A Commitment to More Civil and Effective Collaboration in the 9/11 Truth Movement


Editor’s Note:

This statement was originally published in February of 2007 and has since remained posted at our About Us page; today it seems timely to repost it to the front page. Given the current climate of fear and hatred swirling about us–indeed, throughout our society, perpetuated by much of the media, government spokespersons and individuals seething with hatred–we would do well to re-commit, as a community of truth advocates, to continuing truly ‘civil and effective’ work.

Because we still lack subpoena and discovery powers, members of the 9/11 truth movement and American citizens as a whole will not be able to fully connect the “dots” of 9/11 events until key classified documents and videos are leaked or released. In the meantime, many of us will develop theories about those events and what really occurred. Given the incompleteness of the facts at hand, our theories will invariably differ. They therefore can and should be sincerely discussed and analyzed, but this debate must not obscure the reality that the investigative tasks we face still remain extremely challenging.

We believe our campaign to expose the truth of 9/11 offers the world more essential insights into current political and economic reality than any other modern movement and therefore can empower the most profound social transformation of our age. This work is far too important to debilitate with egotism, zealotry or self-inflicted wounds, and we must make every effort to sustain the unprecedented progress we have made.

Because the 9/11 truth movement presents grave moral, legal and political threats to those in power, we would be naïve to not anticipate covert governmental intervention in our activities and attempts to divide, disrupt and discredit us by promoting hateful or repellant theories and sowing internal discord. Indeed, the greatest risk these forces pose to our work is not espionage or disinformation; it is the provocation of destructive mistrust between authentic activists.

We the undersigned therefore commit ourselves to work together towards our greater goals with the least possible rancor and internal strife. We agree to reject ad hominem denunciations and attacks upon others’ motives, and focus our critical attention upon the logic, factual evidence and probability supporting certain hypotheses instead. Our ultimate goal must be the full disclosure of 9/11 truth, which is disserved by factional warfare on behalf of partial points of view. We will strive to fill in the gaps of the evidentiary record, so that facts dictate our conclusions rather than conjecture or emotional charges and appeals.

Finally, since we ourselves must embody the societal changes we wish to see, we vow to continue our work with fierce devotion, but also with mutual respect, selflessness and above all, honesty.

David D. Bolotin
Nicholus Lyons
Jose Antonio Roman
Marianna Maver
jacob capito
Nicholas DeVincenzo
mike schaffer
Alex Rabbitt
Christopher Meagher
Amy Ultch
Kenzie Mildfelt
Petr Buben
Sara McCreedy
Patricia McCreedy
Thomas McCreedy
Stanley Dorvil
Eric Isaacs
J.D. Bulkely
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jone
John Ardolina III
Juan Carlos Cruz
Sarah Steinhaus
Don Childs
Robert Jessen
Daniel L. Koch
danny gurgon
susy fish
Rondal Spradling
ron hertz
Johan Tivander
ricardo jgn
luis vega
Harriett Rex Smith
Cody Sponaugle
John Edmiston Milich
John Bursill
Hossein Turner
Kermit S. Lingard
John Keim
amelia aussenberg
Harvey C. Weeks
Valerie Sanfilippo
Paul Fratianni
Sara Hubrich
Herman King
Mark C. Whitley
Jon Cathcart
Gordon T.P. Wright
Robert T Giles
James Hufferd
Kyle Nash
Freddy Fonseca
Roger Burke
Peter G Phippen
Jeff Rische
Scott Thompson
Christopher Burke
Cameron O’Connor
Lou Stolzenberg
John Adams
Shawn Barry
Eulogio Besada
Harald B
William Romoser
Raymond Rowsell
Azad Qalamdar
Kevin Flanagan
mallorie kuschel
yvette wood
Tommaso Brocca
barbara Goodwin
abigayil warren
nicole seg
Jonathon Gray
Barbara Tomlinson
John DiVita
Mike Lafferty
Mike Baldwin
Adrienne Stevens Meyer
Alexander Andr
Phillip A. Block
Matthew R Nikolai
Philip Bailey
Shaley Lavil
Trevor Finch
Janosh Wieczorek
Samer Tallaa
karl behrsin
Joel Benjamin Ittner
Betsy Kelleher
Amanda Stark
Dorothy Quinn
Hector Ruelas
Emily Willingham
Scott Thompson
Theresa Stewart
Marta Zymirska
Kelly Mitchell
ericka mcgowan
Daniel J. Coulter
Harold W. McLaughlin
Iwan Salim
Chase Terry
John Rosander
luis livingston
Jill Corr
Tonya Jackson Jones
Helen Alonso
Brendan Long
Pernille Grumme
Niels Harrit
arturo hernandez
Rasheed Ali
Drew Noftle
Wayne Prante
RandyA Michael 1st, Oh
Carmon Elliott
Stephanie Nicole Federico
Sheila Quinn
susan west
scott kraus
Edward John Pedersen
Joseph Smedley
Scott Thompson
Cheryl Curtiss
Katy Lunger
laura robeson
AJ Gray
Dan M Nalven
C. Howard McCoy
James Arthur Debernardi
Jacqueline Barstow Sorenson
Kevin Kahler
Heather M Hughes
JoAnne Middaugh
Jennie Palmiotto
Clay Carey
Hinal Rai
James F. Holland
William J. Shults
Richard Besco
jeffrey carey
roxana levy
Gregory A Kramer
Jaime Scurti
David N Robinson
Donald E. Stahl
Henry Platsky
Keith Dunwoody
Abdel Kone
Priscilla Sparrow
Ephraim Preising
Randy & Barb Cordle
Andrew C. Mills
amy white
kelly hazle
john mccarthy
Chris Stodder
Faiz Khan
Dorothy Lorig, Denver
Angelo Petraglia
Tom Bicher
Aaron Dames
Steven Jones
Ethan Stroschein
Dan Lemut
Ken Eichler
Diane Stevens
Christopher Gruener
David Werntz
Larry Dague
James Caswell (Washington)
Benjamin Scott
Sandra Scott
Anthony R. Martucci
Carol Brown
Fred Weber
Natasha Athena Millikan
Christopher Helms
Gareth Newnham
Patrick Ellsworth
Daniel P. Parker
Riad Mahmood
paul edward nelson
nathan mwanje
Steven R. Gillespie
joshua shenton
Jane Peterson
Broderick Lunt
Angela Baillie
Jeannine Tater
J C Geissmann
Jesse Goplen
Trevethan Singlen
Paul Blackburn
Mia Hamel
mark d oconnor
Hal Pan Man Porter
John Eisenschenk
Mike Chwalek
Theo Simon
Moe Richey
Alan Conrad
E.J. Abdo
Reggie Snow
Terry Docking
Donald E. Stahl
Katy Kay
Janette MacKinlay
Jonathan Howell
Connie Cook Smith
Matthew Orr
Kevin Lodge
Reverend Frank Morales
Kate Lydon
Jane Millikan
vincent hylton
Boris Epstein
Rich Aucoin
Larry Patriarca
Melvin Luse
Michael Warr
Sachi Kuhananthan
Jacqueline Paget
stuart rodger
Richard Welser
Howard “Luke” Lucas
Nuzi Haneef
Rebecca S. Mundell
jim waters
Jim Robinson
Tom Reed
Bryan Halcott
Peter Garritano
Jonathan Mark
Valerie Lasciak
Joseph F Smith
Dave Nelson
John Hagan
Glenn Davis
Bill Veale
Michael E. Lewis
Liz Faulkner
Ainslie Wallace
Michael Hopper
Amber Bybee
Elizabeth Fugal
Marissa Cabello
Jim Griffin
KM Albrand
Steven Labonte
Kenneth Reiner
Darya Callihan
Hal Womack
John Albanese
Betty Turken
Jake Johnson
Bob Wilson
John Lovrien
Jonathan Peretz Chance
janelle barabash
Daniel E. Forsthoff
Neal Juliar
Paul W. Rea
Julius P. Rasmussen Jr.
Jeff Bomhoff
Melissa Hill
Kate Dimon
Brian Emrich
Alfred Magaletta
Linda Zoblotsky
Richard Gage, Architect
Paul Windelo
george o collett
Tessica Nicholson
Sean House
Patrick Phillips
Adam Parrott
Christo J. Purdin
Jason Steinberg
Michael A. Hagar
Peter Riley
Jesse Calhoun
Frank Shap
joel ainger
Crystal Urbanski
Andrew Ritter
Jim Utter
Ragen Smyth Gillam
Tom Spellman
Alan Kaisher
Larry C. Coleman
Kevin Kilness
Damion Gardner
Kai Middleton
Dawn Wardle-Tamburri
Scott Page
Corey Kozlowski
Chris Mahoney
Andrew C. Mills
C. W. Toland
Aaron Jones
James Hollander
Donald C. Perrin
Sam Labrier
Erich N. Wolf
David Flores
Karen Suchan RN
Charles F. Limbach, MD
Daryl Travnicek
Connie Eichenlaub
Patrick Devlin Buckley
Emily Bracken
Charles Clark
Charlene Tenner
Franklin Paul Tenner
Julie Warfield
William Warfield
Roger Peters
Walter R. Copping
Sara (casseia) Lamadrid
Tony Randall (Brisbane, Australia)
PJ Edwards
Roy Andrew Stokes
Fred Burks
Jessica Watson
Mark Davis
Don Shappelle
Frances Scarcille
John Duddy.
Jon Gold
Melinda Rose
Simon G Goodwin
jeremy russell
Bruce Wallace
luis vega
Simon J. Copping Patton
Gerry West
Jean Jearman
Mike Casner
chris lehr
Michael R. Hill Morton, IL
Erin S. Myers
David Slesinger
carol brouillet
Stephen J. Martin
Nicholas Levis
Bryan Sacks
Erik Larson
Mike Berger
Michael Wolsey
Gabriel Day
W. David Kubiak
Janice Matthews
Michael Richardson
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Janice Matthews
911Truth.Org was launched in June 2004 succeeding the 9/11 Truth Alliance where Janice managed the original 9/11 truth forum. 911Truth.Org served as a central portal for many 9/11 Truth movement organizations.
By the mid to late aughts, under Janice's leadership, 911Truth.Org had grassroots activist groups in 25+ countries and every state except for North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming!
Janice served as Secretary and Executive Director.