9/11: Revealing The Truth, Reclaiming Our Future

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Alex Jones
Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00

Steven Jones, PhD.
Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00

Meria Heller
Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00

Dr. William Pepper
Kenote Speech DVD - $10.00

Annie Machon
Keynote SpeeechDVD - $10.00

Independent 9/11
Investigator T-Shirt - $15.00
(Sorry, out of XL/XXL)

Complete Set of Keynote Speeches
5 DVDs - $40.00

World Can't Wait

(Debra Sweet/Jim Oberg)
Pooling Our Energies for
Regime Change
Workshop DVD - $5.00

David Slesinger
Civil Disobedience
Workshop DVD - $5.00

Chris Emery & Pat Shannan
OKC Bombing: Prelude
to 9/11--Hidden Facts
Workshop DVD - $5.00

James Fetzer
9/11: Moral, Political,
& Religious Dimensions
Workshop DVD - $5.00

Ken Reiner & David Kubiak
The 9/11 Key to Grasping &
Ousting the Corporate Coup
Workshop DVD - $5.00

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