9/11 Truth and the “Big Tent” Approach


A short essay by John Bursill
February 16, 2009

If you haven’t heard of the “Big Tent” approach before then I will
give you a quick explanation of why it is an ongoing problem for the 9/11 Truth
Movement. The “Big Tent” approach is an all inclusive approach that
believes all people professing to be “truth seekers” should be welcomed
and supported by us and we should allow them a platform to push their ideas
and theories regardless of their merits. By merits I mean ideas and theories
supported by evidence-based rational arguments that are peer reviewed and accepted
as credible. The great majority of the 9/11 Truth Community reject ideas or
theories that are without merit, as they believe this will marginalise, dilute,
confuse and isolate us as a movement. They “the Big Tenters” feel
that we “the people” can figure out what is garbage and what is not
and they should be able to present their ideas and theories on an equal footing
in the name of free speech, regardless of their quality. On the other hand I
do hope that these people publish our proven arguments, and am , absolutely
thankful for this service!

In recent times a few new groups have formed that support the “Big Tent”
populist approach, such as “Truth Movement Australia.” I would ask
all of you to be careful not to get to caught up with any group that might be
getting off track with ideas that lack merit! Direct involvement and advertisement
of these groups will only slow our progress to achieve their and our proclaimed
aim: the truth.

We must continue to be disciplined with our approach to the truth and maintain
our push for a re-investigation of 9/11, which is simply the best chance for
real change and peace in this world today. I know it seems like an impossible
task sometimes but the formation of these “Big Tent” groups may be
an indicator that we are closer than we think, as general interest and awareness
that there is a “truth” problem increases. I fully accept these groups’
right to exist, but I feel it is my duty to point out their flaws, and I know
that many in these groups understand my point of view on this matter. They simply
hold another view: primarily, that we need numbers and popular subjects and
issues to get interest and that is simply more important than perfect credibility,
as they feel exposure to the greatest number is the “key.”
We, as “9/11 Truth Advocates,” are part of their “Big Tent”
because our “9/11 Truth” issue interests them. That’s great, but it
does not follow that we need to be involved with issues or causes that hurt
our aim by discrediting us. As with all successful social movements we must
keep our campaign sharp and it must have a clear direction and focus.

Truth is not ENTERTAINMENT. Entertainment and titillation are the enemies
of truth, as they distract the mind and blur its focus. I love to be entertained
and distracted from time to time, especially in this war-torn world–that is
normal and healthy. But just as I do not “drink and drive” I will
not allow myself to be intoxicated with wild ideas or theories while pursuing
the truth that we know is proven and valid.

While socializing with like minded truth seeking people is important, we must
be on the lookout for those marginalising influences, associations and half
baked attempts to populise “free thinking” for entertainment or for-profit
purposes. We are currently at war for our reality; more confused thoughts and
ideas will not bring answers, only more questions. Clarity is the key to our
ongoing success! Just because someone is a great speaker and is correct 99%
of the time, that does not mean that the 1% rubbish that is spoken will not
become 100% of the news story when they are talked about on TV that evening!
We do not need 99%-correct people, as we have hundreds of 100%-correct people
who only profess what they know to be true. We must support these people!

There are some groups like WeAreChange, for example, that aim to broaden the
9/11 Truth Movement in a logical and relevant way. I fully support WAC’s formation
in Australia and I hope the founder and spokesman Luke Rudkowski’s attendance
at the November Sydney Event, The Hard Evidence – 9/11 was an Inside Job being
organized by 9/11 Truthers, will boost the goals and numbers of that group.
WAC has always supported evidence-based arguments and has stayed away from unneeded
speculation. Their main goal is the pursuit of truth and justice for victims
of the 9/11 Attacks while exposing the fraud of the “War on Terror,”
it’s consequences, and the Globalist NWO agenda. This is a highly practical
and logical approach indeed.

Any chink in our 9/11 Truth armour will be exposed and as in any battle these
holes must be kept to the absolute minimum or possibly fatal wounds will be
The millions dead and dying due to the “War on Terror” born from the
9/11 attacks should remain strong in peoples’ thoughts! While I know some are
compelled to carry on researching the “Illuminati” or speculating
about “Alien Invaders,” I would suggest that “that” may
be best left to more peaceful times in the future, which will come with the
exposure of the 9/11 lies!

Recently I have been asking myself and others what is the best approach to
take with these “Big Tent” populist groups? After much thought and
conversation, I believe maintaining communication and doing our best to make
arguments directly or indirectly with them is simply the best way. We all “9/11
Truth Advocates” realize that “9/11 Truth is the key” to unlocking
the door to the true “reality” and we must use any opportunity to
convince others this is the case whilst staying keenly focused on our aim of
9/11 Truth and Justice.

Scientists, Politicians, Peace Activists and the average Jill or Joe will
not have their reality challenged by a broad, unbalanced and lost movement of
“free thinkers.” That will simply supply an excuse to go back to sleep!

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