NASA Engineer to Speak on Destruction of WTC Buildings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 12, 2009 Contact: Event information: Aaron Brown; Program content: Dwain Deets Phone: Brown: 909-576-2800 Deets: 760-445-3242 Email: Event Date: Wednesday, October 21, 12:00 p.m. NASA Engineer to Speak on...

The Hard Evidence Down Under Tour 2009 – Uncovering the Truth of the 9/11 Attacks

Four-city Tour Down Under - November, 2009 November 14-15 - Sydney ~ November 17 - Melbourne ~ November 19 - Brisbane ~ November 21 - Wellington Upcoming Sydney Conference to Demonstrate the Three Building Collapses on 9/11 Were a Controlled Demolition Sydney,...

Marc Crispin Miller Speaks at NYC CAN Rally

Posted September 30, 2009 by Jon Gold

BREAKING: 9/11 Families March on City Hall – NY Supreme Court Hearing 9:30AM Tuesday (9/29)

80,000 registered NYC voters have signed a petition so that their voices will be heard via an initiative to be placed on the NYC mayoral ballot in November. In a republic form of government (ours, last I read), the People are "represented" by their elected officials, yes? Yet the City has told these 80,000 people to go to hell, essentially. Of these 80,000 300 people turned out to demand their voices be heard. Apparently, the other 79,700 don't particularly care what form of government is lorded over them... At the same time, a few hundred courageous 20-somethings stood up to the robocop, stormtrooper, nonlethal-weapon wielding, rubber-bullet shooting, 12,000-man strong police state in Pittsburg... Get up, stand up!

‘Rescue Me’ star Daniel Sunjata headlines 9/11 protest march

Monday, September 28th, 2009 -- 2:45 pm UPDATE (at bottom): City's law department tells RAW STORY that a new 9/11 investigation is 'not a proper subject to be placed before the...

And It’s Not Only Sibel Edmonds Who Says So

John M. Cole, a former FBI Counterintelligence and Counterespionage Manager, has publicly confirmed the FBI's decade long investigation of the former State Department Official Marc Grossman. Cole worked for 18 years in the...

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