9/11 Truth’s 10th OKC Bombing Anniversary Report-back


by Richard Asmus
April 28, 2005

Delegates from 911Truth attended the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee’s (OKBIC) convention commemorating the 10th anniversary of the April 19, 1995 bombing. They found startling similarities between the tragedies of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and the World Trade Center. Both attacks have many common signs of federal government involvement and cover-ups.

The most compelling problem at the Oklahoma City site was that first viewers on the scene, who were not associated with the federal government, found several un-detonated explosives. To their astonishment and grief, Federal agents halted rescue efforts to remove large volumes of evidence. Later, explosive experts discovered that it was impossible for the explosion of the rented van in the front of the building to have caused such severe damage. Further investigation conclusively revealed that explosive charges had been detonated inside the building.

Evidence in the form of structural steel and other materials were removed from both Oklahoma and World Trade Center sites and destroyed, before further investigations could be made. And in both cases, Congress shortly after passed previously written legislation that would not have gained public approval had the citizens of the United States not been given evidence of need, as caused by the attacks.

The OKBIC Convention, held at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City, featured several prominent figures in the bombing investigations. The event was hosted by Charles Key, a former Republican state representative for 12 years, who founded the OKBIC after receiving from constituents a plethora of information that was grossly contradictory to official government reports. His passion for truth drove him on.

Other speakers included Benton Partin, retired USAF Brigadier General and weapons expert, who reported about the nature of the explosions; Craig Roberts, retired Tulsa Oklahoma PD investigator who worked briefly with the FBI on the case; and several other witnesses and investigators who adamantly refute the government version of the story.

General Partin, an Air Force weapons expert, had presented to Congress “irrefutable evidence that at least four demolitions charges were set off at four critical columns of the reinforced concrete structure at the floor level of the third floor.” He had unsuccessfully asked all members of Congress to postpone further destruction of the Murrah building (and all the evidence therein) until after a valid investigation had been made. General Partin also commented on his opinion of the true sources of the terrorist act.

Craig Roberts described in detail his experience working with the FBI, who worked feverishly to manipulate, falsify and destroy evidence. Roberts finally refused to work with the FBI claiming that he was a professional crime detector and would not use incorrect, manipulated or fabricated evidence under any circumstances.

Several other speakers uncovered evidence of government involvement and cover-ups. Further information can be found at the OKBIC’s web site at http://www.okcbombing.org. The OKBIC’s detailed 556-page report of their investigation can also be found at this site.

911Truth representatives Gabriel Day and Jan Hoyer presented information on the growing 911 Truth Movement and suggested that OKBIC and 911Truth join forces to raise public knowledge of the mountains of evidence that could uncover severe cases of U.S. Government sponsored domestic terrorism and cover-ups. Interested parties should visit both https://911truth.org and the OKBIC web sites frequently for news updates. A complete video archive of the conference and speakers is available at www.911Busters.com. Photos of the event are available at http://okc.digitalstyledesigns.com/SpeakersForum/



by Jan Hoyer and Richard Asmus

The Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee (OKBIC), an independent
truth seeking organization, hosted a Speaker’s Forum at the Cox Convention
Center in Oklahoma City on April 20, for the tenth anniversary of the
highly controversial bombing.

Dressed in suits and ties, the majority of the OKBIC speakers, in their
adamant defiance of the government investigation, reflected strong
religious ties to God and anti-UN, anti-immigration and pro-military

Also attending were the more casually clad 911Truth advocates, who
generally focused on informing OKBIC of suspected government compliance
and cover-ups of the World Trade Center attack. Although in disagreement
on other issues, these speakers refrained from opening other debates out
of respect for the primary subjects.

In a hallway interview, Former Oklahoma Representative Charles Key, said
that in many ways, the OKC bombing and the 9/11 attack were joined
together “like Siamese Twins.” They appear to be separate but deliberate
attempts to promote other political agendas. Key also stated that that it
is outrageous for the government to investigate itself, and that the
flawed investigations of both events have striking similarities.

As the meeting progressed, it became subtly apparent that both sides of
the political spectrum were briefly united in a bond of truth, the enemy
being the malicious and treasonous deceptions perpetrated by factions
within the US government. Shouldn’t all Americans unite across partisan
boundaries, at least while seeking the truths behind these two horrendous

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(postscript: below is an email that Jan recently received from David Lemmon. The points he makes reinforce the importance of 911Truth for for all liberty loving Americans.)

Jan Hoyer:

Below your article from 911Truth.org is a message I sent to Mark Morford of SFGate.com a while ago about a column of his (linked in the text), with a further comment about Ed Asner’s letter to the Peace and Justice movement before their large gathering in Toronto last year.

As I wrote to Mark Morford,?”It is?possible that those of the sincere anti-war, anti-empire left can work together with those of the sincere anti-war, anti-empire right to dig up and bring out all the facts about 911.”?

So, I agree wholeheartedly with your closing paragraph, and especially with your closing sentence.??It?does seem that more is being done every week, by more people,?to discover and make public the truth about 911.? And that could bring about some real changes toward diminishing the state and increasing liberty.

David Lemmon

(Jan’s above commentary “Right Meets Left in OKC”, with last paragraph emphasized.)


I’m glad I found this column of yours today, even though it has been almost three months since you wrote it.?? Your points are well made.? More people need to take another look at the Official Legend of 9-11, and to recognize it for the colossal fraud that it truly is.? That can happen, if more of us get involved in networking and distributing the information, including now thousands of articles and even a few books by widely-recognized people like Prof. David Ray Griffin, which is?available, and building on that.

If more people can become involved in? exposing the full truth about 9-11, using the powerful tools now available in the form of the Web and e-mail communication,?it?will be possible to bring informed public?opinion to the place where?Bush’s War, the growing “homeland” police state, and the whole un-American Empire?can be stopped.? There?has already been the start of a kind of informal coalition of people on the?anti-war, pro-freedom left with others on the anti-war, pro-freedom right (Hoppean or Rothbardian libertarians, like me), working together to expose the lies and bring out the truth about 9-11.? That coalition can and should increase.? We might also find that our differences on other matters might not be as great as we have thought.?

And because the Official Legend of 9-11 is the critically important pretext for the?creation of the warfare/police state now threatening us, a thorough exposure of that fraud could well cause that threat to collapse.

So, I simply want to encourage you to continue working to?expose the lies and bring out the truth about what really happened on 9-11.

Toward that end, I sent the below message to a group of my friends who meet from time to time to update and discuss our information about the Great Hoax of September 11, and to spread the word.

I would assume that you are already well aware of the 9-11 research that has been and is being done.? However, if you are interested, I would be glad to send along some information and sources that I have found.

David Lemmon

As Ed Asner, a man with whom I have not often agreed in the past, wrote recently,??


I am Ed Asner. As you may know, I’ve dedicated much of my life to promoting peace & justice issues in America.

I would like to suggest to you emphatically that the 9-11 truth movement is the most pressing issue of the peace & justice movement today. Here is why. 9-11 has been used to justify “endless war” and a continual rollback in civil liberties that seems to have no end in sight. Yet, 9-11 remains the least examined tragedy in modern American history.

Americans would have never agreed to the last two wars and the Patriot Act’s disturbing policy . . . had it not been for 9-11.

There are many disturbing issues around 9-11 that have yet to be examined in any meaningful way by our media, Congress, and even by the 9-11 Commission….

I fear that if the underlying issues of 9-11 truth are not demanded, that Iraq may be but a flame on an ocean of gasoline that may be used to ignite war after war after war. We cannot, as a peace & justice movement only address the flames. We must look at the fuel being used to justify the flames of war and repression at home and abroad. We must look deeply at the events leading up to, on and since 9-11. We must demand full 9-11 truth.

Ed Asner is exactly right here.? It is?possible that those of the sincere anti-war, anti-empire left can work together with those of the sincere anti-war, anti-empire right to dig up and bring out all the facts about 911.? Much of that work has been done already, and more is needed.?

If the full truth about 911 (not the limited hangout, fallback excuses of “incompetence,” “bureaucratic snafus,” and “mistakes were made,” but the full truth about what really happened on 911 and who caused it to happen) can be widely enough exposed, many good things can happen for real liberty for our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves.

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