“Fraud and Apocalypse” Presentation by Richard Behan


Professor Richard Behan to Discuss His New Book
Fraud and Apocalypse

For this year’s 9/11 anniversary presentation, Colorado 9/11 Truth is pleased to present Richard Behan, author of the upcoming book, Fraud and Apocalypse: The Backstory of George Bush’s Global War on Terrorism, to be published by Ryan Grim’s Strong Arm Press.

The presentation will be a Zoom conference in the form of a conversational interview conducted by David Chandler. There will also be opportunities for Q & A.

Much of our focus has been on the physical evidence at the World Trade Center that proves 9/11 was an orchestrated event that took high level planning and preparation. Richard Behan’s work comes from a different angle.  He gives us a peek behind the curtain in the months leading up to 9/11.

To get the most out of this conference and to be able to ask more informed questions, please view Dr. Behan’s PowerPoint, a detailed outline of his book here.

You can also see a summary of his upcoming book in the article, “The Fraudulent War.”


  • Did you know that when George W. Bush entered office, he had a standing offer from the Taliban to arrest, extradite, or assassinate Osama bin Laden based on his prior embassy bombings and the Cole bombing? (Neither did we!)
  • This offer was turned down by the Bush administration four times in the months leading up to 9/11 and one more time after 9/11. 

Richard Behan’s research is entirely based on publicly available documents.  Without the backstory we don’t have the full story.

BIO: Richard Behan earned his PhD at UC Berkeley and was a professor of public policy at Northern Arizona University and the University of Montana. He is the author of Plundered Promise: Capitalism, Politics, and the Fate of the Federal Lands (Island Press, 2001). In retirement, and enraged at the Bush Administration’s “War on Terrorism,” he authored 60 anti-war essays for the websites Common Dreams, Alternet, CounterPunch, AfterDowning Street, American Herald Tribune, Op Ed News, and several others. Participating in Code Pink’s “People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War” in 2016, he was encouraged to summarize his work in book form.  In 2020 he finished the manuscript of Fraud and Apocalypse.

This Zoom discussion with Dr. Behan will be hosted by Colorado 9/11 Truth and moderated by David Chandler of Scientists for 9/11 Truth (dot) com and 911Speakout.org.

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Fran Shure

Introduction to the serial essay “Why Do Good People Become Silent — or Worse — About 9/11?” by Frances Shure

Most of us were traumatized by watching the events of 9/11 — by watching the horrifying destruction of the Twin Towers, knowing there were thousands of our fellow human beings being killed in that moment, only to be followed by a commercial airliner crashing into the Pentagon. And a few days later, as though delivering a one-two punch, anthrax powder was sent in the mail to select journalists and congresspersons. Our world was being turned upside down. America was not the safe haven we had believed.

Some of us were again deeply shaken when we discovered evidence suggesting that 9/11 might be a false flag operation — that these attacks may have been allowed or orchestrated by elements from within our country, not an attack by foreigners who hate our values. Now our world was crumbling.

As I talked about this evidence, I encountered a deep resistance in many people. Seeking to understand these reactions from the perspective of my background in psychology became the backbone of this serial essay.

Frances Shure is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is now retired from her private practice and work as an adjunct instructor at Naropa University at Boulder, Colorado. She holds a B.S. (specializing in biology) and an M.Ed. (specializing in vocational rehabilitation counseling) from the University of Texas, and an M.A. (specializing in community agency counseling) from the University of Colorado.

In her 20 years as a psychotherapist, she focused on "depth psychology," which involves both the psychodynamic and transpersonal aspects of psychological healing.

Shure co-founded Colorado 9/11 Truth in 2004 and is a member of the 9/11 Consensus Panel as well as the Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth. Shure has brought her expertise to the study of 9/11 by authoring the groundbreaking series, "Why Do Good People Become Silent—Or Worse—About 9/11?"