9/11 first responders need your help NOW!


Nov 13, 2015 — Hello. I’m heading back to DC on Tuesday.

Before then please help put some pressure on Presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, and Senator Rand Paul who have yet to support the permanent extension of the Zadroga Act. They have the power to co-sponsor and vote on this important bill.

Click to contact them all on Twitter. It is a fast and effective way to help us. http://ctt.ec/1HRgm

Below you can see a recent interview I did about this issue.
Thank you.

-John Feal

1st responders plead for health coverage

John Feal, 9/11 responder and advocate, details how 1st responders are urging Congress to extend 9/11 health funding that expired on September 30th, 2015.


9/11 First Responders Fight As Zadroga Act Nears Expiration (Congress let it expire)!

Editor’s Note:

What does it say about us as a nation when we elect politicians who continuously vote for military budget increases but only ask how we are going to pay for the health care already promised to the 9/11 first responders?

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John Feal
John Feal is an American political activist and retired construction worker known for his advocacy on behalf of first responders to the September 11 attacks. In 2001, Feal was a demolition supervisor at Ground Zero when a falling steel beam landed on his foot.