Canadians Disappointed by Government Reps’ Lack of Response to Petition


August 3, 2008
Vancouver BC – The Dishonourable Stockwell Day has let Canadians down again. On June 10th, 2008, the Honourable Libby Davies read a petition into Parliament that suggests that the 9/11 Commission report does not stand up to the facts, and that we need a Canadian investigation to justify our war efforts.

Canada allows a Minister up to 45 days to respond to any given petition. June 11th plus 45 days equals July 25th. Mr. Day is already 9 days late.

Below is my latest letter to Mr. Day re: the 9/11 petition. As of right now, it is the 5th letter I have sent to him, and the 5th letter that has been unanswered. I have always felt lucky to be Canadian since every time I email one of my MP’s, I always have received a reply. Always — except from Mr. Day. Below my letter to Mr. Day, is my letter to all active members of the Canadian 9/11 Truth Movement.

Drew Noftle

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Letter to MP Stockwell Day:

Dear Mr. Day,

On June 10th, 2008, a petition regarding a Canadian investigation into the events of 9/11 was read into Parliament by Honorable Libby Davies. This petition was then forwarded to your office for review. We have been informed that the Ministry has days to respond to any such petition. The HANSARD record was made available June 11th, 2008. 45 days later July 26th came and went without an answer from your office.

Mr. Day, why is it your office has yet to respond? This is a petition that demands truth, and now we demand an answer from your office. If we continue to be ignored, we will pursue with whatever legal action we can.

A copy of our petition can be found here:

Furthermore, 9/11 Truth activists from across the country will march from Montreal to Parliament Hill on Sept 11th to show our support for our petition, that now has thousands of signatures.

Awaiting your prompt reply.

_Drew Noftle

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Letter to the Canadian 911 Truth Movement:

Canada 9/11 Truth,

Libby Davies told us that Stockwell Day’s office had 45 days to respond to our petition. He has yet to do so. It has now been over 50 days. Someone called Stockwell Day’s office today regarding this matter, and she was told that they had no idea about what she was talking about.

This is completely unacceptable. I want everyone to call Mr. Day’s office tomorrow at some point during office hours and get an answer to why we have not heard back yet. If they tell you they do not know what you are talking about, then call Libby and as her why they do not know.

Be polite, but don’t allow them to run you around in circles.

Thank you,


Stockwell Day
Phone: (613) 995-1702
Fax: (613) 995.1154

Libby Davies
Ph: 604 775 5800
Fax: 604 775 5811

Also send to Mr. Day this video:

And this Email Thread:

Hi Drew ,

It’s been sent to Public Safety, so it will be Stockwell Day responding.


From: Drew Noftle []
Sent: June 12, 2008 12:36 AM
To: Davies, Libby – Assistant 2
Subject: Re: HANSARD: United States 9/11 Commission Report petition
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Dear Rob,

Thank you. Is it also possible for you to inform us which minister will be entrusted to give us a response?



On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 12:11 PM, Davies, Libby – Assistant 2 wrote:
Hi Drew,

Here’s the link to HANSARD, and the transcript of Libby introducing your petition to Parliament.


Rob Duffy…

United States 9/11 Commission Report
[Table of Contents]
Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to rise in the House today to present three petitions.
The first petition is signed by approximately 500 people from across Canada. The petition points out that scientific and eyewitness evidence shows that the 9/11 commission report is a fraudulent document and that elements within the U.S. government were complicit in the murder of thousands of people on September 11, 2001. The petition points out that this brought Canada into the so-called war on terror that has changed the domestic and foreign policies for the worse and that will have negative consequences for Canada.

Rob Duffy
Legislative and Communications Assistant for
Libby Davies, MP
Vancouver East
Ph. (613) 992-6036
Fax (613) 995-7412
CEP 232

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