Danish scientist: nano explosive material found in the dust from the World Trade Center


3. April 2009
By Thomas Hoffman
English (rough) translation via google translate

World Trade Center crashed perhaps gravel because someone had placed combustible nano materials in the buildings, and not because the two aircraft were throbbing in them. Analysis of the dust after the WTC has just published a scientific article, including Neils Harrit, a Danish chemist.

Editor’s Note:
Following is an April 3 article by Thomas Hoffman published in Danish (reprinted here in English via google translate) at Videnskab.dk regarding the “Active Thermitic Material Discovered” paper published last week. One of the article’s nine authors is Niels Harrit, Associate Professor of Chemistry Institute of the University of Copenhagen. After the initial article is an interview with Professor Harrit.


Photo of WTC collapse

Photo: Asbestos and glass flew around New York streets when the Twin Towers collapsed after the attack on the World Trade Center 11 September 2001. Now it appears that these materials had company in the dust of højenergetisk material which might have melted the supporting structure of the Twin Towers. (Photo: Federal Emergency Management Agency)

It was apparently not only office equipment, walls and ceilings, which were pulverized and spread over large parts of Manhattan as the World Trade Center in 2001 was hit by two aircraft during a violent terrorist attacks against the United States.

The dust contained, according to a scientific article also traces of well-nanothermit – a custom-made material with so much energy that it can develop tremendous heat and be decidedly explosive (see box at the bottom of the article).

The chemical reaction forms the liquid metal, with temperatures around 2500 degrees Celsius may have melted the steel beams that were the core of the towers of the World Trade Center.

‘Explosives into the World Trade Center’

The active nanothermit – also called superthermit – found by an international group through careful analysis of four different dust samples that were grouped together in Manhattan in New York in hours and days after the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001.

The spectacular performance has just published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal – a peer-reviewed journal that is freely available online. Peer review means that the analysis and findings in the article has been reviewed and endorsed by professional practitioners.

One of nine authors of the article is Niels Harrit, Associate Professor of Chemistry Institute of the University of Copenhagen.

“This is a purely technical breakthrough. This is the first time ever showing at the highest scientific level, that there were explosives in the World Trade Center, “said Niels Harrit to videnskab.dk.

Controlled demolition

According to Niels Harrit matches found for recordings from 11 September of liquid metal flowing out of the towers just before they collapse. And it explains why many weeks later, still lakes of molten iron in the rubble of the towers.

While the discovery offers a logical explanation of why the 400-meter high towers could overthrow vertically with a speed close to free fall, although they usually held up by solid steel structures that were built to withstand such. kolliderende fly . conflicting aircraft.

“Observations indicate that there is one other used nanothermit, and results from our analysis is entirely consistent with the fact that it was a controlled demolition of the towers,” said Niels Harrit, adding that the explosive-like mixture may have been planted in the buildings.

‘thermites can not come from the two planes. Nanothermit be like other explosives placed extremely close to the main beams, while the detonation can be controlled electronically, “says the Niels Harrit.

Photo: The group of authors have found such characteristic red / gray pieces ( ‘chips’) in all four dust samples were collected in New York immediately after the terrorist attacks 11 September. The red layers contain carbon, oxygen, aluminum, silicon and iron in a proportion according to the authors fit nanothermit. Splinter are magnetic. (Photo: Niels Harrit)

Traces of many tonnes of thermites

The most official study of the attack on the towers 11 September has not analyzed the ruins or dust for thermites, or traces of explosives.

National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded in its report that the molten metal include aluminum from the two planes and that there is not reason to believe that there was any kind of explosives or similar in the two towers.

The authors are really another. In the scientific article telling that a dust sample from which all visible pieces of glass and concrete stored at 0.1% nanothermite. The authors point out that a number of samples before they can provide figures on the total content of dust from the World Trade Center – but, according to Niels Harrit it appears that many tonnes of unreacted thermites “have been spread around in New York streets and apartments after the two towers collapse.

Good to destroy stock

Within the Danish military has a thorough knowledge of normal thermites. Head of explosive ordnance disposal service, Michael Krogh, calling it “a bit of a relic of the Cold War. He says that thermites are good – and is being used – to destroy the stock before it falls into enemy hands.

Michael Krogh unaware nano version, but he may just well imagine that it could be used to tear the building down.

Photo: When ordinary thermites are roasted by forming microscopic balls of iron (picture left). The same kind of bullets were found in large quantity in all samples of dust from the World Trade Center (right). Combined with the discovery of red / gray splinters of the dust getting Niels Harrit to conclude that there “is an indispensable proof” that the thermites were used to demolish WTC down. (Photos: The Open Chemical Physics Journal)


When ordinary thermites are roasted by forming microscopic balls of iron (picture left). The same kind of bullets were found in large quantity in all samples of dust from the World Trade Center (right). Combined with the discovery of red / gray splinters of the dust getting Niels Harrit to conclude that there “is an indispensable proof” that the thermites were used to demolish WTC down. (Photos: The Open Chemical Physics Journal)

‘Thermites easily burn through steel and concrete with a few thousand degree temperature. The difficult thing is to get it to burn horizontally, as it is gravity that controls movement. But if you can get it to burn down through the inclined, you could probably get jerndragere to slip and thus destroy the structure,” assesses Michael Krogh.

‘So we could get a little momentum in the building so that it moves a little in the way the Twin Towers collapsed on. Once a revival in some design elements, so it just continues to collapse. I could imagine it could be something,” says the Krogh Michael – he is before he becomes aware that the conversation is about just the Twin Towers and 11 September.

Michael Krogh adds that it is so extensive a project that we usually use small household shipments of explosives ready to put the process in motion.

Hard to keep secret

Terror Researcher Martin Harrow interest among others for the technical part of the terrorist acts. He says that terrorist attacks almost always performed with explosives of very poor quality “and that it is usually either homemade or cheap and commercially. Advanced explosives are difficult to obtain, is very expensive and are usually only used in the mines or the military. Therefore, he is skeptical because he has described nanothermite and told that it should be used in connection with 9/11.


Nanothermite described in the articles online, including Entrepreneur.com and Wikipedia.

It is also mentioned in an article in Physorg.com about a possible new cancer treatment, invented by researchers in cooperation with the U.S. military.

“We expose themselves enormously much when doing things like this. When you consider how much an organization is doing to keep such a secret operation in advance, it becomes only more difficult if we are talking advanced explosives, “notes Martin Harrow.

After he has thought through the consequences suffered, he continues:

“When you think about the previous attacks by al-Qaeda, it sounds strange that they suddenly had to use many tonnes of sophisticated explosives. If one alternative is envisaged that an intelligence had to take the risk of being detected, while the smuggling hundreds of tonnes of explosives into … No, it sounds strange in every way possible, “said Martin Harrow, PhD student at the Danish Institute for International Studies.

‘Can be normal dust ‘

Videnskab.dk tried to check the content of the article from independent researchers working in nanotechnology. Professor of inorganic chemistry from Jens Ulstrup Technical University of Denmark (DTU) know like the other sources not nanothermite, but he has skim through the article and determines that tests are made on the basis of ‘very useful’ tests in accordance with current standards.

Similarly, his colleague at DTU, professor of microscopic Andy Horse Well. After a quick perusal doubt Andy Horse Well in return, that the article shows nanothermite in the dust.

‘The authors show a content of ordinary minerals like aluminum and iron, which is not surprising in dust from a building fire. I would not be surprised if the measured chemical compositions came from any burnt, but I could be wrong, for I must stress that I do not know anything about either thermites or nanothermite, “says Andy Horse Well, who is co-editor of the prestigious journal Materials Science and Technology.

Andy Horse Well adds that he is not wise to thermites to read the article because it did not elaborate on the measurements or have independent international experts to address the issue.

Known skeptics

Niels Harrit and eight co-known as critics of the official reports about what caused the two towers and the more unknown building 7 next to collapse after the attack 11 September. Niels Harrit believes it can make the criticism of the article’s conclusions is worse than usual.

‘The critics of course will use against us. If you can not play ball, you attack the man. But we’ve made a criminal technical investigation on a scientific level, and the results may serve as technical evidence, if and when there will be a trial, “said Niels Harrit.

“We have found nanothermites and if they are not used to tear down the towers, may ever be able to tell why and how they have ended up there,” he said.

Videnskab.dk have spoken to a number of sources in English professional demolition companies, English Fire and Security Technical Institute, National Building Research Institute and Force Technology, a technological material producer – but nobody knows nanothermite. Force states that typically use thermites to weld railway tracks, but no bids on why it should be found in a building.

Links (Please see original article for links)

The article ‘Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9 / 11 World Trade Center Catastrophe’ doi: 10.2174/1874412500902010007

Co-author Steve Jones of liquid metal in the towers

FAQ from the official report on the tower attack 11 September, including tendered as to why we see liquid metal and have not studied for thermites in the towers

Official report on the events up to and after the terrorist attack (9-11 Commission)

Critical conspiracy site on thermites in the two towers

Niels Harrit profile (KU)

Martin Harrows profile (DIIS)

Jens Ulstrup profile (DTU)

Andy Wells Horse profile (DTU)


Thermites and Nanothermite

Photo: So-called XEDS analysis of the chemical content in tiny iron balls from the dust of the World Trade Center (top) compared with the chemical content of the iron balls from thermites (bottom). (Illustrations: The Open Chemical Physics Journal)


(Descriptions of the two substances are made with help from The Royal Library / Copenhagen University.)

thermites are mixtures of substances, typically aluminum and metal oxides as iron oxide. When it ignited, develops it’s extremely hot.

Nanothermite also called superthermite consists in principle of the same substances, but most writers are talking about a mixture of aluminum and potassium permanganate. The technical term for nanothermite in English ‘meta stable intermolecular composites. It may, in gel form painted or deleted on a structure like beams.

In nanothermite particles are very small, at the longest part of the micro scale, the smallest nano-scale. The smaller particles of a gram of substance, the greater the surface, and the faster it reacts and releases on the way even more intense heat. According to information from the Royal Library / Copenhagen University nanothermite has yet no specific practical applications, but are constructed and studied in order to understand the reaction better. Researchers collaborate even with the U.S. military to use nanothermite in the fight against cancer.

The analysis of the scientific article in question is made by means of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-ray mission called the X-ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (XEDS). They reveal that splinter of developing a larger quantity of heat than conventional explosives.

Photo: Janette MacKinlay lived in 2001 against the World Trade Center. Her windows were blown in, when the first tower fell, and her apartment was filled with dust. She saved some of it in a bag so she could use it in a work of art.

The authors emphasize that they can not determine exactly what kind nanothermite they are talking about before having done several tests – but stresses that there are found traces of precisely the same red fragments in all four dust samples.

The red part of the splinter contain carbon, oxygen, aluminum, silicon and iron, while the gray only contains iron and oxygen. Splinter are magnetic.

The four dust samples were collected from the streets and apartments in Manhattan from ten minutes after the second tower fell, and up to a week later when a resident collected a bag full when she was allowed to return to his home near the World Trade Center.

Niels Harrit: Scientific evidence of ancient knowledge of 9/11
3. April 2009
English (rough) translation via google translate

It is no surprise to the Danish chemist Niels Harrit that the dust from the World Trade Center appears to contain traces of explosives similar nanothermit. The official explanation for the tower’s collapse has never given any meaning, he said.

By Thomas Hoffman

It was almost unreal to follow the two towers of the World Trade Center collapse following the terrorist attack on U.S. 11 September 2001.

And it is probably not entirely wrong to assume that many will experience the same kind of feeling of disbelief when they read about the conclusions of a scientific article, which has just been published in the open access journal The Open Chemical Physics Journal.

The authors analyzed the dust that was collected in New York immediately after the terrorist attack and believe to have been actively nanothermite; a similar explosive mixture that may have fused the two twin towers inside, so they collapsed after being torpedoed by two aircraft.

Videnskab.dk has asked the Danish co-lecturer Niels Harrit from Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, tell a little more about the work on the article.

How I came to look for nanothermite in the dust from the World Trade Center?

“It was Steve Jones, one of the other writers who thought that there might be answers to some questions in the dust. As a scientist, there is a material that you look at, in this case the dust, and there we found the red ‘chips’. Then looks around and asks what we’re similar. If it was botany, would perhaps count petalled and conclude that the flower you have to do. We have analyzed us forward to the nanothermite. There are two basic disciplines for an experimental chemist like me: to produce and identify. All this to find out what a substance is, it is clean everyday work. ”

Explosives or EJ?

Nanothermite can be designed so that it can be used for welding machines, rocket fuel or explosives, operating by means of pressure.

The authors do not yet know exactly what kind nanothermite they’ve found the World Trade Center dust.

But according to Niels Harrit contains at least as much energy as conventional explosives, and therefore they can just popular well known as explosives, he said.

How can I be sure that I have found nanothermite?

“We have among other things, used a method called XEDS where courts an electron beam at a specific location right down into the nano-size. This puts the motion in the atoms, which corresponds back by sending out X-rays that are specific to individual elements. We have compared the red chips with conventional thermites and has found a fingerprint sign that it is the same. While ignite by 430 degrees. How low ignition identifies it as nanothermite.

Do you think nanothermite alone could have melted steel in the World Trade Center?

But thermites are many different things, and I can not come up with something definitive answer because we do not know exactly what kind we have. But I’d love to hear from people who work with something for everyday, ”

I think that it is proven that the towers actually collapsed due to not sink oaths using aircraft, but rather due to factors from within the buildings?

“It has long proven that the towers collapsed not because of the air if we define proof as the best explanation we have.A controlled demolition fits all observations, and there is no credible alternative explanations for the tower’s collapse. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, which accounted for the largest official investigation into September 11, Ed.) Have not explained collapsed. This is just the first proof which will be published in a scientific journal. ”

It seems unlikely to me, as outsiders, to a melting means that thermites would produce completely vertical and sudden collapse are as one would see?

“I imagine that the fast-acting thermites have destroyed the steel, but it was eventually used conventional explosives to get the buildings down.Bear in mind that these towers are three times higher than any other building that is torn down in history.”

Why have I not found traces of several types of explosives?

‘The question is closer, so we even find something resembling explosives and why it is active. The residues of nanothermite can be seen directly in a microscope, but we have not looked for chemical traces of conventional explosives.It NIST nor indeed.”

We have not been able to find English sources, with sense of nanothermite. The lack of knowledge could be a sign that it will not be used on a large scale. Can you understand if it seems unlikely that it would be used 11 September?

“The problem with this is to describe something that not very many know, the typical military research. Although the technology probably dates back to around 1990 and there have been articles published about it, it’s a corner of nanotechnology, as there is no reason to move into if you are not just dealing with explosives.And those who do, is obviously not with nanotechnology. ”

Niels Harrit has long been declared and committed skeptic to the conclusions of the official reports of 11 September. He still wonders about the fact that he “apparently is the only Dane who has read the reports’ from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. (Photo: University of Copenhagen)



If you’ve read up to its military research, does this mean that the military was involved in the attack 11 September?

“The only conspiracy that I am for the official theory that Al Qaeda was behind the attack. Now I can appropriately ask: What do you think?

The article is published by the so-called open source – in a magazine which is free. Why?

‘First, it must be readable by ordinary people without the need of the library or pay for it. The second is the kodyl-long with 33 illustrations, and it would react to other journals. We have chosen The Open Chemical Physics Journal, because they previously said yes to the extent when we asked them by email mail. Finally, we retain copyright on all the illustrations, so I for example, I can give them to you without any problems.”

A general discussion is whether the open source offering proper peer review of articles, so if the facts are checked well enough.What have I done to you thinking about it?

‘This article here is – pardon the expression – has been checked in the head and ass, and was delayed for three months because a’ referee ‘came with 14 pages of criticism and proposals for experiments that we should do, and things like that takes time. So everything has been checked thoroughly. ”

You have mentioned that the results can be used in a trial. Have you even thought to do more in this regard?

We collect and analyze data, and there are plenty of interesting research to create the future. It could be, among other things, analysis of the gaseous reaction products, and it would be to examine more precisely how iron is bound in the material. The small particles are built up from below synthetically in a network, and an analysis could help to characterize the material and find out how explosive it is. It is enormously exciting and interesting and very instructive for us. Then others take care of the consequences. ”

LINKS (Please see original for these)

The article ‘Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe’ doi: 10.2174/1874412500902010007

FAQ from the latest official report on the tower attack 11 September, including about why you have not studied for thermites in the towers

Official report on the events up to and after the terrorist attack (9-11 Commission)

Niels Harrit profile (KU)

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