Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson Honors Blair Gadsby & Brings 9/11 Truth to the Arizona State Senate (Video)


June 10, 2008


“…in particular, I would like to introduce to you a very courageous
man named Blair Gadsby. I’m going to ask the folks with Blair to help him stand,
as I tell you just a little bit about him. Blair is very weak, because he has
been fasting for more than two weeks to try to bring attention to the cause
of 9/11 Truth. This is the 16th day that Blair has gone without food, and spent
his day outside the office of U.S. Senator John McCain, pleading with the Senator
to take a look at new evidence of the 9/11 crimes.

We have one man here, who is sacrificing his own personal needs and desires,
to stand boldly, pleading for the world to take notice, to question, to research,
and not place their lives in the hands of media sound bites. To think for themselves,
consciously and critically.

Blair is an educator, and to me this is what great educators do. Thousands
of people all over the country, and actually, around the world have been watching
on the internet as this hunger strike progresses here in Phoenix. I want Blair
to know that I am one of his biggest fans, and that good people everywhere admire
him for his courage and determination.

Please give a warm welcome to Blair Gadsby and the 9/11 Truth movement.”

– Senator Karen Johnson, June 10, 2008.

Hungry for Truth — Day 16

June 10, 2008 will be a moment in the 9/11 Truth movement we can all look back
on and be extremely proud. For all of you who have spent countless hours reading
books, watching DVD’s, searching the internet, investigating what happened on
9/11, researching til 2, 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, knowing you had to get
up soon to go to work but you couldn’t pull yourself away from this. For all
of you who have been ridiculed, laughed at and have been told that you are nuts.
For all of you who decided that it’s time to do something about the obvious
lies and cover-up by our government and media. For all of you who have stood
on a street corner holding a 9/11 Truth sign and have absorbed a middle finger
or heard the voice of a sheeple yelling, ” GET A JOB !! ” For all
of you who have sacrificed your time, energy and money to organize a speaking
engagement in your home town, only to be completely ignored by the media. For
all of you who have made phone calls to your local representatives, radio stations,
television and print media urging them to look into 9/11. For all of you who
have experienced sleepless nights because you know something is very wrong with
our country, our press and our democracy. For all of you who have a voice, but
at times go unheard or suppressed. For all of you who stand up when it’s uncomfortable,
when it’s inconvenient or when it’s down right hard to do so. For all of you
who stood by Blair and cheered him on. For all of you who continue to ASK QUESTIONS
AND DEMAND ANSWERS. For all of you who wish you had a State Senator who could
be your voice for you. For all of you who know that there is only one Senator
from Arizona who stands for the Truth and it’s not John McCain. It’s Karen Johnson
!! For all of you who work to achieve accountability for the victims of 9/11
and their families and for all of you who know 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, this
is for you.
Thanks for your support over the last 16 days. These days will always belong
to all of us.

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