Clearing Clutter thanks to 9/11 Truth with Dr Beeth in Brussels, Belgium


March 30, 2009
by Dr. Eric Beeth

This last week-end of March, I had decided to hold a “9/11 Truth Garage
Sale” to make a Spring clean in my Brussels house. As my twins grew into
teens, you can imagine that I gradually assembled quite a lot of clutter.

Photo – 9/11 Truth in neon-lights, complete with Richard Gage’s video in the walk-by evening sound & light show!

A “9/11 Truth Garage Sale” is an excellent way to learn to know one’s neighbors
better. The 9/11 Truth theme allows you to easily start talking about the important
issues surrounding what really happened on September 11th 2001.

Already a member of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, I felt a surge of excitement at the
idea of inviting (together with Prof David Ray Griffin to come
to speak in Brussels. The last time we had this much fun, was when we had Richard
Gage over in November 2008 : read more here.) (Details of Dr. Griffin’s European tour are posted at

Always looking for ways to break the ice on the subject of 9/11 Truth, and
needing to publicize DRG’s conference which hopes to greet more than 600 paying
citizens, I put in an ad for a “9/11 Truth Garage Sale” in the local English
speaking weekly paper.

The back of my house was once a hairdressing salon, and later an internet-call-phone-shop. I had a big neon sign doing no good towards the back of my house, facing a shopping center. The idea came to publicize the coming conference in neon lights!

Photo – Good friends Xavier, Fréréric and Gregor from the local radio station stop by.

Any type of happening like this is an excuse to publicize, also on the radio: I got 30 min of airtime with “Radio Campus” a local student’s radio to first explain what a “9/11 Truth Garage Sale” is, and also to explain who Prof David Ray Griffin is, and why it is important to come to the conference on April 15th!

This evening, the week-end sale now over, I still have quite a lot of clutter to get rid of, but I feel happy about what I’ve done: with every person, I was able to also present the higher purpose of the sale, and it was so much easier for me to part with my old, often emotionally loaded “things”, knowing it was for this good cause. Only once did I come across a person who expressed contempt at the idea of questioning the official story of 9/11. The man, giving himself out to be a carpenter, wanted to buy my 150 lbs ‘forgeron vise’ that I don’t even have attached to a bench for the moment. I made him understand that he was not the right buyer for such an emotionally laden object.

The “Second Look” theme is an eye-catcher; people do stop in front of my window for a second look, both at my second hand items, and at the 9/11 Truth theme with DRG upcoming conference. When I leave the shop, I leave the video going, showing Richard Gage’s film “9/11: BLUEPRINT FOR TRUTH: The Architecture of Destruction.” It usually takes about 10 minutes of this presentation to walk away with proof beyond reasonable doubt that we have been lied to: when you watch the full 2 hours of the movie, there is no way a sane mind can continue pretending the old Bush and New-York-Times doctrine about Sept 11th holds true.

Photo – Dr Beeth teaching “Kick-Board” behind his home-made diaper changing table for twins.

It is my deepest wish that our collective consciousness will soon be cleared from the psychological warfare clutter of “Al Qaeda, Bin Ladens, Al Zarqawis and other barbaric “Islamist Extremists”” who supposedly threaten our safety (Bush prolonged the “State of Emergency” for an additional year on Aug 28th 2008, saying the US still faced an imminent attack by some bogey-man): clearing this Bush Era(tic) Clutter allows us more joy, more creative energy, more trust in our neighbor, more basic trust in life, and in our society (which will ultimately lead to a better economy, btw).

We need to relearn to trust each other, talk to one another, and face the current situation with a mind that is not cluttered with old dogmas and lies.

Even if we do not get the demolished economy sorted out in the coming ten years, at least we’ll be able to freely express our thoughts (and barter!) with our neighbors. Life is a lot more enjoyable that way!

Dr Beeth in Belgium (Français) (Nederlands)

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