5/8/08: Gage, Jones, Ryan, Szamboti on Air America’s Clout

Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Tony Szamboti, and Richard Gage will be featured on Air America tonight at 6pm PST. The program is “Clout.” The host is Richard Greene. The subject is 9/11 – Controlled Demolitions.

[mp3-jplayer track=”9/11 Scholars Debate on Clout@https://911truth.org/wp-content/uploads/20080508_richardgreene_scholarsdebate.mp3″]

(120 Minutes – 32 Meg)

The full program starts at 6pm PST and goes to 8pm. Steven Jones, Ph.D physicist, will be on at 6:30pm.

It is widely syndicated so it will be aired on numerous stations. The station is found here http://airamerica.com/clout