An Open (Angry) Letter to United for Peace & Justice, A.N.S.W.E.R, et al,


To whom it may concern:

I writing to tell you that I will not be attending any more of your protest actions, and although that fact is admittedly insignificant, the reason behind it certainly isn’t, because the reason is shared by hundreds of political activists, and millions of political dissenters.

Much in the way that the mainstream media has become marginalized as a source of information, your organizations have become marginalized in the arena of political protest, and much for the same reasons.

You’re sticking to old routines in a world that’s changed, and you refuse to honestly address the real problems we face today. Our government has promised us a war we won’t live to see the end of, and your organization seems to be convinced that marching in circles behind humiliating metal fences is going to change that. What your organization achieves actually helps the opposition, because it convinces the public that protests are futile, and dissenters only get beaten and arrested without ever changing anything.

Your willingness to oppose our criminal government is obviously restrained by your fear, or your money, or both, but whatever the case may be, your opposition is worse than ineffective, because it wastes the time and effort of activists and dissenters who work and assemble with the hope of improving our world. Although you claim to be fighting to stop war, your organization refuses to address the issues of 9-11, which happens to be what’s making endless war possible.

Because of 9-11, most Americans will not vehemently oppose any war that can be even remotely (or racially) attributed to “fighting terrorism.” Because of 9-11, Americans are being taught to accept a violent and racist world-view that justifies the slaughter of millions for empirical expansion. Because of 9-11, our constitution has been trampled by the same criminals who murdered 3000 people here on that day. Since your organization refuses to address the events of 9-11, what the hell is it that you do?

If you’re “united for peace and justice,” shouldn’t you be looking at the cause of our wars, and seeking justice for the murdered masses? If you want to “stop war and end racism,” wouldn’t it make sense to unearth its roots?

The 9-11 Truth Movement can no longer be considered a collection of “conspiracy theorists” on the fringes of society. We’ve worked for years to expose the truth, and now millions of Americans are aware of our government’s complicity in the attacks of 9-11. These same millions view your organization as silly and useless because you insist on marching in circles holding signs that say “stop the war in Iraq,” while the pentagon plans many wars to follow. The anti-war movement is being ignored, and it deserves to be, because as long as its leaders insist on ignoring the most important issue of our time, it’s worse than useless.

Please accept the painful reality of our situation. Both political parties ignore the will of the people, endorse fraudulent elections, and support endless war. All three branches of our government are under firm control of the white house, and our freedom is all but gone. Our military practices rounding up civilians, while our federal government builds more prison camps. The United States is rapidly becoming a fascist dictatorship, and there’s no time to waste on your useless agenda.

Much like the Democratic party, who provided a peace loving people with a war mongering candidate, you’ve lost touch with the people who supported you, and you’ve ignored their concerns. In your attempt to sell yourself like a box of soap, you appealed to the masses, and disgusted the grassroots activists.

Our government no longer represents the people of the United States, and neither do you. Either take up the cause of 9-11 truth, or get your silly organization out of the way. This country needs change that will never be achieved by a gang that is too afraid to accept the horrifying realities of today’s world.

You help to perpetuate our government’s lie by lending it credence, and in doing so, you help to make more war possible. When will you recognize what much of America already knows? If you oppose war, expose the lies of 9-11. The main reason I’m opposed to the war, is because I know the truth. If I thought “Islamic terrorists” were solely responsible for 9-11, I might be shooting at them, too.

— Jolly Roger New York City April 30. 2005

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Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger was a mythic early member of the original crew.

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