Charlie Sheen ‘Twenty Minutes’ Elicits Another Media Character Attack; Still No Coverage of Questions


Two weeks ago America’s media, led by the Washington Times and quickly followed by particularly vitriolic television personalities, blasted Obama-appointed “Green Jobs” Advisor Van Jones for various personal positions and actions taken over the course of his life as an activist. Chief among them was his name being counted among signatories (Van Jones has subsequently denied that he ever signed the 2004 Statement) to a Statement issued by in 2004 asking for answers to 9/11-related questions, signed by 150 other “notable Americans” and 9/11 victims’ family members. The ensuing blood bath did not involve Jones’ positions on “Green” issues, for which he had been hired to advise – nor did the “Truther” feeding frenzy ever ONCE involve mention of the 12 questions listed on that Statement, questions which remain unanswered now. Readers of are aware of this media side-show, which eventually led to Jones’ resignation on 9/12, and no doubt read the statement we issued to the press in response to their calls:

As the eighth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, what doesn’t make sense to us is that media outlets choose to impugn the character of the signatories rather than carry out your responsibility as watchdogs to call attention to the as yet unanswered questions raised in the 2004 statement. Five years later, we challenge you to finally print those same unanswered questions and pursue their answers with the same vigor with which you pursue the signatories.

Now, similar “news” coverage is attacking Golden Globe winning actor Charlie Sheen, who dared to ask for a 20-minute meeting with President Obama to discuss 20 points relating to – again – unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. Sheen produced a fictionalized piece, “Twenty Minutes with the President” in which he sat down with “President Obama” to asked about twenty of these yet unanswered questions. Bob McIlvaine, whose son Bobby was killed on 9/11, has also joined with Sheen in requesting this meeting with the president.

In the ensuing days, media personalities have once again delighted in trotting out a litany of past “outrages” trolled up from Sheen’s past, working doubletime to draw attention to everything BUT the 20 points contained in his script.

Like, Sheen has issued a statement about the behavior of the press and their unwillingness to look at the issues, and has put forth a challenge to anyone, ANYONE, to debate him and McIlvaine on Larry King Live. To date (as we have found time and again when 9/11 truth researchers, scientists, engineers and other credentialed professionals have issued challenges to debate), no one has come forward to meet Sheen’s challenge. Once again, none of those in the media who have so viciously attacked his character are willing to attack his issues . (See for instance FOXnews , UK’s Telegraph , and E!Online )

Time and again we have seen this same tired dance: Tucker Carlson attacking theologian David Ray Griffin and physicist Steven E. Jones. Scarborough Country attempting to discredit Media Spokesman Michael Berger. Glenn Beck’s endless screeds calling 9/11 truth advocates “dangerous anti-Americans who work with … al Qaeda to destroy America” (among other endless blather and name-calling). And not only has the corporate “right-wing” media taken this approach, supposed left-leaning publications have followed suit: Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone , Matthew Rothschild in Progressive , Bill Maher’s Real Time , even . (For more on this subject, see excellent article, Deconstructing Deceit: 9/11, the Media, and Myth Information by Mickey Huff and Paul Rea and the significant study from Peter Phillips and Project Censored, Left Progressive Media Inside the Propaganda Model .)

As Sheen put it, “We can no longer allow these cowards and shills to contaminate the reservoirs of truth. In addition to their slanderous folly, they have ignored my very public challenge to a debate on Larry King Live. If these cockroaches had but one shred of courage, they would embrace this opportunity.”

We join Sheen in again challenging media to address the issues brought forward in both the 2009 Truth Statement from and the request for “Twenty Minutes With the President” by Charlie Sheen.

Following is more from Charlie Sheen.

Twenty Minutes with the President

Reported by Charlie Sheen Prison Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Read Sheen’s 20 points script below, complete with documentation links, and watch the video here:

Charlie Sheen’s statement issued 9/14/09 and his email correspondence to the White House :

Another Bin Laden tape has surfaced this morning. I will be monitoring the FBI’s most wanted web site to see if this tape finally provides the Bureau with the evidence required to list “9/11? in Bin Laden’s rap sheet. Thus far it has not.

I must point out as well, that the mainstream media has once again followed a desperate, juvenile and transparent script in their response to my letter, “Twenty Minutes with the President” .

Not a single member of this mendacious side-show has focused their attention, for one second, on the 20 bullet points chronicled in my letter. Instead, they have attacked the man and ignored the facts. If this is their definition of, “responsible journalism”, I urge all free thinking people to ignore these hopeless lap-dogs and responsibly do their own research. We can no longer allow these cowards and shills to contaminate the reservoirs of truth. In addition to their slanderous folly, they have ignored my very public challenge to a debate on Larry King Live. If these cockroaches had but one shred of courage, they would embrace this opportunity.

As of 1 o’clock PM, PST, on Sep. 14th, I still await a formal response from The White House. The emails I authored are printed below.

I thank you all for your patriotic support. Respectfully — Charlie Sheen

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