Citizens Counter-Coup: April Announcement


April 17, 2006

Citizens Counter-Coup, The Formula For Change Now

Tuesday April 11th marked 4 years 7 months since the events of 9/11. There
are a few major news items in the last month that underscore the need for building
a mass grassroots movement to expose the truth behind the attacks.

The trial of Zacarias Moussaoui has taken on bizarre dimensions of what has
become more of a propaganda circus while missing the core issue. The government
is basically attempting to make this one person wholly to blame for 9/11. The
prosecution’s inclusion of the flight recorder tapes from Flight 93, which
have questionable validity after being kept secret for so long, is an inexplicable
development. Flight 93 had zero to do with this case. The strategy is to employ
the “drama and trauma factor” to sway the jury into choosing the
death penalty so the government can say they obtained justice for the American
people. Isn’t it interesting that they chose the Flight 93 drama just
before the release of the movie? Why not sensationalize the trial with details
from the Pentagon or the towers? Meanwhile, the real story of FBI obstruction
of attempts by field agents Colleen Rowley and Harry Samit to have Moussaoui
investigated has been completely glossed over. You would think a flurry of mainstream
articles on this point would open a gaping hole in the government story and
result in a special investigation into the FBI. Instead, we’re witnessing
more deafening silence from the Left and the usual claims of “bureaucratic
bungling” from the main stream.

It has now been determined that the death of officer James Zadroga, age 34,
was definitely due to the contaminated conditions at Ground Zero. The official
lie regarding the air quality which has sickened over 16,000 workers, according
to records kept at Mt. Sinai Hospital, is now showing up as the scandal it really
is. All Americans should recognize the government’s false claims as an
indication of just how much our leadership values human life.

We’ve witnessed another appalling scandal from the Bush
administration. It has been revealed that Scooter Libby has named
George Bush himself as the source who authorized identifying Valerie
Plame as a CIA agent. At first Bush said he’d fire whoever was caught
taking part in this “serious” leak that outed a covert operative and
endangered many associated with her operations. Now we’re told it was
a necessary leak intended to clarify information about pre-war
intelligence and Bush had planned to de-classify the information so
he’s off the hook. He’s the president so he’s blameless. The lesson
is, if this travesty on top of all the others isn’t enough to bring
about impeachment and indictments, nothing will, except the truth of
9/11. This remains our challenge.

Wed. April 19th marks the 11th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, another
state-sponsored act of terrorism. (See Several
investigators including Charles Key and Chris Emery have amassed a large body
of evidence of government complicity. Yet the truth remains concealed to mass
consciousness. We should note that the first anti-terror legislation was passed
a few months after the bombing, under the Clinton Administration. This is just
one indication of the power of the state “information control” apparatus.
All the more reason why we must work to speak truth to power and demand accountability
and justice for 9/11 while the PNAC perpetrators and official cover-up artists
are present in the national view.

How can the message of 9/11 truth rise up and spread out across the land? Be
part of the monthly action campaign, Citizens Counter-Coup, designed to inform
elected officials and media on the overwhelming evidence of government complicity
and deliver a call to action. This “virtual action generator” has
the potential to grow exponentially, creating mass awareness and effective change.
This is the tool that can make the difference. If you’re already s signed
up for monthly reminders, please take action this week.

If you’re new to the campaign, please go to, take
10 minutes to read through the information, then take 15 minutes to participate
in the monthly action. Also, be sure to sign up for the monthly reminders where
you can also volunteer for media outreach, e-Activisim through our Blogger Brigade,
and 9/11 journalism. The Blogger Brigade is already in action and others soon
to be mobilized. Together we can build a wider movement to distribute the work
that must be done. Either we set the agenda or the military/industrial/intelligence
complex will continue to set it for us. The choice is clear. The truth of 9/11
is up to us to reveal!

Lastly, we have a major national conference scheduled for June 2-4 in Chicago
called 9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future. Many luminaries from
the movement will be there giving presentations of educational and strategic
value. This will be an invaluable opportunity for activists to gather and mobilize
for the next phase of outreach to create mass awareness of the true crimes of
9/11 and finally demand true accountability for the perpetrators. Go to to see full description, hotel info, etc. If you register by May 1st, the cost
is $40. You’ll also see a link to a section for ride and room sharing. Pass
it on!

Go to today. Remember, it’s not a democracy unless we
make it so.

Towards truth and justice,

The Steering Committee

April 17, 2006

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