Unanswered Questions

Guns and Butter Interviews Paul Zarembka, Editor of ‘The Hidden History of 9/11’

How much insider trading occurred in the days leading up to 9/11? How compromised is the evidence against alleged hijackers because of serious authentication problems with a key Dulles Airport videotape? To what extent does the testimony of more than five hundred firefighters differ from official reports of what happened at the World Trade Center buildings that day? How inseparably connected are Western covert operations to al-Qaeda? Listen to Bonnie Faulkner interview with Paul Zarembka, professor of economics, SUNY Buffalo

Bill Doyle, Father of Joseph Doyle, Endorses a New Investigation in NYC

July 15, 2009 NYCCAN.org For eight years I have lobbied and supported investigations and litigation in an effort to learn the whole truth behind the death of my son Joseph and the murder of so many...

NYC CAN 9/11 Family Members Speak Out

Click here to watch on YouTube This moving 50-second piece released by NYC Coalition for Accountability Now features 9/11 Family Members Jean Canavan, Bob McIlvaine and Manny Badillo asking the unanswered questions and calling upon...

The Truth is Not Enough: How to Overcome Emotional Barriers to 9/11 Truth

by Ken Jenkins Why 911 truth facts fail: How many times has this happened to you? You are explaining to someone some of the rational, logical reasons why the official story of 9/11 can't be...

The 9/11 Truth Movement: An Incomplete History

Following are three ten-minute video "scrapbooks," made by 9/11 truth advocate Jon Gold. They are only brief introductions to the seven-year history of this courageous people's movement. Bravo to all of you, mentioned or not, for displaying the courage, compassion and honesty required to stand up and persist, against great odds, in demanding truth and justice.

9/11 Families Protest Guantanamo Trials’ Lack of Fairness

December 10, 2008 By AMY WESTFELDT, Associated Press Writer NEW YORK -- Two dozen family members of Sept. 11 victims signed a letter Wednesday saying they don't believe in the fairness of the military trials of...

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