9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future — Conference 6/2-4


The 9/11 truth movement has gained enormous credibility and momentum in 2006, as evidenced by results of last week’s 911Truth.org-commissioned Zogby poll. Help us build that momentum into a political force that will carry us to success.

9/11 truth offers the greatest opportunity in modern history for courageous, ethical people to positively influence the future of humanity. We hope to achieve no less than a return to Constitutional rule with the re-establishment of our precious civil liberties, the end of fraudulent wars and true justice for all the victims. We should act on this opportunity with gratitude and intelligence, sounding an alarm as well as a declaration that we are free and in charge of our own destiny as awakened and empowered citizens shaping a better world.

This conference offers an intensive weekend of presentations, strategy sessions and abundant opportunities for the growing 9/11 truth movement to gather. We are very pleased to announce commitments from approximately 45 presenters, (see Speakers page for list) and media coverage by INN World Report, KPFA Berkeley, KPFK LA, TVNewsLies.org, Chicago IndyMedia and others, as well as many individuals who have taken up the call to “become the media” and will be recording the events for dissemination afterwards.

Thanks to the generosity of an astounding, talented volunteer (see Cyber-Cypher.com), we have created a separate website at 911RevealingTheTruth.org, with full information on the conference: Full schedule for the weekend, registration and lodging info, speaker bios and presentation descriptions.

We will begin posting multimedia from the event online as soon as possible afterwards, so if you are not able to join us in Chicago, you’ll be able to experience many of these great workshops online!

This event requires significant resources, as you can imagine, and we are extremely grateful for the contributions we have received. If you have not yet done so, please consider making a contribution to 911Truth.org to assist in this effort. We appreciate and need every penny you can send!

The full 911Truth.org Steering Committee will be at the event, several of whom will be presenting, and we hope to meet many of you in Chicago!

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