The Shout Heard


1,000 Architects & Engineers Call for a Real 9/11 Investigation Press Conference and Dinner February 19, 2010

January 25, 2010
Architects and Engineers for 9/

AE911Truth will hold a press conference on Friday,
February 19, at 11:00 AM at the Marines
Memorial Club and Hotel
in San Francisco. We will announce and honor the
milestone of our achievement of obtaining 1,000
architects and engineers
(A/E’s) petitioning for a real investigation into
the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers.

The Marine Memorial Club and Hotel in the heart of San Francisco provides
a first-class backdrop for announcing AE911Truth’s achievement

Invitations are being sent to more than 400 local AIA members, to many local,
national, and international media outlets, and to more than 15,000
petition signers and supporters from around the world.

The press conference will include a large-screen scrolling display of all 1,000
A/E’s; statements by Richard Gage, AIA, founder of AE911Truth and several petition
signers; and a short ten-minute presentation of “9/11: Blueprint for Truth”
— the explosive evidence for the engineered destruction of the 3 World Trade
Center skyscrapers. A press kit including the AE911Truth DVD will be made available
to all attendees.

We will also be inviting various leaders in the 9/11 Truth movement to this
milestone event. We are working with We Are Change and other 9/11 Truth
organizations to deliver hardcopy petition
evidence press kits to every member of Congress.

A fund-raising and working luncheon will be held after the press conference
in the hotel. It is open to all who RSVP to an imminent email invitation. Join
us on February 19 in San Francisco to honor this remarkable achievement and
meet some of those who have made AE911Truth one of the most respected voices
in the 9/11 Truth movement.

Following the above events we will host a professional conference open to our
architect and engineer petition signers. RSVP and join us from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
for this critical get together of fellow professionals to further organize strategy
for AE911Truth. We will be reviewing our existing evidence content and programs
as well as employing our expertise and energy in amplifying and disseminating
the AE911Truth message. Our goal: a real WTC investigation.

Mr. Gage, said “It’s an extraordinary statement that more than 1,000 architects
and engineers have put their credibility and reputations on the line to demand
a new investigation into 9/11. Compare this number to a dozen or so that are
willing to publicly support the official NIST findings. We expect big breakthroughs
in 2010.”

Michael Newman, NIST Media Relations, when asked if NIST had any comments on
the fact that over 1,000 architects and engineers have signed the petition,
said that “NIST stands behind its reports.” Its position is the same
as it always has been, and that “NIST saw no evidence of explosions or
melted steel whatsoever.”

NIST will have another wake-up call soon. The voices of thousands of petition
signers of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and everyone who supports a
new investigation grow louder and louder. Soon our irrefutable evidence in support
of a new investigation will no longer be ignored. We now have the solid foundation
of 1,000 A/E petitioners. We are launching the effort to force NIST to retract
their flawed and fraudulent reports. Using all avenues available, whether through
the Office of the Inspector General, or through Congressional investigations,
factually correct findings based on the evidence must become the official position.
The American public must come to see such public statements of denial by NIST
as being totally unacceptable.