9/11 Truth Advocates Launch Nationwide Congressional Candidate Poll


– “Politics 911” Seeks Candidates Responsive to 70+ Million Voters Demanding New 9/11 Investigation


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Our second anniversary present to Zelikow’s fictional thriller, the 9/11 Commission Report. We cordially invite your participation in this historic political gut check, which we suspect may become the best argument yet for transcending the two party system.


Nation’s largest 9/11 truth network marks second anniversary of the 9/11 Commission Report with campaign to survey all mainstream and third party congressional candidates re their awareness of the case for US government complicity in 9/11 and the high levels of public support for a full reinvestigation, as well as their personal willingness to back such an inquiry if they are elected in the fall.

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) July 22, 2006 — In recognition of the second anniversary and widening distrust of the 9/11 Commission Report, 911truth.org announces the launch of “Politics 911,” a national campaign to determine support for a new and truly independent 9/11 investigation among all 2006 candidates for the US House and Senate.

The three-month effort aims to poll all congressional hopefuls regarding their awareness of current evidence for US government involvement in 9/11 and the high levels of public support for a full reinvestigation, as well as their personal willingness to back such an inquiry if they are elected in the fall. Zogby polls in August, 2004 and May, 2006 showed that 66% of New York City residents and 45% of Americans overall now desire a new and broader investigation that explores all the evidence for government complicity. In 2004 four presidential candidates– Michael Badnarik (Libertarian), David Cobb (Green), John Joseph Kennedy (Democratic write-in) and Ralph Nader (Independent)–all backed this demand, but no one has ever polled congressional candidates on this issue before. Survey results will be posted at sponsor websites as they come in starting in early August.

The concept and funding for “Politics 911” materialized from the national truth movement’s June 2~4 “9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future” strategy conference in Chicago where it emerged as the most favored 2006 initiative. Besides identifying 9/11 truth-friendly candidates, the campaign is designed to remind politically active citizens that the official 9/11 myth remains the covert power source fueling war support, rights violations, and rampant corporate profiteering as well as recent advances toward one-party rule

Campaign advisor W. David Kubiak summarizes its strategy, “We believe the logic is self-evident. 1) Our expensively frightened and misled nation’s meek acceptance of the official 9/11 story unleashed every aggressive, autocratic and imperialistic impulse in this government. 2) The architects of this fear and ignorance then consolidated their gains into a repressive ‘national security’ state at home and an endless, lawless ‘War on Terror’ everywhere else. 3) This unprecedented fusion of military might, commercial greed and unchecked authoritarian power now threatens the entire planet and every aspect of our lives. 4) Until candidates start publicly addressing this reality and exploring its source–or the people force them to–our elections will remain absurd pillow fights, popular sovereignty a farce, and vote fraud a very moot issue. 5) We the people therefore need to loudly inform our candidates that at least 45% of us can indeed handle the truth and are already way out ahead of their ‘leadership’. ‘Politics 911’ is one effective way to spread that message and support those courageous enough to respond.”

911truth.org executive director Janice Matthews also takes heart from the rapidly increasing quantity and quality of grassroots truth advocates. “We’re witnessing a major sea change in 9/11 activism and the nation as a whole that no one could have predicted a year or two ago,” she said.

“Reaching out to over 1200 congressional candidates would have seemed unthinkable then, but suddenly we have nearly 15,000 people on our mailing lists and local 9/11 groups springing up in 35 states. We are of course deeply grateful for recent help from eminent figures like Daniel Ellsberg, Paul Craig Roberts, 9/11 family leader Bill Doyle, Charlie Sheen and other gutsy celebrities, but what really gives us hope are the often lonely battles of ordinary citizens who put so much of their lives on the line to wake their communities up. It’s their help we’re ultimately counting on, not just for this campaign, but to help us remember how democracy works and how far we still have to go.”

Since so many of the harms of 9/11 have reverberated and even intensified over the last five years, we cordially invite the collaboration, endorsement and/or cosponsorship of other groups and individuals working against war, torture, surveillance, social service decimation or any other downstream consequences of the 9/11 attacks.

To help with this campaign or just obtain more info on how it works, see the “Politics 911” introductory page at https://911truth.org. All the necessary campaign forums, resources and databases should be up and running by August 1.


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Janice Matthews
911Truth.Org was launched in June 2004 succeeding the 9/11 Truth Alliance where Janice managed the original 9/11 truth forum. 911Truth.Org served as a central portal for many 9/11 Truth movement organizations.
By the mid to late aughts, under Janice's leadership, 911Truth.Org had grassroots activist groups in 25+ countries and every state except for North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming!
Janice served as Secretary and Executive Director.