Pearl Harbor

Quds Force II – The Storyline Repeats Itself

By Michael Collins (Washington, DC) A faction of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard called the Quds Force (QF) is center stage in the War on Terror for the second time in five years....

9 Years Later — Why 9/11 Truth Still Matters

By John Albanese On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that an estimated $2.3 Trillion in Pentagon spending was missing -- and unaccounted for -- from the Pentagon. One day later, on 9/11, the story...

Face the Shadow First: Seeking the Hidden Dimensions of American and Global Politics

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Counterterrorism in Shambles; Why?

January 6, 2010 by Ray McGovern & Coleen Rowley Yesterday, a blogger with the PBS' NewsHour asked former CIA analyst Ray McGovern to respond to three questions regarding recent events involving...

Stand with Cindy Sheehan who Stands with 9/11 Truth

This is a call to every 9/11 truth advocate who can possibly get to Martha's Vineyard this week to do so. John Walsh at, and Justin Raimondo at have published the following powerful pieces asking where the anti-war movement is, now that Obama's in office. Excellent points. As Cindy stated in the video below, "I know my son died because of 9/11 and I know we're over in Iraq and Afghanistan because of 9/11". Indeed. On August 18, Obama stated, "Those who attacked America on 9/11 are plotting to do so again. If left unchecked, the Taliban insurgency will mean an even larger safe haven from which al Qaeda would plot to kill more Americans. So this is not only a war worth fighting. This is fundamental to the defence of our people." This week, while Obama is playing golf and relaxing at the beach, nearly 100 people, including another four US soldiers (that makes another 63 so far this month), were killed in the war in Afghanistan. Were those soldiers 'fundamentally' defending this commander in chief's opportunity to have a vacation from conflict? Whitehouse spokesman Gibbs stated, "there will be a certain point in which the president will largely be down enjoying his vacation, as well as I think the vacation that millions and millions of Americans hopefully will." The soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq are not among those "millions and millions" on vacation, (nor the six million of us in the US worrying about unemployment benefits running out while we still can't find a job and are on the verge of losing our homes, for that matter ...). A war "worth fighting", "fundamental to our defence"? I think not, sir. Finally investigating and prosecuting the crimes of 9/11 (as opposed to perceiving 9/11 as an "act of war", responded to by initiating and perpetuating our own never-ending war), as the path to END these wars and restore our civil liberties, is the action "worth fighting for" and what is needed to fundamentally defend ourselves, as well as citizens of the rest of the world. While the former "anti-war movement" in the United States has never been willing to look at the fundamental issue used as justification for the wars they opposed, 9/11 truth advocates have long maintained 9/11 Truth can indeed end them. We have an opportunity here to turn the hopeful and insightful "9/11 Truth for Peace" slogan into tangible action. Do we believe that 9/11 truth can, indeed, end these wars? Yes. Those of us who are able to get to Martha's Vineyard this week need to be there. If you can't get there, get creative. Stand in continuing, strong opposition to this madness, and in solidarity with Cindy, wherever you are.

Decoding Scheuer’s Call for Osama to Kill More Americans

"War on Terror" advocates want civilians to die to justify "War on Terror" James Corbett The Corbett Report 6 July, 2009 CIA analyst Michael Scheuer's recent call for bin Laden to kill more Americans would be shocking if...

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