Bush to visit Calgary… live reports from demonstration to indict him for War Crimes!

Tuesday…Bush to visit Calgary…hear live on-the-ground reports from the demonstration
to indict him for War Crimes!

Live Radio Interviews with Joshua Blakeney and Allen Roland

On “FAIR & BALANCED” with Kevin Barrett.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009, 9:00 am Pacific – 12:00 Noon Eastern – 16:00 GMT

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During the first half hour, student activist Joshua Blakeney will be reporting
live from Calgary during the visit of former president George W. Bush, where
Josh, his professor Anthony Hall, others are hoping to have Bush arrested for
war crimes, including the war crimes of 9/11/01. If Bush is arrested in Calgary,
you’ll be hearing about it live! The guest during the second half of the show
will be Allen Roland, Ph.D. psychotherapist and 9/11 truth supporter, discussing
the spiritual aspects of 9/11 truth.

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