The 9/11 Truth Movement: An Incomplete History

December 10, 2008
by Jon Gold

Please don’t be offended if you don’t see your event, movie, book, or action in this video. There is literally just too much to fit into a 10 minute video. There is too much to fit into a 3 hour full-length movie. Thank you to everyone that gave their two cents here, and here, to Nicholas Levis, John Albanese, Kyle Hence, Carol Brouillet, Janice Matthews, Justin Martell, Luke Rudkowski, Dylan Avery, and to Lorie Van Auken for helping me make this video. Enjoy.

Editor’s Note: Following are three ten-minute video “scrapbooks,” made by 9/11 truth advocate Jon Gold. They are only brief introductions to the seven-year history of this courageous people’s movement. Bravo to all of you, mentioned or not, for displaying the courage, compassion and honesty required to stand up and persist, against great odds, in demanding truth and justice.