Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One Is Listening

Brief article by Giraldi in The American Conservative giving Edmonds a bit of attention, followed by several thoughtful and very interesting comments at the source.

Silencing of NYC Voters will not go Unchallenged

  NYC CAN News Bulletin - FORWARD WIDELY August 24, 2009 SILENCING OF NYC VOTERS WILL NOT GO UNCHALLENGED On Monday, August 10, NYC CAN began a comprehensive review of the nearly 26,000...

Whistleblower deposed in Schmidt versus Krikorian election complaint (video included)

Video of Sibel's deposition is available for viewing at National Whistleblower Center, with the transcript here.

Review of alleged detainee abuse to have narrow scope

'Preliminary review' looks at whether interrogations followed guidance of the Bush 'torture memos.' By Warren Richey Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor from the August 24, 2009 edition In a highly contentious move, Attorney General Eric...

9/11 Press for Truth – Introduction to film with updates by Jon Gold

August 19, 2009 This took place at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater in Wayne, PA. Thanks to everyone that came out tonight, and thanks to Betsy Metz for making it possible. Correction: The news about...

The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War

by Prof. Peter Dale Scott Global Research " In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential...

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