Did the U.S. offer the Taliban "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs" in June 2001? 

Why did the U.S., NATO and Britain dispatch massive forces to the region around Afghanistan in the summer of 2001? 

Did Osama Binladin meet a CIA agent in July 2001? 

Why didn't the Clinton administration accept the Sudanese offer to extradite Osama in 1996? 

How many times did Osama visit London in the mid-1990s? 

Why did Osama take credit for the Battle of Mogadishu?  

Why did Bush stop the FBI from following the Qaeda money to Saudi Arabia?  

What might have been John O'Neill's last words?  

What if we followed the Bushladin-Carlyle money? 

What was the Saudi connection? Why did Prince Turki resign just before 9/11? 

Who were the financial pirates of 9/11? 

Why has Congress declined to investigate Osama's CIA history?  

Why did the FBI's leading Sept. 11 investigators resign in November 2001?  

"Is someone sitting on the FBI"?  

Did the NSA destroy evidence involving American citizens and companies?  

Why did Bush and Cheney pressure Daschle to limit the Sept. 11 inquiry?  

Why was L. Britt Snider forced to resign?  

Is the CIA blocking the Congressional inquiry?  

Where is the case against Osama Binladin? 

Is the Osama confession video for real? 

Open Questions of September 11th 
A call to skepticism and inquiry 

Do you remember what you saw and heard on Sept. 11? 

"Car Bomb at the State Department" 

Failure to Intercept the Flights  
Interception for Beginners, By a Beginner 
Active Air Force and Air National Guard  
Historic Hijack Response Times 
Military Intangibles  

Kamikaze Precedents: Real and Imaginary  
2001: Aviation Warnings  
The Fear of Friendly Fire? 

The Timeline: Sources 
Sept. 11 Hijacking Timeline  
American Airlines Flight 11 
United Airlines Flight 175  
American Airlines Flight 77 
AA77 Disappears Over Ohio 
AA77 Reappears in D.C. 
What Really Hit the Pentagon? 
United Airlines Flight 93 
Failure to Intercept - Some Conclusions 

Detour: Northwoods and Tonkin  
A Short History of Causus Belli 

The President's Pet Goat  
Rumsfeld, Myers, Eberhard: Nothing Urgent 
Angel Calls White House, Makes Demands? 
Covering Up: Myers and Cheney Statements 

Anecdotal Foreshadowings of 9/11  

Ground Zero  
Debunking the Demolition Theory? 
Fire Engineering's Complaint 
The Curious Fall of WTC 7 
Who Are the Missing Tenants? 
Last Minute Plunder? 
Killing New York: The Environmental Cover-Up 

No Fly Zone? The Binladin Airlift 

The Investigation:  
The Magic Passport.  
CIA/NSA Observation of Mohamed Atta in Germany 
Atta Sightings, from Prague to Harry's Bar 
Atta and Iraq, Debunked 

The Wolfowitz Cabal  

Hey, You! 
Why Have You Forgotten the Anthrax?  
Terrorizing Everyone: Anthrax and PATRIOT 
Brief History of Anthrax  
Anthrax as Smoking Gun: Why Believe Anything?  
Shadow Government: A Message to Congress? 

Airlift of Evil 
Johnny Taliban and Other Distractions 
Axis of Distraction, Axis of Allies 
The "Israeli Art Students" 

Enter the Whistleblowers  

Don't Catch The Pimpernel! 
Qaeda as College  
The Millennium Plot  
A Love-Hate Relationship With "Qaeda"  
A Love-Hate Relationship With the Taliban  
Pipeline Politics  
Enron, Everywhere  
The End of Oil?  
The Geostrategic Addiction 

Occam's Razor (A Parable)  
A Compendium of Theories 

The Circumstantial Case  

The Putin Putsch of 1999 
State Terror Precedents 
History Hurts 
Leviathan Needs War 
Imagine the Congress... Now Imagine Parapolitics 
The Benefits of Perpetual Drug War 
The Power Elite 
Crisis Crisis 
The Bush Mob: Crisis Management by Plunder 
The 2000 Coup 

Wrong Wrong Wrong 

Purpose and Methodology 
A Note on Fairy Tales and Misinformation 
To those who think this preposterous 


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