August 2005 Update


Developments in Britain

(1) Oxford group plans a march and rally on Sept. 10th to culminate its 9/11 Truth Week. On Aug. 6, the Daily Mail printed the biggest article ever in the UK mainstream press to reject the official mythology of September 11th. Following the horrible London bombings of July 7, the official story has unraveled in record time. A new 7/7 truth movement is underway. And the sudden Aug. 6 death of Robin Cook spotlights his final column in The Guardian , in which he wrote that “al-Qaeda” (the base) originated as a CIA database…


9/11/05 Events in SF, Colorado & Toronto

SF art contest winner announced

(2) Northern California 9/11 Truth to hold Sept. 10 truth rally and march. Colorado 9/11 Visibility calls for Sept. 11 rally in Boulder. A week-long series of films in Toronto. And the winner of the International Art Contest is….


McKinney Hearings to Air on C-SPAN, Aug 31 and Sep 2

(3) Here’s a chance for those who missed last month’s landmark hearings on Capitol Hill to judge their value for themselves. Get your video recorders ready…

Update: Broadcast moved to C-SPAN 1 8 pm to 11:30 pm Wed., Aug 31


Able Danger Round-up

(4) August 2005: An annotated, comprehensive archive of articles on admissions that Mohamed Atta and three of the other alleged 9/11 hijacking ringleaders were under surveillance by military intelligence a year before September 2001. More proof that the 9/11 Commission was a whitewash; and why there is far more to the story than The New York Times has reported…

A Review of the New Wargames Timeline

(5) A massive update of the Complete 9/11 Timeline at the Center for Cooperative Research brings new focus to the issue of wargames and terror drills on September 11. New findings fill out the case for a deliberate circumvention of air-defense response to the diverted flights. Add Admiral Richard Mies to the list of high military commanders who found better things to do than to respond to the crisis. Do we finally know the real name of “the Maestro”? A review of the current state of 9/11 wargames research …


Researchers Comb Through First Responders’ Testimonies

(6) To its credit, the New York Times went to court to force New York City to release first-responder records and oral histories of September 11th, 2001. Researchers combing through this vast online archive are discovering a surprising number of testimonies that bombs were set off at the WTC, among other anomalies…


Program to Monitor Ground Zero Workers’ Health “Vanishes”

(7) A program to monitor the health of thousands of federal workers who answered the call of 9/11 has “been lost for more than two years,” the New York Daily News reports. It “vanished during the bureaucratic shuffle creating the Department of Homeland Security” …


A Lockerbie Confession: CIA Planted the Evidence

(8) Another official story unravels. A former Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that the CIA planted a tiny piece of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 Pan Am plane bombing and mass murder of 270 people…


Motassadeq Convicted of Being Atta’s Friend

(9) A second verdict has been handed down in the German case against Mounir Motassadeq, the first having been overturned after the US government refused access to witnesses among its hidden “enemy combatants.” Unable to obtain evidence actually pertaining to the events of September 11, the court resorted to convicting him for associating with the members of the “Hamburg Cell,” who allegedly masterminded the 9/11 events… Blog Launch

(10) staff are launching a series of personal weblogs, with reader comments encouraged. Nicholas Levis debuts with a report on the “Mass Rorschach Test” triggered by a banner that reads, 9/11 Was an Inside Job. Watch for new blogs and an RSS feed in the weeks to come…


Government Responds to Flight 77 FOIA Request

(11) A citizen has sued the Justice Department after it denied his Freedom of Information Act request to obtain confiscated videos of the Pentagon attack. The government says it needs the videos for its case on Zacaria Moussaoui, which is in the penalty phase. Is this believable? Will the Moussaoui prosecutors really release any of the videos to the public? …


LA Times Interviews David Ray Griffin

(12) Aug. 28: “Anyone who types the words ‘9/11’ and ‘conspiracy’ into an online search engine soon learns that not everybody buys the official narrative of what took place on Sept. 11, 2001. As a professor emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology, 66-year-old David Ray Griffin would seem to have more affinity for leather elbow patches than tin hats, yet after friends and colleagues prodded him into sifting through the evidence, he experienced a conversion….”


North Bay Progressive Front-pages DC Emergency Truth Convergence

(13) The front page of a Sonoma County area paper with a circulation of 10,000 features a detailed account of July’s DC Emergency Truth Convergence


The Plunder Never Ends

(14) During the last four years, the profiteers of war and terror have been so busy plundering the American treasury (and now the Iraqi treasury) that it is easy to lose track. A July 22 story reveals how $12 billion in one-hundred dollar bills were shipped to Bagdad and handed out to contractors, including Halliburton. And it’s worth digging up a 2004 piece that reveals how yet another close Bush relative profited from the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” scam. We’re not Republicans or Democrats, but we know a crime family when we see one…

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