Video Review: 9/11 Contradictions

The original video review of 9/11 Contradictions was removed from YouTube. The original transcript posted with this article remains below. An interview with David Ray Griffin discussing the book is posted below. TRANSCRIPT: David Ray...

Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Alten

New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten is releasing a novel January 22nd which addresses the 9/11 stand down, the injection of false radar blips into air traffic controllers' screens, PNAC, the 9/11 Commission...

Bush I Bioweapons Advisor Says Anthrax Attacks Could Have Originated within US Government

Good to see posting stories like this, the substance of which has been known to 9/11 skeptics for a long time.

Do Bush’s Subsequent Crimes Suggest Complicity In 9/11?

The trouble with thinking 9/11 was an inside job staged by George W. Bush & Co. is that it defies belief any president might be capable of such an iniquitous crime against his own...

A Half-Dozen 9/11 Questions They Don’t Want You to Ask

The body of this article is quite good, and its appearance may portend a subtle but significant shift at a web site with very good leftish commentary but one that's been largely unreceptive to consideration of foreknowledge/complicity arguments.

I simply read past Werther's mild jab at the "cottage industry of amateur speculation" on 9/11. He seems to be referring specifically to 'physical evidence' arguments, and it has to be admitted than many of them are amateurish. His attitude seems sympathetic, if superior.

The superiority does rankle a bit, though. Here's a fellow with what may be charitably called an 'inflated view of himself'. It takes a large amount of self-regard to arrive so late to a party and talk like you're the guest of honor.

The leading lights of the 9/11 truth movement have made most of these arguments (and more probing ones) many times before. Contrary to Werther's claim, it's not that "we now know" enough to say the 9/11 Commission report was a cover-up. Please. It's been 'now' for a long time now. (Anyone who read the staff statements along the way could see which way the wind was blowing.)

Here's hoping that we see some more articles at on the "basic higher-order political factors surrounding 9/11", as well as the basic higher-order sociopolitical factors in the failure of the corporate press to both 1) identify the Commission Report as a cover-up, and 2) do its own independent investigation of 9/11.
Bryan Sacks, Ed.

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement — U.S. Media’s Dirty Little Secret

Published in Newtopia Magazine A mass movement and a mountain of disturbing evidence has been growing beneath the radar of U.S. media. The U.S. media (including alternative media) has done an extraordinarily superhuman job of...

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