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Present or Most Recent Position: Retired, former researcher in the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) Fields: Geophysics, Geology Degrees and Schools: State Doctor (Docteur d’Etat), Faculty of Sciences, Paris, France Statement on 9/11: “From the beginning, my skepticism about the official explanation of the Twin Towers collapses turned to spurning it as soon as I saw the videos of the WTC7 collapse, which reminds one of controlled demolition. When I heard that seismic waves had been emitted at the time of the 9/11 events, I looked for reliable data and examined the signals recorded at the Palisades station. The apparently contradictory parameters relative to wave velocities and frequencies were easily explained if we consider that the seismic waves were created by strong explosives. Those explosives could not be triggered other than manually. It is therefore a criminal provocation.” Additional Information: Author of over 50 published papers on the relationships between the characteristics of progressive mechanical waves and geology.

Destruction of Evidence

Photo of a Flight Recorder or black box

9/11 “Black Box” Cover-up Story Finally Breaks Out

Philadelphia, 10/28 -- Bryan Sacks' and Nicholas Levis' breaking story on the amazing disappearing black box recorders from the WTC site was picked up...

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Rumsfeld on the morning of 9/11, prior to the attacks: "let me tell you, I've been around the block a few times," he told Representative Cox. "There will be another event."
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Why did the Secret Service leave President Bush exposed and vulnerable in the classroom at Emma Booker Elementary for more than 10 minutes after they knew we were under attack?

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