9/11 Icon Bill Doyle Openly Condemns US Government Complicity and Cover-up


Editor’s Note:
Relentless 9/11 activist Bill Doyle, father of Joey Doyle, set up the first email communication network for 9/11 families, which now connects over 7,000 victim relatives. He is also a co-founder of 9/11 Families for a Secure America and a lead plaintiff in the trillion dollar “Saudi suit” filed by 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism. Having to deal and maintain trust with the entire political spectrum of 9/11 kin, Bill has naturally been reluctant to take his own thoughts public, but Friday, July 6th, on the Alex Jones Show Bill finally outed his highly accusatory personal opinions on the 9/11 cover-up, government complicity, and the fact that perhaps half of his family network now feels the same way.

Right now there is no transcript, just the mp3 audio file here, but here are a few quotes from the interview transcribed by the intrepid 911blogger and Alex’s webmaster:

Jones: Sir you have questions about the official story don’t you?

Doyle: Oh, without question… the 9/11 Commission – that’s all a fallacy… The 9/11 commission is probably the worst representation of the 9/11 families, or for that matter the American public, because it is a sham, it really is. We had tons of questions that we asked them to ask, they wouldn’t do it, and the continuing coverup is just beyond belief.

Doyle: It almost looks like there was a conspiracy about 9/11 if you really look at all the facts, a lot of the families now feel the same way.

Doyle: From everything that I have looked at I am sure there is a lot of complicity… in the least, there had to be a lot of complicity. If you read all the facts there’s no way that nineteen hijackers carried out this mission… Where was NORAD? It was called a step-down – don’t do anything – let it happen…”

Doyle: There is just such a continuing coverup, why don’t [they] just let the information about 9/11 be known? Then maybe this conspiracy type of thing would go away, but it’s never gonna go away, or at least I don’t think it ever can go away, because they were complicit.

Jones: With your 7,000 members [..] what percentage, just guesstimation, would you say believe that 9/11 was an inside job to some extent.

Doyle: Maybe half, maybe. It’s probably 50-50. You know, a lot of people themselves are probably trying to move on in life, and a lot of them are seeking mental health organizations [..] they don’t even want to look back to 9/11 because they just can’t believe that our government failed them so badly.


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