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In this issue… Several action items, and some great news!
1. Coalition efforts bearing fruit everywhere! Philadelphia, Los Angeles, NYC
2 . Action Items / Get Involved
3. Calendar
4. Important Recent Articles
5. Specials at Online Store & Fundraising
6. Grassroots Organizing Forum
7. New Faces at 911truth.org

1. Coalitions everywhere!

US Social Forum Supports Call for Independent, International Investigation into 9/11
Thanks to donations from some of our generous supporters, 911truth.org was present at the first ever United States Social Forum, along with 15 other 9/11 truth activists from six states. We attended with the idea we’d have to convince people to look at the need for a real investigation, but what we learned was that most everyone was already aware of some important 9/11 questions and agreed with us! Even better, we introduced a Resolution demanding an “independent, international investigation of 9/11” which received resounding applause by thousands in attendance at the final Peoples Assembly! Full story at https://911truth.org/article.php?story=20070702180355632

Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Conference — ‘Activists Unite Forging a New Vision and Strategy’
A Coalition of twenty-four activist groups gathered at Independence Center on July Fourth, 2007 for the Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention. Three-hundred activists united to repeat history; as our forefathers/mothers of this nation did, we too must face tyranny, realizing the urgency to change the corrupt system causing so much suffering. Convention participants acknowledged how crucial it is we work together to achieve our vision. Distinguished speakers provided education and insights for the participants, and delegates identified actions listed to work as a collaborative effort. Action ideas put forth by the coalition in attendance were broadly diverse and very exciting, and plans are being finalized now to be announced soon. Many more details about the event are availble at www.actindependent.org

Building a NYC Mega-Network of Activist Communities
Sunday, July 22nd @ 6 PM; St. Marks Church, 2nd Ave. & 10th Street, Manhattan
New York City Activist Groups will meet to address the root cause of activist concerns using a collaborative approach. We are in a time of great opportunity and grave danger. The opportunity includes regaining lost democratic liberties and extends to the spiritual awakening of our planet. Like any journey to such high goals, we must start from where we are at. (Full details at 911truth.org Calendar)

Impeachment Coalitions
The LA Impeachment Center, a coalition that includes Peter Thottam and the fine activists with www.911truthla.net, is in full swing, garnering attention from both media and congress. This is an excellent result of coalition-building efforts by 911truthers working with others. Check out this model and latest exciting news from the center at www.bcimpeach.com. Imagine, an impeachment center in every city! Last week’s http://www.americanresearchgroup.com impeachment poll showed 45% favor impeaching Bush, and 54% favor impeaching Cheney. Kucinich’s House Resolution 333 now has 13 cosponsors (where are the others?) and has now been referred to the House Subcommittee on the Constitution. The number of coalitions now working together on impeachment are simply remarkable. Check out www.impeach07.org for a long list of these (including www.a28.org, which includes even more members, including 911truth.org) and get involved.

National Referendum?
On July 12, Paul Craig Roberts suggested another option…”A Referendum on Bush and Cheney: Restoring the People’s Power

…If America is to remain a democracy, the people need refurbished powers to hold “government of the people, by the people, for the people” accountable. One way of doing this would be a vote of confidence by the people. The question can be put to a national referendum: “Shall the President remain in office?” “Shall the Vice President remain in office?” The state of Florida does this for judges, including Florida’s Supreme Court, so there is precedent for allowing the people to decide whether officials may remain in office. As the American people can no longer rely on elected officials to respond to public opinion, the people must do what they can to gather power back into their hands before they become the subjects of tyrants.

Whatever you’re doing right now, find or make the time and energy to work to restore our Republic. There’s no time to waste, and it will take all of us to succeed. We are the People!!

Declare Yourself!
Had enough? Opposed to the direction in which this country’s going? Then Declare Yourself! Orange Fridays begin July 27th … get involved, wear orange! Be visible, be counted.

2. Action Items/Get Involved

Significant New York City Initiative Needs Immediate Participation to Succeed
www.NYC911Initiative.com has launched in New York City, which will put an initiative to demand 9/11 investigation and more on the ballot in New York City this fall. If you are in NYC, sign the petition, and help get other signatures. If you’re not in NYC, send this link to everyone you know in the city.

9/11 Press For Truth Campaign
www.911pressfortruth.com outlines another campaign, being supported by Democrats.org, Progressive Democrats of America and others (where are you, conservatives?), calling for showings of this excellent film during the first week in August, and to put copies of the film and the Family Steering Committee’s Review of the 9/11 Commission Report into the hands of every member of Congress, asking them to support and expand upon Kucinich’s 9/11 hearings, which he’s committed to holding in September.

3. Calendar
The Calendar continues to provide information about myriad events around the nation. Plans are being finalized now for 6th anniversary events in New York City and Washington DC, with significant work happening to make them politically significant. Stay tuned for details as they are announced. The numbers in attendance this year, at events across the US, will be astounding.

We especially want to draw your attention to an event this weekend in Queens, NY, to benefit the 9/11 First Responders, and ask you to consider making a donation to them, even if you can’t attend:

Want to hear Doo Wop artists that make you “FealGood,” and enjoy a concert designed to help many 9/11 First Responders and their families? Friend Entertainment, Ltd., along with the FealGood Foundation, will be hosting a “Doo-Wop for the First Responders of 9/11” concert at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 21 at Queens College’s Kupferberg Center for the Performing Arts/Colden Auditorium. All of the profits from the show will go to foundations for the families of the First Responders of 9/11.

4. Important Recent Articles

Bioweapons Expert Says Anthrax Attacks Could Have Originated inside US Government. In an article posted at AfterDowningStreet.org, Francis A. Boyle, an international law expert who worked under the first Bush Administration as a bioweapons advisor in the 1980s, has said that he is convinced the October 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people were perpetrated and covered up by criminal elements of the U.S. government. The motive: to foment a police state by killing off and intimidating opposition to post-9/11 legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act.

Giuliani Taking Serious Heat from Firefighters and 9/11 Victims’ Families. Giuliani is not America’s Mayor. He is not a hero. Yet polls show he’s the Republican frontrunner in this early presidential race… NYC Firefighters are correcting the record. Time to make sure the nation knows what these firefighters, and other New Yorkers, know to be true. Forward this information widely.

Responders Continue to go without Help …
While tens of thousands suffer from the toxic fallout at Ground Zero, the WTC Captive Insurance Co., controlled by Mayor Bloomberg, drains the fund intended to be used for ill workers. For your convenience in reviewing the historical record stating the original mandate for this allocation, we have appended the press release from Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg, issued March 21, 2003. In an amazing twist of irony, the Bloomberg appointed CEO and President of the WTC Captive Insurance Co. draws a salary of $350,000 and receives $20,000 annually in health benefits. Full story.

5. Online Store Specials and Fundraising
It is definitely time for a new national poll, and 911truth.org is preparing questions now to begin negotiations with a legitimate, respected polling organization. If you can contribute to this effort, which costs $1,000 per question plus $500-1000 for their professional analysis, please contribute ASAP. Please earmark your donation for the poll. In addition, with 150+ groups now forming and organizing, we have a real need to provide our new National Grassroots Coordinator with a salary to be able to really be effective in helping these groups grow, and making us all more effective. If networking and effective organizing is important to you, this is a significant way to help out. Our heartfelt Thank You! to everyone who is making one-time and monthly subscriber contributions.

Purchasing products from our 911truth.org E-store is another way to help support the organization. Thanks to the many, many folks who have placed a banner link on your sites, and to everyone who has ordered materials. The ever popular Deception Dollars creators have Version 10 in the works, and we will notify you as soon as they’re ready. This month we’ve received Daniel Hopsicker’s excellent works, “Welcome to Terrorland: Mohammed Atta and the 9-11 Coverup in Florida” and “Barry and ‘the Boys’” available in lower cost paperback, and we’ve created a special that includes both books, and another one to include his video, “The Secret History: Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus.” In addition, we feel the information about 9/11’s toxic aftermath is so important, we’ve reduced by 25% the price of Penny Little’s excellent documentary, “9/11 Dust & Deceit at the World Trade Center”.

6. Grassroots Organizing Forum
Thanks to the dedication and generosity of a fine activist and human being, Michael Hagar, we now have a forum available for 911truth.org-affiliated organizers and activists to discuss how-to, problems, solutions, and ideas online, at www.911truthconnect.org. Check it out!

7. New 911truth.org Steering Committee Members
Paul Deslauriers, National Grassroots Coordinator, Massachusetts Paul has over twenty-three years experience as an organizational development consultant, management coach, and workshop facilitator and has employed his innovative, new-paradigm concepts for “high energy group performance” with numerous clients. He authored IN THE HIGH-ENERGY ZONE: The 6 Characteristics of Highly Effective Groups. His most recent book is Bearer of Light: A Catalyst for Global Change.” Dan Nalven, Webmaster Old School programmer and systems administrator and peace activist since the late 60’s, Dan was an EMT/Driver for a standby ambulance crew 25 miles north of NYC on September 11, 2001. He has always been a local community rights activist and humanist.

Full bios at the site … About Us page.


Now more than ever, we thank you for your courage and persistence, and for your hands-on participation in this important work!

911Truth.org Steering Committee

Janice Matthews, Executive Director
Michael Berger, Media Coordinator
Paul Deslauriers, National Grassroots Coordinator
David Kubiak, International Campaigns Adviser
Erik Larson, Volunteer Coordinator
Dan Nalven, Webmaster
Bryan Sacks, Contributing Editor & Research Coordinator
Michael Wolsey, Contributing Editor

Please Note: This current listing of our Steering Committee reflects the names of the only persons who speak for or represent the organization. Please see our About Us page for more information about the organization, the Advisory Board, Mission Statement and Goals. See the Grassroots Contacts page for a listing of autonomous persons and groups listed as contacts to build 9/11 groups. If you have questions, suggestions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to email or call us, any time.

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