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Fellow 9/11 truth workers, at long last there is a campaign afoot that has the potential of harnessing the energy, knowledge and zeal for justice of the entire 9/11 Truth Movement, and that is the New York City 911 Ballot Initiative Campaign. What is the 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign? Simply stated, it is a citizen-based effort to allow the people of New York City the opportunity to vote for “a New York City Independent Commission with Subpoena Power to Conduct a Comprehensive and Fact-Driven Investigation of All Relevant Aspects of the Tragic Events of September 11, 2001 and Issue a Report.”

Some of the folks spearheading this historic endeavor include commissioners William Pepper and Lorie Van Auken, spokespeople Christine Ebersole, Bill Doyle, Bob McIlvaine and Donna Marsh O’Connor, and the hard working activists of NY911truth.org. Other commissioners include Mike Gravel and Lincoln Chafee, Ed Asner, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and Ralph Schoenman. The campaign has been endorsed by Dr. David Ray Griffin, William Rodriquez and Karen Kwiatkowski, among others, and has received enthusiastic support from Kyle Hence, Sander Hicks, Peter Lance and various stalwarts of the 9/11 Truth Movement throughout the country. Now, we need you to get involved!

As you know, a genuine, evidence driven investigation of the crimes of 9/11 has never taken place. Now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make it happen. In order to place the above-worded referendum on the November 2008 NYC ballot, and hence, to create a 9/11 Truth Commission up to the task of carrying out a thorough and honest investigation, we must first collect at least forty-five thousand valid signatures of registered NYC voters, ideally by the middle of this coming May! Can we do it? Of course we can because our cause is righteous. We must believe in each other, put our differences aside and act in unison in order to realize our collective goal. Please check out our campaign website (nyc911initiative.org) for further information. Read the actual petition and the updated and growing list of commissioners.

We are writing to you at this time because the simple fact is that we need to raise funds in order to make this happen. As you might expect, mounting such a campaign as the 9/11 Ballot Initiative will not be possible without the acquisition of significant funding. With a projected budget of some $150,000 for the initial stage of “getting on the ballot,” and “getting out the vote,” we’ve embarked on a multi-pronged fund-raising approach, including web-based and grassroots efforts, benefit events and the direct solicitation of donations from concerned individuals, throughout New York City, the nation and the world.

At this point, Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, a 501.c3 corporation, located here in lower Manhattan, is our fiscal sponsor and the repository of all campaign funds. With a current balance of only about $10,000, we turn to you for aid and support. At this point, day to day expenditures, linked to our overall campaign strategy, fall generally into the following areas:

– Publicity: We have got to let the people of NYC know that such an initiative as the 9/11 Ballot Campaign exists! Funds are needed to meet the costs associated with the publicizing of our campaign via newsprint-ads, TV and radio spots, bulk printing of stickers, petitions and accompanying literature. Also, costs associated with the hiring of a professional publicist, specializing in getting our word (and our spokespeople) out into “the public eye.”

– Outreach: Costs associated with the organization of dozens of signature-gathering teams, stationed throughout the city. Time constraints limit our ability to carry out this task strictly utilizing volunteer energy, which though plentiful, is simply not sufficient to meet our goals. We need to be able to pay people a modest amount in order to meet our mid-May deadline with the requisite amount of valid signatures in hand.

– Travel: Costs associated with meeting the travel expenses of those individuals from around the country, Commission members and others, invited here to assist us in the publicizing of the Ballot Initiative campaign, and to attend press events. In addition, to meet costs associated with sending campaign organizers beyond NYC to organize support for our efforts.

It’s certainly not necessary to stress to you the vast importance of such an opportunity as the NYC Ballot Initiative. Simply allowing the people of New York City to register their desire for a new investigation through the power of the vote, is in itself, bound to project the cause and essence of our movement throughout the world; not to mention the subsequent setting up of a lawful commission, which will require much greater funding, “to follow the evidence to wherever it may lead.”

Please, in the name of justice and the cause of 9/11 truth, and in solidarity with our collective mission, pass this letter around far and wide, post it on your web-sites, alert your friends and neighbors to the need to support the Ballot Initiative Campaign with funds sufficient to insure it’s success; organize benefits, film screenings, speaking engagements; solicit donations and get it to us. Check the website for details on how to do so. Your money, we can promise you, will be put to good use. We also urge all to direct anyone you know in NYC to our web site and urge them to download the petition and volunteer. If you’d like to keep abreast of updates, just fill in our Guest Book form.

In closing, it should be said that the work that you all do and have done, amidst a healthy diversity of research and discourse, is of the highest moral calling. It should fill us all with pride and hope in the power of intelligent people to make known their desires, and with dogged determination to get to the promised land of real justice for the victims of 911, with the assurance of a real judgment upon those who orchestrated and facilitated the war crimes of 9/11. This and only this can bring healing, reconciliation and radical change to this land. We know that many of you share this vision. Let’s make this vision real, and do so now! Support the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign for a new and genuine investigation of 9/11! Thank you.

For Truth and Justice,
NYC 911 Ballot Initiative Campaign
Website: nyc911initiative.org
Hotline: 646.537.1755
March 2008

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