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Tragedy of 9-11 Truth

by Paul de Burgh-Day Lorinna, Tasmania Attention: Victor Thorn, I bought a copy of 9-11 On Trial from you guys. Very useful, well presented, even if I found the style of presentation a bit repetitive. Clearly written...

Why Americans Refuse to Believe the 9/11 Evidence!

Couldn't decide whether this should be filed in the Fear or Movement section, because as a good vernacular statement of our dilemma as a nation and a movement it belongs in both.

Welcome Truth Seekers to a short path to 9/11 truth

Welcome Truth Seekers... to a quick course on the shortest paths to 9/11 truth... Orientation The Two-Step 9/11 Truth Expedition: The demands on brain and heart The Mission: Where we are going with this and...

On Ungrounded Theories & Disinformation

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