Amber Lyon Reveals CNN Lies and War Propaganda


A former CNN employee, Amber Lyon, Emmy Award winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, has recently come forward to expose the reality of propaganda being broadcast on networks like CNN. Propaganda and sensationalism are being used to push America into a war with Iran.

In the interview above, Amber Lyon talks at length about extensive propaganda being aired by CNN to manipulate American’s perceptions. The network where she was formerly employed has still not aired, nor given her any reason for not airing, a documentary about Bahrain she produced for the network.

The documentary in question, entitled Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark, includes footage of pro-democracy demonstrations that were repressed by regime authorities with tear gas and rubber bullets. After investigation she learned Bahrain was actually paying CNN to produce and air reportage favorable of the Bahraini government. The US has been selling arms to the Gulf state as well as Saudi Arabia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad both delivered two of the most controversial speeches at the latest session of the United Nations General Assembly. And while the Israeli’s speech was aired in full on CNN, the Iranian’s address has been ruthlessly cut and the viewers have missed some very important points. What are the ramifications of this kind of selective reporting?

This goes well beyond issues of Iran and Israel.

What other issues may CNN, and other networks, have censored or promoted?

RT’s Liz Wahl is joined by Amber Lyon.

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