Action Plan: Citizens Counter-Coup–February ’06


Action Plan: Citizens Counter-Coup
February 9, 2006

Saturday will mark 4 years and 5 months since 9/11/01, the seminal event which changed our reality forever and put this nation and the world under the full frontal assault of the neocon agenda. For all who have researched and analyzed the events of 9/11 in context of a decades-long pattern of acts of aggression against populations at home and abroad, our sense of urgency is ever present and drives us daily to work towards reclaiming our lives and collective future.

In the past month we’ve seen more record oil profits, this time from Chevron. Congress has held hearings on the Katrina travesty which revealed much about the criminal absence of governmental response to the  killer storm, and further confirmed that foreknowledge of the potential for widespread devastation existed. Another Bin Laden tape has miraculously surfaced to conveniently redirect public attention from the  Abramoff/Delay scandal, which could take down scores of Republican congressmembers and others. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez went before a Congressional hearing to defend the warrantless wiretaps as an  integral entitlement of Bush?s war powers. The PATRIOT Act is up for renewal in a few weeks after having the vote postponed just before the holidays and extended again last week. The Bush administration has  presented a budget which strips more money away from social programs that impact the poor and elderly in order to cut spending, yet wants to make the tax cuts for the rich permanent. This budget also proposes a record $439.3 billion US defense budget for 2007. Homeland Security has contracted with KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, designating $385 million to provide “temporary detention and processing capabilities” for illegal immigrants (

This is merely a glimpse of what makes up current reality. Does anyone see the need for action? Would anyone like to be part of a campaign that has the potential to grow exponentially, create mass awareness and action? Is anyone interested in easing their workload by building a wider movement to distribute the work that must be done? This is what Citizens Counter-Coup is designed to do.

Why should we believe this is worthwhile? Last week’s editorial in the Miami Herald, which highlights how the media and public have avoided the hard questions, represents a minor breakthrough in the corporate media challenge. Paul Craig Roberts has publicly stated that there is just no probability the government, which has lied about so much else, has told the truth about 9/11. John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, has stated on C-SPAN that there are serious questions about 9/11 that need to be asked, and even referred people to An anti-war group called “World Can’t Wait” has a chapter in Nyack, NY which requested a 9/11 speaker. A Peace Action group in Jersey City, NJ holding an anti-war event on Feb. 18th is also requesting a 9/11 speaker. A student in Kansas City is starting a 9/11 group at his university. Overall, momentum is continuing to build in our favor.

We have to work now more than ever to build our base — which can become substantial in a matter of months — if we focus. Now we have the tool that can make the difference.

Even though the government has been unresponsive in the past and the media has been an obstruction, we need to realize that there is a majority of people in high levels of public service who are aware of the crisis we’re in and are just waiting for the American public to get engaged and fulfill their obligation to lead the leaders. They need us to rise up. Either we set the agenda or the military/industrial/intelligence complex will continue to set it for us. The choice is clear.

This month we have received endorsements for Citizens Counter-Coup from David Ray Griffin, Kevin Barrett, Carol Brouillet and Donna Marsh O’Connor. We have some strong new talking points, as well. We urge all to participate by taking 15 minutes this week to do what is prescribed on the Actions page, as well as spread this announcement and add to your emails the signature line below, which includes the site info. Sign  up to receive monthly notification of the action here. Help us build a movement of 100,000 by May. All it takes is for each one of us committing to get 10 people this month to become part of the 9/11 truth wave!

Towards truth and justice,

The Steering Committee

Become Part of Citizens Counter-Coup, The Formula For Change Now

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