Straight Talk to A Selection of My Visitors  

Get yourself a beverage and lean back with Jack... 

Dear American Believer in theOfficial Conspiracy Theory, 

Our nation sadly has not lacked for men who arrogate tothemselves a secret and unlawful authority, always in the name of a highergood that only they need understand. Some of these insiders have committedgreat crimes under cover of official sanction, others may have acted asrogues but often retained their immunity.  

I can understand why you want to accept the Official ConspiracyTheory. I also accepted it, for about a week after  Sept. 11th. Iwas crazed with grief and anger, and I wanted nothing but revenge againstthe murderers who killed  thousands - who literally tried to murdereveryone they possibly could in my hometown, New York City, and who cameclose to hitting people close to me. Buddy, you don't know how badly Iwanted to see those Taliban get tied down and torn apart by 78 naked Furiesapiece. Kind of like in that Greek drama.  

Then, gradually, I saw that much of the apparent evidencepresented for the official theory seemed constructed. A key moment forme came on the Saturday after the attack, with a report that the New Yorkpolice had discovered a passport belonging to one of the hijackers on AA11, several blocks away from the Ground Zero. Intact, on top of the rubble.  

Do you believe that story? Do you maybe know the guy whodropped that passport there? How many of the stories about the FBI's reportedevidence linking the supposed hijackers to the attacks do you actuallybelieve? The car they just left at the airport, full of Korans, flightmanuals. You know they supposedly picked a fight on their way to the flight,so that everyone noticed what car they came out of? The suicide notes.The bag that Atta forgot. The Magic Passport. The Johnelle Bryant testimony.The stories about Atta, everywhere. In Prague, where he got the anthraxvial from an Iraqi. Yeah, right! In Florida, two days before, in New Yorkthe day before, in Portland that evening, took a flight in the morning...Come on, honest. How much of it do you believe? 

Evidence that does not fit into the official theory isignored. As for the circumstantial evidence, the greater political context,the possibilities it raises are verboten. Thought crime! It took me forever,but finally I started this site to present and consider those possibilities.Luckily, others have been at this a long time already. There is a vibrantSkeptics community on the web and increasingly organizing in real life.We are determined to get full disclosure of the story. Most of us ain't"conspiracy nuts." 

At least go to unansweredquestions.org and find the audiopage and listen to Mary Schiavo, a former Inspector General of the TransportationDepartment under Papa Bush and Clinton. That means she was the top officialresponsible for monitoring and investigating the FAA, among other duties.She talks about how every disaster that happens, there is a full investigation.A commission. Committees. Inquiries. Courts. Discovery. Every single disasterthat ever happened, above all in the realm of AVIATION. In the United Statesthere was never a plane crash that did not end up with a blue-ribbon commissioninvestigating. Except in one case. Except in the case of the biggest aviationdisaster in history. 9/11. Think about it.  



Dear Serious Publishers,  

you may think I'm a lunatic but the writing's not bad,eh? You're also thinking I could use an editor. And a fact-checker. Whydon't you give me one then, and a decent contract to turn this site intothe real book it was meant to be? I've been published, I can deliver. Andyou know this sort of thing is going to have a market. Why not be in on the ground floor? With something more sophisticated than your maniac talk-radioranters? I'm totally down with evidentiary standards, you know. Even gota pinch of court experience.  

Don't misunderstand the above as prostitution. I wouldn'twrite what I didn't think. That's my damn problem in the first place, isn'tit? I'd just like to have the time to actually work on this project inpeace - preferably with like-minded others - and pay the bills while I'mat it. No different than you. Send me a mail.  

Remember to get out into the sunshine today, 


Dear Rich People,  

now I know you're not all Satanic-fanatic child molesterlizards! A couple of times I even had a grand old time with some of youlot, you're a lot like normal folk. Just off on another planet, where themoney never needs to have a source. So you lose touch, don't you? It'seasy to go nuts, in your environment. (Come to think of it, it's even easierto go nuts down here, in mine!) But you know there's always a reckoning.In every life. You know this. A judge will stand over you. Not Jesus, probablyyou yourself. And what will you have to show for all your good times then?Don't you think the road we're on leads to collective doom? Okay, doomfor me before you, no doubt. Perhaps only a doom of the human spirit, withthe species persisting in some Elephant-Man form. The Eloi and the Morlocks.  

Is any of that a consolation? Wanna live in a waterproofbunker? Do you already? Wanna get out? 

Come on, a lot of you are hip. A lot of you KNOW whatlies we are all sold, every day. Are you going to let the Scaifes, Mellons,Rockefellers, Olins etc. keep setting their reactionary little agendasfor the world? Not to mention the Binladins, the Bushes, the Royal Families,the Moons, the Fords, all the other Multi-Jillionaire Nuts? The Mr. Yes-Big-Brother-I-CAN-Produce-a-National-ID-Card-Sieg-HeilLarry Ellisons? The ones pushing microchips for every arm? The ones whowant to clone engineered Messiahs? The ones who just want statchoos oftheir sorry over-kissed asses all around town, who honestly think they'regod because they're money? Aren't you bored of it? Don't you want to shakethe town a bit, strike a blow for moderation and a slower, saner life forall? Aren't there any grown-up Holden Caulfields among you who'd like torock your mama's world? Is Vidal the only one of you with a decent senseof humor?  

Or how about you celebrities, you instant jillionaires,you Madonnas and Tigers and Richard Geres. Aren't YOU bored? Is it reallyso much fun to really BE god to this many people? (Wait, scratch that,I can imagine it is... anyway...)  

Come on, host a radical wild-haired intellectual today.Give us a grant, guv. We could all use some clerical support, you know?Pay the phone bills, get a back-up server, hire a researcher, freelance reporters in other towns... Keep up with all the damn news every day andkeep the site up to date. Yes, I am talking about this work, right here.Exposing the beast at the heart of our formerly democratic state (the nameof the beast is our own, of course, it's all quite complicated).  

And don't put strings on it, will you? You want to seeit work? Give enough to really start a project, and then set it free. Don'tmake us go scrounging for ten-dollar checks by Paypal off people who can'tafford it and are sick of pop-ups and hearing pitches for money. You canrelieve someone of all that with one signature. Do it. Go around the Skepticsites and pick the one you like best. Give him or her or it a surprise,first thing tomorrow morning. Free them to pursue The Grail. I mean, toyou it's maybe just one less object of art cluttering up your field ofview.  

You don't get to spend it forever, you know. Take a shotat history. 

Kissy Noise,  


Dear FBI, Spooks and Cops of All Nations,Self-Appointed Patriotic Spies, Etc.,  

You aren't really reading this, are you? If you are: Why?  

Yeah, I know it all gets munched through Echelon/Carnivore/Herbivoreor whatever you're calling it this week, but (I bet you're thinking thistoo...) you... a human... are... not... really reading this, are you?  

Do you want to? 

I'd like to think you're here because you are curiousabout what I have to say. You're wondering yourself what really happenedon Sept. 11. You know that the FBI investigation was a joke. You probablyknow that the serious agents among you, the ones who wanted to bag terrorists,were held back before AND after Sept. 11. Maybe you're even angry aboutwhat happened to John O'Neill. And now you're running around the Skepticsites, trying to find out what they think, weighing their arguments.  

But - if you are here - that is almost certainly not thereason, is it? You're here - and you've been in lots of other places besides- because you've been told to observe subversives and potential troublemakers.  

Isn't that embarrassing? Do you know how insignificantI am? Of course you do, I use a pseudonym but you can find out who I amin about a minute. Why are you here?! Don't you have any REAL fish to fry?Even more so, don't you feel it's wrong? You may think I'm crazy, but actuallyI am exercising the rights that, last I looked, were still legal. The rightscelebrated as the greatest achievements of the democratic way of life,etc. etc. I ain't no terrorist, no matter what crazy law the governmentdecides to pass.  

They'll try to make everything illegal, in the end. Howdid one fellow I read it put it? The logic of the state is such that inthe end, "everything that is not forbidden will be made compulsory." Areyou really for that? Do you get kicks out of it? I doubt it, for most ofyou. Just doing your job. But what would you do if one of your bosses wasthe real criminal?  

(You're not all on the take, are you? Is there a Serpicoin the house?) 

I speak my mind. Sometimes too dramatic, but I'm legaland non-violent. I sincerely believe it's my patriotic duty to put up mydoubts about the official story of Sept. 11 here, on the Net, where othersmight see it. In London, in Hyde Park, they'd at least let me make speecheson a Sunday.  

Or am I threat? Maybe you're taking the ideas espousedon this site more seriously than you admit?  

Hey, some of you self-proclaimed patriotic censors areout there too. War Bloggers and Neo-McCarthyites and even some Protectorsof Leftist Propriety Against the Conspiracy Menace. Making the rounds forheretics, are you? Well you're right. I must be a heretic. I don't lovean ideology. I don't love a flag. Any flag. I don't hate anything or anyoneall that much, either. I ain't crazy. I ain't for war. I don't believeANYTHING the government (or any government) says if not multiply confirmedthrough other independent sources. On questions of war and grand policyI always assume they will lie, because that is what the historical recordshows they do with great consistency. And I don't need to apologize. Igain nothing by putting up this site. Just a feeling that it's the rightthing to do, for all my doubts. Of course I could be wrong about so manythings, but I do it anyway, because I seriously believe what I write. Ilove my country. More to the point, I love my people. The American people,and the people of the world. Together. I am the patriot.  

If you're a cop and you're reading this, ask yourself:Why are you wasting time with me, who knows nothing, who can only presentfragments and speculate, who is powerless? Why aren't you spending yourtime going after some real crimes? What are your bosses trying to hide,by sending you off to read conspiracy lunatics on the Web? 

Enjoy your coffee,