FBI Responds to petition to consider forensic evidence from AE911Truth

In November, 2008, Gators911Truth sent a letter to FBI Director, Robert S.
Mueller, III asking the DOJ to consider the forensic evidence of controlled demolition as presented by Architect, Richard Gage – founder of AE911Truth.org.
The evidence is presented in Gage’s 2008 DVD lecture titled: “911: BLUEPRINT
FOR TRUTH. The Architecture of Destruction”.

The letter was sent under the provisions of TITLE18 USC § 2382, Misprision
of Treason and/or 18 USC § 4 , Misprision of Felony. We received a response
today from the Asst. Dir. of Counterterrorism, Michael J. Heimbach.

That response is here:

Michael Heimbach Response letter to contacting Mueller 12-22-2008

Original link: http://www.gators911truth.org/PDF/FBI-Response.pdf

The November letter to Mueller is here:

911 Evidence Letter sent to FBI Director Robert Mueller 11-7-2008

Original link:  http://www.gators911truth.org/PDF/911-letter-HWS-Mueller.PDF