Former CIA Officer Robert Steele Reviews Tarpley’s ‘Synthetic Terror’


Among Hundreds of Books, The Strongest Approach to Truth

October 7, 2006
Reviewer: Robert D. Steele (Oakton, VA United States)

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Cover image of Synthetic Terror It is with great sadness that I conclude that this book is the strongest of the 770+ books I have reviewed here at Amazon, almost all non-fiction. I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war (see my review of Jim Bamford’s “Pretext for War”), and I am forced to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others of a neo-conservative neo-Nazi coup d’etat and kick-off of the clash of civilizations (see my review of “Crossing the Rubicon” as well as “State of Denial”). Most fascinatingly, the author links Samuel Huntington, author of “Clash of Civilizations” with Leo Strauss, the connecting rod between Nazi fascists and the neo-cons.

This is, without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism, and also the reference that most pointedly suggests that select rogue elements within the US Government, most likely led by Dick Cheney with the assistance of George Tenet, Buzzy Kronguard, and others close to the Wall Street gangs, are the most guilty of state-sponsored terrorism.

The author draws on historical examples of US fabrication of threats (e.g. the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor) and many others (Jim Bamford publicized Operation Northwoods). It is an undeniable fact that the U.S. Government has been willing to kill its own citizens and fabricate attacks as part of moving the public.

The author suggests that there is no conclusive evidence that 9/11 was of foreign origin, and to the contrary, quite a bit of evidence that the hijackers had been trained at US military bases, protected by the CIA and FBI, and that the end result of their actions–including controlled flying into buildings and controlled demolitions bringing down three towers, one of which was not hit at all, all suggest a US-based conspiracy.

The author is compelling in his review of the conflicts of interest for each of the 9/11 Commissioners and key staff; he is conclusive in his damnation of their performance and their refusal to be tough with NORAD, the FAA, and many other Executive organizations that refused to cooperate; and he is conclusive on his suggestion that all actual evidence points to the Pentagon being hit by a missile rather than an airplane.

The author is especially compelling in condemning Rudy Guilliani as part of the conspiracy, and as the “bud” of the extreme right charged with cleaning up the crime scene. Instead of making the area off-limits, Gulliani moved aggressively to “scoop and dump” to the point that firefighters rioted.

I sit here, a 54-year old, liberally educated, two graduate degrees, war college, a life overseas, 150 IQ or so, the number #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, a former Marine Corps infantry officer, a former CIA clandestine case officer, founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, and I have to tell anyone who cares to read this: I believe it. I believe it enough to want a full investigation that passes the smell test of the 9/11 families as well as objective outside observers. I believe it sufficient to indict Dick Cheney and other neo-cons. Sadly, the Executive is now in the service of corporations that benefit from high crimes and misdemeanors, rather than in the service of the American people who suffer great ill from these terrible mis-deeds.

My bottom line: justice has NOT been done, and this book, together with Crossing the Rubicon, is a major reason why I believe that eventually, Dick Cheney and others will be brought to justice. The people now have a digital memory and collective intelligence. Bin Laden Dead or Alive? Mission Accomplished? Civil liberties at home, democracy abroad? Just who are we kidding? More to the point, who are we betraying if not ourselves?

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Press Release from Progressive Press

Amazon’s #1 Non-fiction Reviewer says Tarpley’s 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA is “strongest of the 770+ books I have reviewed”

Reviewer, a former spy and founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Command, is convinced by Progressive Press offering that 9/11 was a “US-based conspiracy”

Washington DC (PRWEB) October 18, 2006 — Progressive Press announced that its 9/11 Synthetic Terror has just been cited as the best non-fiction book ever by Amazon’s top non-fiction book reviewer, intelligence professional Robert Steele, in a 5-star review at .

Progressive specializes in books that contend 9/11 was an “inside job.” Publisher John Leonard says “it’s a coup to have Steele with us on this. Here you have a level-headed, respected insider, lifelong Republican, veteran spy, and he’s breaking the taboos. It’s a great tribute and a vindication of the work we put into 9/11 Synthetic Terror .”

Steele’s statement that 9/11 was a “US-based conspiracy” may be a first coming from a senior US intelligence community figure. He came to this conclusion “with great sadness” after reading 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA , which he praises as “without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism.”

A unique feature of 9/11 Synthetic Terror is that Tarpley does not blame an entire government or agency. His “rogue network” model features small numbers of moles infesting critical nodes in key institutions like the CIA and mass media.

Steele also believes the CIA’s mission has been subverted by the follies of the covert operations branches, for example, the fake evidence for a war on Iraq. He says the majority of CIA and military officers are honest; it’s the system that is corrupt.

When Steele is not reading hundreds of non-fiction books, he’s busy trying to put some intelligence back into the intelligence business. His website, , advocates open source information sharing for peacekeeping.

According to Steele’s biography on Wikipedia, , he “is a former Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years and was the second-ranking civilian (GS-14) in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence from 1988-1992. Steele is a former clandestine services case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency.”

In his review of 9/11 Synthetic Terror entitled “Among Hundreds of Books, The Strongest Approach to Truth,” Steele notes, “Most fascinatingly, the author links Samuel Huntington, author of Clash of Civilizations , with Leo Strauss, the connecting rod between Nazi fascists and the neo-cons.”

Tarpley was a Fulbright scholar in Italy, where he exposed the Red Brigades as a countergang run by NATO intelligence to defeat Eurocommunism. In 1991 he broke the story of the Bush dynasty’s deep involvement in financing Nazism with George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography , republished by Progressive Press. See also his bio at

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Editor’s Note:
Among the hundreds of books written about 9/11, and scores of books actually exploring 9/11 truth, there are a few that stand above the rest. Given the following review, especially in light of this reviewer’s bio, Webster Tarpley’s latest, “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA,” should be considered one of these. Read Chapter IX, “Angel is Next: The Invisible Government Speaks” online here. Tarpley’s weekly radio show can be heard at World Crisis Radio.

Steele Bio from wikipedia: Robert David Steele Vivas (b. July 16, 1952 New York City), is a former Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years and was the second-ranking civilian (GS-14) in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence from 1988-1992. Steele is a former clandestine services case officer Central Intelligence Agency. He is the founder and CEO of OSS.Net, Inc. as well as the Golden Candle Society. Steele also was a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Marine Corps University in the mid-1990’s.


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