Cooperative Research’s 9/11 Timeline and Others Significantly Updated

History Commons Projects, Update on April 2, 2008

Significant new material was added to three projects this week: 9/11, Loss of Civil Liberties, and Watergate.

The entries added to the 9/11 Timeline range from the 9/11 Commission and attempts to get it to come down in favor of an Iraq-al-Qaeda link, an al-Qaeda cell in Italy that was closely monitored by the authorities, and the 9/11 hijackers, who were profiled as high-risk potential banking clients due to their terrorism links. There is also more on BCCI, terrorism finance in general, and two CIA employees — bin Laden unit chief Rich B and contractor Billy Waugh. In addition, there is a new category dealing with internal US security after 9/11.
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The Loss of Civil Liberties Timeline takes a look at the recent passport file breaches of presidential candidates, as well as the Protect America and Military Commissions Acts, and constitutional amphibian Dick Cheney.
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There are a lot more entries in the Watergate Timeline covering the Committee to Re-elect the President, the Plumbers, and Nixon suggesting the IRS retaliate against Jews who donate money to the Democratic Party.
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The Decision to Invade Iraq Timeline has more about the invasion being a project to enhance US dominance of the world.
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Finally, the A. Q. Khan Timeline points out that Jimmy Carter gave Pakistan’s nuclear program the ‘green light.’
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Full list of timelines at Cooperative Research:
* Nixon, Ford, and Watergate
* A. Q. Khan’s Nuclear Network
* Water
* Loss of Civil Liberties Since 9/11
* Threats to Food Safety
* US Health Care System
* Global Warming
* Iraq Under US Occupation
* US Confrontation with Iran
* Genetic Engineering and the Privatization of Seeds
* The use of Islamist militants by American and Israeli militarists – The War in Afghanistan to September 11 and beyond
* Hurricane Katrina
* Investigation into the 2004 US Election
* US Military
* Environmental impact of 911 attacks
* The Bush administration’s environmental record
* Prisoner Abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and Elsewhere
* 2004 Ousting of Jean-Bertrand Aristide
* Complete 911 Timeline
* Inquiry into the Decision to Invade Iraq
* Neoliberalism and Globalization
* US International Relations
* History of US Interventions

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