As The Treason Unravels, A Call to Action


by Les Jamieson

Given the indictments handed down this week and continuing investigation on so many fronts, Les asks the question we must each answer for ourselves: “What is it going to take …?”

“We all must be aware that to fail to demand answers to the glaring questions and discrepancies is to accept and endorse the official explanation.”

What will YOU do this week?

After two years of the investigation into Plamegate, the latest political upheaval has hit the proverbial fan. The ruthless nature of the Bush Administration’s dealings with Joe Wilson for revealing one of numerous monumental lies it’s told since the coup d’etat in 2000 can now be clearly seen by all. The retaliation was to expose Wilson’s wife’s status as a CIA agent, which is to commit treason. This comes from an Administration that promised to restore civility to Washington, DC.

However, the larger context must be considered: This Administration fabricated its rationale for invading Iraq. Every reason was a lie. To create the specter of a “mushroom cloud” threatening our very existence, the president’s men ignored the CIA’s discrediting of the forgery, based on a lie that Saddam Hussein was seeking ‘yellow cake’ uranium from Niger. Yet it still wound up in the State of the Union speech as the now infamous ‘sixteen words.’

After Joe Wilson wrote an op-ed revealing that lie, the Administration conducted a hit operation on his wife, Valerie Plame, by revealing her identity as a CIA agent. This crime is made all the more egregious because it was perpetrated by an administration that claims to be strong on security, against an agent whose role was to work on counter-proliferation issues. They initially said Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, was not involved. They also said Karl Rove, top presidential aide, was innocent. Both were lies and both were covered up.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald?s indictment on Friday Oct. 28th comes a few months after the Downing Street Minutes revealed that intelligence on Iraq was fixed to support the agenda to invade. Add to the mix the revelations from a data mining surveillance program called ?Able Danger,? which shows that four of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were being tracked as early as 1999, but that mysteriously, this information was kept from the FBI. The 9/11 Commission, which the American public was led to believe was a comprehensive investigative body, was told of this program and denies knowing anything about it. Now the brave Navy officers who came forth with this information have been treated like most whistleblowers: they?ve been harassed and penalized. One of them, Colonel Anthony Shaffer, has had his security clearance revoked and health benefits taken away.

Another look at current political reality must include the failure of government to build the necessary infrastructure to protect New Orleans from a severe hurricane, the failure of response to Katrina and the paramilitary operation that took place there. The poor, mostly black population has now been expelled from the city and dispersed around the country and the property is up for grabs. Yet another unconscionable assault on middle and lower class Americans has been committed.

Furthermore, we must now face the fact that we are a nation that utilizes torture and has trashed the Nuremburg protocols protecting prisoners. The shameful, despicable images of torture at Abu Ghraib prison and Guantánamo Bay have irreparably stained the reputation of the US and the actions themselves have caused untold suffering to people, most of whom were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With all the disastrous lies we?ve been told, and the high level crimes that have been exposed, what can we infer about the most shocking and traumatic event in US history, the attacks of 9/11? What are the odds that we?ve been told the truth? Why did it take 14 months for our government to authorize an investigation which it then tried to obstruct if there isn?t something serious to be hidden from us?

Even the most basic analysis will conclude that there?s no way a multitude of warnings over several years, including high level warnings from 11 foreign countries, could have all been missed. It stretches credulity to accept that some amateur pilots and a team of rogue Arabs with boxcutters could surprise and defeat our multi-trillion dollar defense/intelligence apparatus and hijack four planes simultaneously, hitting major targets which had protections in place that suddenly didn?t function. There is no way that Osama and his crew were responsible for the demolition of Building 7 which lease owner, Larry Silverstein, stated was ?pulled.? This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. All of this adds up to the fact that 9/11 was the most glaring act of treason in history. We all must be aware that to fail to demand answers to the glaring questions and discrepancies is to accept and endorse the official explanation.

To say that America is in crisis is surely the understatement of the last century. The question is, what is it going to take for Americans to see the traitors for what they are, end the shock and awe to our system of democracy, and salvage our constitution? What is it going to take for Americans to demand their government and media stand up for the truth and hold the criminals within this administration responsible for the murder of 3,000 innocent people on that day?

Now is the time to fully realize the lies of the Iraq war, the rampant war profiteering, the fascistic takeover of New Orleans, the Gestapo-like framework of Homeland Security, and the fruition of the Project For A New American Century think tank?s agenda for global domination made possible by the occurring of this ?New Pearl Harbor.? If you have woken up and smelled the treason, its time to become a modern day Paul Revere and commit to waking up a minimum of 10% of the population to these facts. The paradigm shift of awareness awaits, to be followed by appropriate action by sovereign citizens. There is no other acceptable option. Understanding the real crimes of 9/11 as the catalyst is required.


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