AE911Truth Making History in San Francisco

455 Press Conference/Speaking Engagement Saturday 5/2 at
4pm, Westin Market Street Hotel

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Contact Phone: 510-292-4710

Berkeley, CA, April 25, 2009 — More than 640 Architects &
Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) are calling for a new, independent investigation
into the destruction of the World Trade Center high-rises. These building professionals
cite evidence of explosive demolition at all three WTC high-rises on 9/11 and
document the evidence at their website. Michael Heimbach, assistant director
of the FBI’s counterterrorism division, wrote
that their claims and conclusion were “backed by thorough research and analysis.”

AE911Truth will host exhibitor’s information booth #2609 at this year’s
annual convention of the prestigious American Institute of Architects (AIA).
The convention, with more than 800 exhibitors and more than 20,000 participating
architects, will take place in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, April 30-May

This exhibition will be followed up on Saturday May 2nd with a dynamic multi-media
presentation by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA. Mr Gage will cover the
forensic evidence found at the crime scene as well as a review of the omissions
in the official FEMA and NIST reports. Join AE911Truth at the Westin Market
Street Hotel at 50 Third St. in San Francisco at 4:00 pm on Saturday for this
thorough review of the myth-shattering information.

Time magazine acknowledged in 2006 that the 9/11 Truth movement was not a “fringe
phenomenon,” but “a mainstream political reality.” As well,
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition signers have been encouraged
by President Obama’s promise to “restore science to its rightful

Join AE911Truth at booth #2609 to review the startling evidence not reported
in the media or by agencies in charge of the investigations.

24,000 Architects at SF AIA Convention Come Face to Face With 9/11

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AE911Truth’s unprecedented debut at the prestigious American Institute
of Architects (AIA) 2009 National Convention and Design Exposition is coming
right up. Obtaining a booth at this year’s convention at San Francisco’s
Moscone Center marks a significant accomplishment for us.

During the convention, from April 30 to May 2, we will have the opportunity
to inform an anticipated 24,000 architects about long-evaded truths regarding
the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11.

Amid hundreds of exhibitions by manufacturers of buildings, tiles, and window
coverings, our 10’x10′ booth, with two large LCD screens showing
the dramatic demolitions of the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7, will stand out
dramatically — especially with the backdrop of our 7 professionally designed
banners depicting the rest of the evidence and our mission. Convinced architects
will be able to sign on the spot our petition calling for a new investigation.
We will be giving away our latest brochures, our latest DVD, and our evidence

Architects, please join us in encouraging the AIA board members in your local
and state chapters and your colleagues to stop by our booth, review the evidence,
and come to the presentation on Saturday. With the addition of several personal
invitations to visit our booth at the SF AIA convention, coming from people
such as yourself, these AIA leaders and colleagues may recognize this as a broader
movement, and something of which they should become informed.

Live 2 hour Multi-media Presentation by Richard Gage, AIA

When? On May 2nd, at 4 pm
Where? At Westin Market Street Hotel, 50 3rd St., San Francisco

We hope to fill the seats at the 4 pm Saturday May 2nd AE911Truth multimedia
presentation with 200 architects at the Westin Market Street Hotel in SF —
just 2 blocks away from the convention.

Over 640 professional architects and engineers are now calling for a new investigation.

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