9/11 Truth Heroine Confronts 9/11 Official Spokesman Ex-Chief Fire-fighter Dan Daly


Submitted by John Bursill
Story by Naomi Breeze

Below is a moving and powerful story by one of the hardest working and most determined 9/11 Truth Advocates I know, Naomi Breeze. She has guts and determination in spades and will not be stopped in her quest to get justice for the victims of the 9/11 attacks that include ten Australians!

Solo Truth Action in Newcastle, Australia on the 14 of May 2010

Story by Naomi Breeze

After stumbling across 9/11 Truth on the internet about three years ago I contacted John Bursill of 9/11 Truth Australia and have been a passionate 9/11 Truther ever since. I feel privileged to have been involved with two successful conferences in Sydney, Australia and am honoured to have met some of my 9/11 Truth heroes.

I attended a talk in my hometown of Newcastle on 14 May 2010 by ex-Fire Fighter, ex-Chief Dan Daly, about 9/11 and how it changed his life. The talk was organised by a Catholic Church Chaplain through his Passionist Family Group and cost $5.00. The Chaplain is a personal friend of Dan and was in New York on September 11, 2001.

Some background on Dan: http://www.chiefdaly.com/

Dan Daly was promoted to Fire Captain with Engine 52 in 2001. The service was to take place on September 12, 2001. On September 11, 2001 his rig was one of the last to arrive at the Twin Towers. He and his crew arrived from the Bronx just as WTC 7 collapsed. He spent the next six months at Ground Zero. Dan retired in November 2002 and spent five years with the State Department’s Cultural Educational Exchange Program. Dan has given speeches worldwide. His clients include US Department of State, King Pharmaceutical and Lehman Brothers. Dan has been an Ambassador of Peace for the US Department of State.

Dan is the founder of Fire Fighters for Humanity, a non-profit organisation committed to uniting fire fighters worldwide in serving people everywhere. The program stared with NYC fire fighters supporting disabled people and disabled war vets. Dan spends much of his time working as a volunteer with wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as teaching public speaking in prisons. Through his speeches Dan hopes to entertain, educate and inspire the listener.

Anyway, I arrived a couple of minutes late but was warmly welcomed to the front row by the Chaplain. There were about 60 regular churchgoers in attendance but unfortunately no fire fighters.

Dan’s talk was interesting and inspirational, despite reference to the pancake theory and namedropping Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger, both of whom he had given speeches for at their request. He also discussed the high temperatures and continual fires at Ground Zero at which point I raised my hand and said “there was molten metal.” Dan then asked if anyone had any questions:

Me: Do you support the victims’ family members who are demanding a new independent investigation into the events of September 11 based on the new scientific evidence that has come to light concerning controlled demolition and the presence of the explosive, thermite, in the dust samples?

Dan: (seething with anger) I saw a TV show about this and it was called Bullshit which is what I think of this crap. This girl is from one of these fringe groups who have sprung up that believe no planes hit the Twin Towers.

Me: That is incorrect. The 9/11 Truth Movement was started by the family members and is made up of millions of concerned citizens. We do not believe that no planes hit the buildings. Our evidence concerns controlled demolition and thermite.

Dan then repeated his comments at which point I stood up and addressed the audience for one minute, mainly telling them that the victims’ family members wanted people to see this evidence. I mentioned Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth (the Monsignor nearly fell off his chair). I asked Dan if he had seen the peer reviewed and unchallenged scientific paper concerning the presence of thermite in the dust samples and he said “I don’t want to see it.” I attempted to hand him a copy but he refused to take it.

I then told the audience that I had plenty of information and DVDs for them. At this point there were a few cries of “sit down” and the Chaplain stood up and said “why don’t you find a nice man, get married and have babies.” I kid you not. I rolled my eyes and sat down. You could hear a pin drop. More questions from the audience including “are there actually two Seattle’s?”

Dan: Any more questions?

Me: How many buildings collapsed on September 11?

Dan: There were 7 buildings in the WTC complex.

Me: Yes, but how many collapsed on September 11?

Dan: I’ve answered your question. There were 7 buildings.

Me: No, you haven’t answered my question. I asked how many buildings collapsed on September 11. I read an interview where you said that you watched Building 7 collapse.

Dan ignored me and finished his talk with an amusing anecdote. I was now the most unpopular person in the room. I proceeded to hand out as much information as I could – general 9/11 facts cards, AE911 facts cards, DVDs (Zero/ Loose Change), information from Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth, Ken Jenkins’ article on psychology, and articles about thermite and the health of the First Responders.

Most people took the information. Most people told me I was rude and that this wasn’t the time and place (not true) and that I had arrived with an agenda (true). I apologised to everyone and tried to charm as many people as possible. Once I apologised, they were stuck – then they had to listen.

I had varying degrees of success. Two teenage boys were fascinated when I gave them a copy of Loose Change and told them it was the most downloaded movie in internet history, although one of them said “you can’t always believe science because science once said the world was flat.” I said that we called people who believed the Official Conspiracy Theory “Flat Earthers” which he found amusing.

One lady told me she didn’t need any information because she had been to New York. Another lady said that 9/11 was ages ago and it doesn’t matter because it won’t bring back the deceased people. An Engineer told me he had looked at the evidence and didn’t believe it. I responded to these remarks with the standard replies.

I made a teenage girl cry. She was upset that I was “rude to a hero.” I explained that in my opinion the true heroes were the people fighting for 9/11 Truth and told her it was wonderful to see her compassion and to get in touch once she had looked at the information because we needed kind and caring people like her. By the end she was okay. I think she was just a bit shocked. I was too. I’ve never made anyone cry about 9/11 Truth before.

The Chaplain apologised for his earlier comment but kept saying “you’re a good looking girl, why do you care about this stuff?” We chatted for about ten minutes and he was very open and listened carefully. This information was new to him and he seemed genuinely interested. He promised to look at the information (including the thermite paper) and watch the DVDs. We finished with a hug and I ended up really liking him. After most people had left, I approached Dan with the Chaplain.

Me: Can we talk now Dan?

Dan: I’m not talking to you. You’re rude. Don’t you know about the sanctity of the stage (it was actually the floor).

Me: I apologise, Dan. I asked a simple question about the victims’ family members demanding a new investigation. I’m sorry if it upset you so much. I apologise.

Dan: I don’t care. I’m not talking to you.

Chaplain: She’s apologised Dan. You should talk to her. She seems like a sincere and good person.

Dan bolted out the back door as the Chaplain stood there stunned. I told the Chaplain that “the reason he won’t talk to me is because he knows I’m right.”

These people were not the usual crowd I would try and enlighten about 9/11 Truth. If they got nothing else out of it, they now know that the victims’ family members are demanding a new investigation based on new evidence. I must have said “victims’ family members” about 100 times. I knew it would be difficult doing this on my own as it is always good to have backup and I felt guilty for upsetting people.

The sad part is that Dan is a truly fantastic speaker. He has that awesome Bronx accent and looked great in his FDNY uniform. If only he was one of us. I sent a follow up email to the Chaplain linking relevant information and ended with this:

It is very difficult for people who are hearing this information for the first time to comprehend the huge scale of 9/11 Truth worldwide and the millions of people involved. To gain an understanding I would suggest looking at www.911blogger.com daily for one week.

I would love to have both you and Dan involved in 9/11 Truth although I certainly won’t hold my breath. Please pass on to Dan that I thought he was a fantastic speaker and looked great in his uniform.

If Dan became involved in 9/11 Truth he would be guaranteed the respect and admiration of millions of people around the world. Not to mention a place in history (and on the right side too!). 9/11 Truth is not going away and grows stronger every day. There are no people more passionate about 9/11 Truth than those who thought it was bullshit (Dan’s word) but decided to have a look at the compelling evidence and were convinced. Our door is always open. We need everyone.

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