Canada will March on Ottawa


Canada’s 9/11 Truth Movement is peaceful, united, and committed to getting
a Canadian independent investigation into 9/11. From coast to coast, 9/11 Truth
Groups from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia have
realized that their strengths lie in their numbers of a united front, and united
they will be on September 11th, 2008.

Over the last couple months, the Canadians have been busy. First, the Vancouver
9/11 Truth Society took the initiative to mail a copy of Yukihisa Fujita’s
Parliamentary Presentation to all 308 Members of the Canadian Parliament. Since
then, 9/11 Truth activists across the country have been pressing their MP’s
by asking if they have received the video, taken the time to watch it, and ask
them their stance on 9/11. Shortly after, East Vancouver MP Libby Davies has
since agreed to take a petition to the Canadian Parliament requesting a Canadian
Investigation into 9/11 — and this is just the beginning. Currently, 10
cities in Canada have joined forces and are creating their first ever (and if
successful, the last) national campaign for 9/11 Truth…

As signatures are being collected from Canadians across the country, the authors
of the petition are working with MP Davies in getting the timing right for introducing
it into Parliament. The plan is to introduce the petition around August 1st,
2008, as Canada officially allows up to 45 days for answering any petition.
An August 1st submission will allow an answer forthcoming by September 11th,

In preparation of receiving an answer from Parliament, a March on Ottawa is
being planned. 9/11 Truth activists from across the country (Americans welcomed
as well!!) will gather in Montreal, QC on September 7th, then will proceed to
March the 150 + Kilometers to Ottawa, arriving on Parliament Hill on September
11th 2008. These Marchers are however will not be traveling thousands of miles
across the country, then marching for days to simply receive any old answer.
They will be there to add much needed pressure on Canada’s Parliamentarians
to ensure a satisfactory answer and will act as the official representatives
of the thousands of names on the petition. If the answer they receive from Parliament
is unsatisfactory — ie. ‘Sorry but no’ — then they are
prepared to stay on the Hill as long as they have to, to show that ‘sorry’
is simply not good enough. How far will the Marchers go? Some of the organizers
are suggesting using civil, non-violent acts of non-cooperation such as non
stop flyering in Ottawa, Postering all over the city, holding educational workshops
near the Hill, and even holding fasts. This action is not about slogan chanting,
feeling good, and then going home with nothing accomplished. This is about real
change. Real change from real action with a real commitment for truth and justice.

So how will this March end? Who knows. All I know is that I wouldn’t
miss it for the world. This has the potential to be the largest 9/11 truth action
in history. This has the potential to push Canada back into its role as a peacekeeping
nation. A nation that cares about global justice. A nation that can be looked
upon as a nation with citizens who care about the livelihood of all those within,
and beyond its borders.

The March on Ottawa Organizers are also calling upon their American counterparts
to hold a similar action at the White House this year on 9-11, and show solidarity
with their friends north of the border.

Their website:

Any Americans willing to organize such a parallel event are asked to contact
Canada and let them know! The March Committee is also looking for more Canadian
reps as well. (Saskatchewan still needs a rep!) If you are interest in representing
your city or area, please contact The March Committee ASAP.

Check out the website, add your comments, and get ready for action!

Remember the more names we get on the petition, the more pressure we build.
Want to help collect more signatures for the petition and sign a hard copy yourself?
Find details online at our site. Each signature we collect before August 1st
will be included in the pile of petitions we send in for our August 1st’s

Best Regards,

_Drew Noftle

Note: Libby Davies has not come out to say that 9/11 was an Inside Job, she
is just doing her job as an MP — representing the demands of her constituents.
So please do not bombard her with emails asking for her opinion — we have
done that already!

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