Getting the Message Out: 9/11 Truth

Examples of our media work. See our “Multimedia” and “In the Media” pages for archived recordings and articles.

Telling Our Own Story: members have written more than 100 articles for publications worldwide.

Media Breakthroughs: Media Coordinator Mike Berger appeared on CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight,” in the aftermath to Charlie Sheen’s controversial March 2006 comments. (See the clip at the “Multimedia” page.) members and activities were the subject of cover features in New York magazine, The Village Voice and other major publications.

Breaking News: and its staff members have broken a number of major news stories, including the revelation that, in the weeks after 9/11, the “black boxes” from the two airplanes that hit the Twin Towers were found by federal agents at Ground Zero. (The US government and the 9/11 Commission claim that “no traces” of these devices have ever been found.) also published the original stories about Kevin Ryan, the whistleblower fired by Underwriters Laboratories in October 2005. Ryan revealed details of UL’s materials testing for the government’s World Trade Center study. (The studies showed that the WTC steel should have withstood the fires, raising doubts about official explanations of how the Twin Towers collapsed.) The website is the venue of choice for new work by some of the movement’s leading writers, including David Ray Griffin, David Kubiak, and many others.

David Kubiak’s story on the press blackout of September 11th widow Ellen Mariani and her racketeering suit against the Bush administration won a prestigious Top Ten Award from Project Censored in 2004.

911Truth.Org became entangled in controversy when footage from the BBC World News Report September 11th broadcast announced the collapse of Building 7 before it happened!

Video Revolution: We have helped support production of various high-quality, professional DVDs of unassailable facts relating to 9/11 truth, including some made for free or low-cost mass distribution, and campaign to air these on public access stations across the United States.

“Waking Amy”: ran a successful 2004 campaign to get New Pearl Harbor author David Ray Griffin on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now!” broadcast. current and former board members, like David Kubiak and Les Jamieson, have produced and broadcast many hours of 9/11 truth programming on the Pacifica flagship station, WBAI-FM in New York.

We have responded to countless media calls, providing speakers for hundreds of print interviews and radio hours. Here are a few of the outlets that mentioned and its sister organizations, or interviewed or quoted board members and staff, just in the two years since September 11, 2004:

TELEVISION: NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, German Public Television, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, NY1, Belo (news service), RNN (NY/CT/NJ cable), Al-Jazeera, FreeSpeechTV (satellite), Manhattan Neighborhood Network (NYC local cable access), Japanese broadcast TV, INN World Report.

RADIO: WRXK/K-Rock in southern Florida (the Liz Wilde Show), Pacifica Radio (Flashpoints, Ain’t That Good News, Gary Null, Taking Aim, etc.), Air America Radio (Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes), Maine Public Radio, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Wales, WNYC, NPR, The Ed Shultz Show, The Thom Hartmann Show, Democracy Now, All-American Talk Radio, Voice of America, Republic Broadcasting Network, Genesis Communications Network, American Freedom Network, The Stan Monteith Show, The Jerry Pippin Show, and many others.

PRINT: New York magazine, The Village Voice, Newsday, New York Times , Der Spiegel , Los Angeles Times , San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Times , Scripps New Service, Reuters, Associated Press, New York Post , Philadelphia City Paper , Long Island Press , New York Press, Atlanta-Journal Constitution , Christian Science Monitor , Global Outlook , Insight Magazine , Boulder Weekly , Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, The Wire and Newtopia Magazine .

ONLINE:,, BBC News (UK), Scoop Media (New Zealand),, (Canada), CommonDreams,,,,, Government Executive, Indymedia, PRAVDA,, and

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