Emergency Anti-War Convention, Philadelphia, July 4th — Call to All Activists


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The Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention Activist, Groups Across America to Meet in Philadelphia July 4th

This Independence Day activist groups from the across the nation will unite in Philadelphia to develop strategies and unified action to end the war and restore true American democracy

The Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention (PEAC) will create a new alignment of progressive movements including: peace, impeachment, civil liberties, veterans, 9/11 truth, and others will form a united front with the intent of rescuing the current imperiled state of the union.

This gathering is the answer to a malfeasant administration and an irresponsive Democratic Party who have jointly failed to enact the demands of those whom they represent.

This new alliance, forged in response to the false promises of the elected leadership, will restore power to the fourth estate and to the constitutional republic for which we stand.

Speakers include: David Lindorff award-winning journalist for over three decades, contributor to The Nation, Salon, and Business Week; co-author, The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office, and Webster Griffin Tarpley, historian, investigative journalist, and author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror.

Schedule: The event will begin at 12:00 pm with a press conference by the Anti-War Coalition for Truth at the Independence Visitor Center located at One North Independence Mall West, 6th and Market Streets. The convention will begin promptly thereafter at 1:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm.

Endorsed by: Philadelphia World Can’t Wait, Delaware Valley Veterans for America, Temple University Anti-War, Northeast 9/11 Truth, Green Party of Vermont, Peace Action-Delaware Valley, Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network, Green Party PA, Bring Revolution, Students for a Democratic Society- Delaware Valley, Peace Action-Delaware Valley, MUJCA-NET (Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth), Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network, Socialist Party USA, Greens at Minnesota, Green Party Pennsylvania, 911Truth.org


Cindy Sheehan, peace activist and anti-war leader, gave a call to all citizens to

“…join us in Philadelphia on July 4th to try and figure a way out of this ‘two’ party system that is bought and paid for by the war machine which has a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. As for myself, I am leaving the Democratic Party. You have completely failed those who put you in power to change the direction our country is heading. We do not condone our government’s violent meddling in sovereign countries and we condemn the continued murderous occupation of Iraq.”

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Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention


In response to the betrayal of the antiwar cause by Congress,
Cindy Sheehan gave a call to all citizens to

“…join us in Philadelphia on July 4th to try and figure a way out of this ‘two’ party system that is bought and paid for by the war machine which has a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. As for myself, I am leaving the Democratic Party. You have completely failed those who put you in power to change the direction our country is heading. We do not condone our government’s violent meddling in sovereign countries and we condemn the continued murderous occupation of Iraq.”

“We gave you a chance; you betrayed us.”

“I am an advocate for a new investigation, that’s for sure. Everywhere I go, my audiences are filled with 9/11 truth people, and I really honor your commitment to finding the truth.”

We join together in Philadelphia on the 4th of July in the spirit of ’76 to confront a tyranny that has taken over this nation and threatens the future of civilization, as well as life on the planet.

We face a dire reality. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue with no end in sight. A nuclear strike on Iran may occur at any moment, based on a “false flag” terrorist attack to be blamed on Iran, as noted by Brzezinski and others. The neoconservative mania of the White House breeds war and hatred abroad. Secret prisons and torture have become routine. Peace will not come to Israel, Palestine or Iraq without embracing the principle that “all men are created equal.” An intimidated Congress continues to abdicate its obligations in violation of the same Constitution our soldiers die to defend.

We can no longer accept this reality. We must change it.

This historical moment demands that we bring together diverse movements from the antiwar, peace and social justice, impeachment, 9/11 truth, civil liberties, human rights, veterans and religious communities, along with concerned citizens across America, to act strategically as a United Front to deal with this crisis. Together, we pledge to respect each group’s independence, while recognizing each other’s contribution and greater potential in a common goal to stop the war.


The unique vision of the Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention is to unite activist communities throughout the United States on the basis of Cindy Sheehan’s call for new and more progressive approaches to peace. In her absence, we must continue her struggle for impeachment and her support for a new investigation of September 11–the foundational event used to manipulate the public into supporting a bogus “war on terror,” presidential dictatorship and a global military agenda.

According to Michel Chossudovsky, author of America’s ‘War on Terrorism,’ “revealing the lies behind 9/11 would undermine the legitimacy of the ‘global war on terrorism,’ the main justification for waging war in the Middle East. “Without 9/11, the war criminals in high office do not have a leg to stand on. Their entire National Security construct collapses like a deck of cards.”

White House, Congressional and media justification for war stop here.


Events begin at 1:00 PM on July 4th

There will be a press conference at 12:15 PM

Opening Remarks: Introduction and ground rules for this event. We want to establish a context for our interaction aimed at developing trust and cooperation. We want to bridge differences, while at the same time recognizing the individual character and strengths of our coalition participants.

Presentations: We want to hear each other! A 10-minute window for leaders from various groups aimed at introducing your work, present and future plans, and your suggestions towards a greater strategy will be provided. Please provide some bullet points of your strategic plans and how you want our movement to evolve.

Strategy Deliberations: We want to discuss various options that we have towards defining a plan of action that recognizes our various strengths and resolves our weaknesses. (We would not be having this meeting if we had stopped the war.)

We will conduct our deliberations and debate with the possibility of using break-out groups and other strategies to better caucus and define our positions, with the goal of strengthening communication and trust among ourselves.

Keynote Panel and Speakers: 7:30 PM — to be followed by the signing of Our Declaration of Truth, Peace & Justice- July 4th, 2007

Panelists so far include-

Webster Griffin Tarpley historian, investigative journalist, expert on international false-flag terrorism; author, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, now in its 4 th edition, and amazon.com bestseller on the subject.

David Lindorff award-winning journalist for over three decades, contributor to The Nation, Salon, and Business Week; co-author, The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office

Register: Describe your organization, and number attending, brmas@earthlink.net. We need to know who is coming ASAP.

Sponsors: Peace Action-Delaware Valley, Ad hoc committee for (PEAC)-Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Conference

ENDORSERS: Peace Action-Delaware Valley, Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network, World Can’t Wait, Delaware Valley Veterans for America, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Restore the Republic, Northeast 9/11 Truth, Green Party of Vermont, America: Freedom to Fascism, MUJCA (Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance), Socialist Party USA, 911Truth.org, … more to come

Bruce Marshall
email: brmas@earthlink.net
Phone: 802-767-6079

Paul Deslaurier
e-mail: paulnrg@aol.com
Phone: 413 232 7888

Phyllis Gilbert
Phone: 215 732 9349

(A Draft)

Our nation is in crisis. Our Constitution has been shredded. The peace movement has run aground, and impeachment is “off the table.” The war machine continues to trample the will of the people and crush any opposition in its murderous drive toward global domination.

The Democratic Party has betrayed its mandate to end the Iraq War and bring the troops home, exposing the two-party system for the elite corporate tool it is.

We no longer have a free press. Our major media are owned and controlled by the same few corporations that manufacture arms and feed off billion-dollar contracts handed to them by Bush appointees.

Where are the checks and balances?

Where is Government by the People?

Where is the public outrage?

It’s time to demand truth and accountability from our elected representatives. It’s time to insist that they answer to the people, not corporate lobbyists or well-funded ideological fanatics.

It’s time to eliminate election fraud and ensure that the sanctity of the voting process is never again compromised.

It’s time to bring our troops home and stop funding pre-emptive wars of aggression.

It’s time to support our soldier’s rights when refusing to obey unlawful orders.

It’s time to resist the curtailment of our civil liberties based on color-coded fear, and to reclaim the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

It’s time to impeach the President and Vice President, based on overwhelming evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors.

It’s time to challenge the official account of 9/11 as scientifically and logically implausible, and to demand a new, fully independent investigation of the foundational event for the war on terror, that if exposed, would awaken Americans out of a collective trance of complacency and fear.

It’s time to examine the historical, political, social, and psychological roots of September 11–and all false flag terrorism–repeatedly invoked to justify an endless war on terror and virtual dictatorship by the Executive Branch.

We call on all activists and concerned citizens across America to come to Philadelphia on July 4 th and present a United Front to reclaim our Government.

We will send a message that will once again crack the Liberty Bell as it resonates across America, in the spirit of freedom, with truth, peace and justice as our honorable goals. We will launch a campaign to stop these wars at their source. And we will prevail.

This is the time for action, not apathy; for union, not division.

This is the start of the Second American Revolution–a new beginning for hope on the planet.



To The American Patriot Community,

This July 4th, Providence once again provides us with Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, for all free and independent souls to come together as the patriots once did in 1776, and as we are doing now in 2007, to say no to tyranny as we must and shall do, for the situation is dire, we must restore the Constitution, free our nation and the world from the evil specter of a cartel that is destroying the cause of human dignity, liberty, civilization and life
on the planet.

The Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention is our opportunity, to “join or die” in a movement greater than its multifaceted constituents. We shall defend and employ those first principles of this country, to stop the wars of empire, that are enslaving citizen and soldier alike, and subjugating the planet to perpetual war.

Ours is a nonviolent movement in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. that shall overcome. The antiwar majority on the left and right have had enough. Cindy Sheehan who first made this call for all those who want to go beyond this ‘two party system, bought and paid for by the war machine, must come together. The war has not stopped and totalitarianism advances, this is our common crisis. America is almost all divided and conquered, but we join in a “United Front” that is already ringing the liberty bell once again.

Ring the bell by going to the http://actindependent.org website. Listen to our radio spot where Cindy Sheehan gives the 9/11 truth movement a kiss of thanks, and we declare the Second American Revolution, but only if you spread the word.

Thank You,

Bruce Marshall
Co-Coordinator of the Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention


A Call to All Patriots
Written by Samuel Anthony Ettaro
Saturday, 30 June 2007

Dear Patriots,

I come to you today in the spirit of verve, passion and quest for expansion of our resolve. It is my sincere hope that you will read the very important message below, a personal message to the ‘patriot community’ from one of the organizers of the July 4th Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention.

By now many of you have heard about the gathering of ‘peace groups’ in Philadelphia on the 4th of July to plan a course of direct action against our out of control government. Like many of you, I too was skeptical about getting directly involved with this movement due to a perception that many actions taken by the “left” or the “peace movement” are overall mostly symbolic and ineffective.

But we face a powerful and omnipresent foe, my friends and to root out the evil that has seized this country we must build bridges and coalitions beyond our immediate communities in order to bring about the change that is necessary. I joined the national conference call of this event’s organizers the other day and I come to tell you today that I believe that this new crop of leadership that is putting on this event means business. I like what I’m hearing and reading and I do believe that they mean what they’re saying in their radio ads if you heard them already playing on such great patriot radio networks such as WTPRN. Because I believe in change, because I believe that we have reached a point of critical mass and because sometimes necessity breeds strange bedfellows, it is my contention that we must set aside previous perceptions and be willing to set aside policy and philosophical differences that may have kept our fact ions separated in regards to our direct actions against the enemies of freedom.

Today I am asking members of Restore the Republic and AFTF and patriots everywhere to explore what these groups are saying and accept their offer to lock arms with us in creating a greater unity of purpose. That purpose is to stop the destruction of this great country and restore it to the rule of law through regaining control and citizen oversight of our governmental leaders and ending once and for all the grip of corporate fascism that is using our great nation as an instrument of death, war and enslavement the likes of which the world has never seen.

We wish to be free. We resolve to take back our country. We the people, will not succumb to fear mongering and a domestic police state. We will not allow the microchipping and 24/7 surveillance of our citizens. We will restore this great republic and to do so, we need allies for we are at war. In a time of war, one needs friends. I personally may not agree with everyone in any movement that I join and always must look at getting past surface-level semantics in order to build something greater. This takes focusing on the common ground that my proposed brothers and sisters and I share. I suggest to you today that our communities must get together, lock arms and strike a resounding toll for freedom and crush the forces of darkness and tyranny once and for all.

Gary Franchi is unavailable and on personal business this weekend, however, we’ve discussed this at length and are excited to lend the voice and resources of RTR and AFTF to this effort and explore our options with some willing new friends.

Please join me personally in Philadelphia this 4th of July as I travel to this historic ground and listen, learn, offer input and work with my new friends, sharing resources and information, education and inspiration and set aside difference in order to focus on the job at hand. Winning this war and restoring this republic.


Samuel Anthony Ettaro
National Media Director

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