911Courage.org Leafletter to Plead Guilty to Trespass Charge


9/11 Activist to Request Maximum Sentence

ROCKVILLE, MD – On Wednesday August 9th, nationwide group 911Courage.org carried
out leafletting in 14 states, some legal some not, at the opening of Oliver
Stone’s "World Trade Center". Two people risked arrest. Mia Hamel
of Tampa was arrested but no one ever told group founder David Slesinger to
stop leafletting at his Rockville, Maryland location, the Regal Rockville Stadium

Montgomery County’s finest obliged him with an arrest at about 9:30PM
August 11th during his second day of leafletting. He received a ticket
for trespass with a maximum fine of $500 and maximum sentence of 6
months and is banned from the property for 3 years. At a recent
hearing he was notified that the maximum sentence would be 90 days.

In Slesinger’s proposed plea to the court(attached) he gives the
Gandhian plea, "If you believe in what you are doing give me your
stiffest sentence. If you don’t, resign."

He continues that he wants "to do penance on behalf of our misguided
brothers George W. Bush and Dick Cheney" and " for every American
is afraid to ask all of the hard questions about 911."

He adds, "I am not afraid of the other guests of the county. There is
more goodness in any cell block in this county than there is in the
oval office." Slesinger served 4 months in jail in 1982 for a
nonviolent civil disobedience action.

More info on the continuing leafletting may be found at
www.911courage.org or info@911courage.org .

Mr. Slesinger’s proposed plea for civil disobedience trespass arrest
at Rockville Stadium Cinemas to be presented to the court during the
session of Monday November 13, which begins at 8:30AM.
See 911courage.org for further details.

Your Honor,

Thank you for the opportunity to address this Court. My plea is
guilty. I leafletted on private property against the wishes of those
responsible for the Rockville Stadium Cinemas, a short walk from here.
The movie, "World Trade Center", had opened 2 days earlier. I
leafletted there that day, August 9th, but no one ordered me to stop.

In Tampa on August 9th Mia Hamel was arrested for a similar trespass.
We are part of an activist group, 911Courage.org.

We bring attention to the hardest questions surrounding the event that
has become known world-wide as 9/11, and our administration’s war on

If I am correct, and 9/11 was an inside job, our nation imminently
faces transformation into outright fascism.

In a democracy, most people consider the police to be their friends.
This is as it should be. However, under fascism, the government is the
primary source of terror. It intimidates, tortures and kills its
adversaries with impunity. Under fascism, relatives of those in the
justice system will be ashamed to admit their relationship.

I want to embellish my guilty plea to make it stronger, but allow me
to first prepare you.

I’m obviously worried about our brothers and sisters who control the
federal government. They have embraced evil so deeply. With the grace
of Jesus Christ I will be able to forgive them.

I’m worried about the lack of courage shown by the leaders of all the
major institutions of our society. I’m more worried about the American
public. Too many people are unwilling to look closely enough at the
situation to determine what the hardest questions are.

Please allow me to suggest 3:

Why did the Kean Commission, the official government investigation,
not even mention that a third skyscraper collapsed that day at
5:20PM without being hit by a plane? Please note the Washington Post
also did not mention this omission.

Why did the Commission omit Secretary of Transportation Norman
Mineta’s testimony, given to the Commission itself, that
Vice-President Cheney and others in the under-ground shelter were
aware by 9:26 that morning that an aircraft was approaching the

Why did the commission ignore the existence of extensive war games
on 9/11/01 which served as at least a defacto stand down?

A good place to start looking at the issue is the web site
patriotsquestion911.com. There, 51 former government officials ask for
a real investigation. This even includes former FBI director Louis
Freeh. Some of these former officials actually agree with me that 9/11
was an inside job.

I now delight in thanking God that I should have lived long enough to
make a plea to you that I have wanted to make to a judge for 25 years.
This plea was originally given by a hero of mine, Mohandas K. Gandhi.
"If you believe in what you are doing, give me your stiffest sentence.
If you don’t, then resign."

Let me further suggest that if you should resign upon this plea, you
secure yourself an important place in the history of lovers of
freedom. This government has already thrown out the inviolate status
of the right to habeas corpus, a right which has stood for almost 800
years. It is a direct attack on the most basic of rights in the
history of our jurisprudence. It would also stand well for our system
of jurisprudence that the judiciary took the moral lead in standing
against fascism.

I’m sure you try to uphold the law every day. Now is your chance to
stand with the Constitution in this, its hour of greatest need.

I’m advised by those I respect that no judge in this very liberal
county will give me a jail sentence at all for this very politely
performed trespass. This could be seen as a form of praise for
Montgomery County judicial compassion. I’m asking you to remember
that besides being a judge, you are a free human being, free to choose
what is best.

I ask to serve time in jail. A full 90 days is my preference. I am not
afraid of the other guests of the county. There is more goodness in
any cell block in this county than there is in the Oval office.

I want to serve time to show the depth of my concern. I want to do
penance on behalf of our misguided brothers George W. Bush and Dick
Cheney. I currently pray for both of them every day. I want to do
penance for every American who is afraid to ask all of the hard
questions about 9/11.

I have an admission to make. I’m not anywhere near as advanced as my
hero Gandhi. I still get angry. He didn’t. I mutter to myself how
lacking in courage my countrymen are.

Then I remember all the times I’ve lacked courage.

But not today.

David Slesinger

(240) 221-3293

NEWS ADVISORY: November 13, 2006
CONTACT: Dan Nalven (914) 941-6488, info@911courage.org

PRESS CONFERENCE CALL: 2:00PM, Monday November 13, 2006

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