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The events of Sept. 11 had a big impact in Germany, as they did everywhere else.

Millions of Germans took to the streets to show their solidarity with the people of New York and Washington. Germany passed its own version of the PATRIOT ACT. German forces joined the Afghanistan mission and are still heading it today.

Many building blocks of the official story and much of the evidence that causes skeptics to doubt it comes from Germany. Germany was home until 2000 to the members of the “Hamburg cell,” which allegedly provided three of the hijacking pilots. The only two prosecutions of alleged attack plotters – the Motassadeq and Mzoudi cases – were tried in Hamburg in 2002 and 2003. Both cases were voided after U.S. authorities refused to provide evidence that supposedly incriminated the two men.

German opinion about Sept. 11 began to shift as the Bush regime spited its former allies and told outrageous lies in the drive to attack Iraq. In the summer of 2003, several German books presenting alternate views of 9/11 became instant best-sellers. A poll showed that 20 percent of Germans believed the U.S. government likely had a hand in engineering the attacks.

All this served to set off a German “Summer of 9/11.” The first major international research conference of 9/11 skeptics, “UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – DEMANDING ANSWERS,” was held in Berlin on Sept. 7, 2003. Among the American and British speakers were former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and authors Michael Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed, Nicholas Levis and Daniel Hopsicker. The event was greeted with a storm of media coverage, most of it attempting to debunk the skeptics. Read on for English-language coverage of last year’s conference in Berlin, and for a selection of the best German-language sites…

International 9/11 Summit in Berlin
Sept. 7th, 2003
Open Letter to the U.S. Embassy, European Parliament and German Chancellery in Berlin

Click here to VIEW the Open Letter concerning the 9/11 testimony and records that an independent investigation would logically demand:


Open letter to the U.S. embassy in Berlin, to members of the U.S. government, to the German Chancellery and to officers of the European Union. Concerning the testimony and documents about 9/11 that an independent investigation would logically demand.

Nicholas Levis
Ronald Thoden
c/o Thoden, Marburger Str. 3
D-10789 Berlin

Embassy of the United States of America
Neustädtische Kirchstr. 4-5
10117 Berlin

Thursday, Sept. 11, 2003

Dear President Bush, Dear Ambassador Coats:

Two years after the crime of September 11th 2001, many questions of what really happened and how – and of who bears responsibility and accountability for the tragedy of that day and its consequences – are far from settled.

We have seen your administration act to block and delay the independent investigation that in a true democracy would have immediately followed the events. Two years later, the Executive has yet to issue an independent report. Chapters of the report recently published by the U.S. Congressional Joint Inquiry remain classified. The head of the Congressional Joint Inquiry, Senator Graham, has said the most important facts about Sept. 11 have yet to be revealed.

The administration is also blocking the ongoing work of the government-appointed investigation (Kean Commission), in a way that the New York Times has said recalls the practices of the Soviet Kremlin. 

Are U.S. authorities trying to hide something about Sept. 11th? Out of concern that this may be the case, we are in solidarity with the demands for disclosure raised by many families of 9/11 victims.

The public has a right to know on what basis decisions are made in its name. Sept. 11th, 2001 is considered “the day that changed the world.” The tragedy of the victims has been exploited as a pretext to drum up support for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and possible wars elsewhere – to stifle dissent at home – to push through repressive and unconstitutional legislation, like the USA PATRIOT Act – to reorganize American society and shift hundreds of billion-dollars in spending priorities from butter to guns – to inspire fear among the American people.

We eschew speculation. Despite the many open questions about Sept. 11, members of the administration last year saw fit to insinuate a conspiracy theory: that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was in some way responsible for the attacks. Alongside the claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, the unsubstantiated link between Iraq and Qaeda was used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq, with its continuing consequences for the Iraqi and American peoples.

At the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, you may be aware that a number of U.S. and international scholars, lawyers and researchers gathered together last weekend for a conference in Berlin on “Unanswered Questions – Demanding Answers” (Sept. 4-7, 2003), including public events that were attended by hundreds of people from several countries.

In the informal preparations for this conference, groups of speakers debated questions about Sept. 11 that they would all like to see answered. They also identified a few of the officials and other people that an independent and appropriately empowered investigation would logically call as witnesses to answer these questions. We do not and cannot know what the answers are; we believe that the witnesses we propose should know, and should reveal what they know in the spirit of disclosure and transparency that is essential to democracy.

As the organizers of the conference, we now present to you the sense of these discussions (in the Appendix), and call upon you to address the questions therein – the answers to which are of great significance to the peoples of the United States and to the world.

Because disclosure about Sept. 11 is an international and not just American issue, and because some of the proposed witnesses are not U.S. citizens, we are also presenting these questions to the German Chancellery and to the offices of the European Parliament in Berlin.

By releasing the documents we ask for, and by initiating a real investigation that finally addresses the open questions of Sept. 11, you will be making an important contribution towards putting an end to speculation and “conspiracy theory,” and for transparency and disclosure.

We shall note, although it should be self-evident, that we are against all forms of terrorism and support non-violent forms of change. We are for the American people. We are pro-New York, pro-freedom and pro-world. We do not support disinformation or ideology, and we resist all efforts to exploit the aftermath and oddities of Sept. 11th by purveyors of propaganda, paranoia, racism and mystification.


Nicholas Levis 
Ronald Thoden

cc: German Chancellery, European Parliament in Berlin, press and media in Berlin.

Appendix: Sense of the “Unanswered Questions – Demanding Answers” conference

Sense of the “Unanswered Questions – Demanding Answers” conference

Presented to the press and public on Sunday, Sept. 7, 2003 in Berlin.

The following are “starter questions” for seven sets of witnesses that an independent and appropriately empowered 9/11 investigation would logically call:

1. To Richard Myers and Ralph Eberhard, the military generals responsible for United States air defense on Sept. 11, 2001:

Why did the U.S. air defense system fail to follow the standard operating procedures for dealing with errant aircraft, such as were long in place before Sept. 11? Under these automatic procedures, the U.S. air defense system sent jet fighters to intercept errant planes on 67 occasions in the year prior to 2001, and on 129 occasions in the year 2000. What were the average response times of these routine intercept actions?

2. To Kay Nehm, Attorney General of the German Federal Republic, George Tenet, director CIA and Robert Mueller III, head of the FBI:

Please tell us about your agencies’ surveillance of the “Hamburg Cell,” the group that formed in Germany before moving to Florida and allegedly masterminding the Sept. 11 attacks. When and where did this surveillance begin? When, if ever, did it end? What did you discover about the cell’s members and associates, and their plans, in advance of Sept. 11, 2001?

3. To David Frasca, FBI official responsible for the anti-terror investigations (al-Qaeda) unit prior to Sept. 11, and to Robert Mueller III, head of the FBI:

Why were five separate investigations into suspected al-Qaeda terrorists (and specifically into potential hijackers at U.S. flight schools) suspended by your offices, at a time when there was a crescendo of warnings of an imminent attack involving hijackings in the U.S., and despite the urgent protests of FBI case officers like Colleen Rowley and Robert Wright?

4. To Harvey Pitt, head of the SEC (on Sept. 11, 2001), Ernst Welteke of the German Bundesbank, and financial investigators in Tokyo, London, Hongkong, Frankfurt, Chicago and San Francisco:

In the days immediately following Sept. 11, your offices all issued statements that you had located cases of possible insider trading suggesting specific foreknowledge of the attacks, their location, and the way in which they were carried out. Mr. Welteke called this evidence unmistakable and said it would ultimately lead back to the perpetrators. Investigations were supposedly started. After a few days, this story was never heard from again. Where did the investigations lead?

5. To Major General Mahmud Ahmad, chief of the Pakistani intelligence service ISI as of Sept. 11, 2001 (when he was on an official visit to Washington):

Why did your agency wire $100,000 to Mohamed Atta? Please describe ISI connections to the Hamburg Cell, al-Qaeda, and the 9/11 plot. Was your counterpart at the CIA, George Tenet, whom you met in Washington during the week of the attacks, unaware of these connections?

6. To Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof, manager-owners of flight schools in Venice, Florida where the alleged 9/11 pilots Atta, Alshehhi and Jarrah trained starting in the summer of 2000 (or earlier):

Were the two of you, who purchased your flight schools less than a year before the terrorists arrived, operating as cut-outs for a clandestine operation? NOTE: In July 2000, the same month that the terrorists are said to have arrived, the real owner of Dekkers’s Huffman Aviation, Wally Hilliard, had one of his planes (on a regular flight) impounded with 42 kilos of heroin on board.

7. To leading members of the Bush administration (among them George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft and Condoleeza Rice):

What was the content of the Presidential Daily Briefing of Aug. 6, 2001, entitled “BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN U.S.?” What prompted the Pentagon to twice rehearse the scenario of a passenger plane crashing into its headquarters in the year prior to Sept. 11, 2001? What prompted the CIA’s wargaming of a kamikaze-crash scenario into the building of the National Reconaissance Office in Washington, DC on Sept. 11, 2001 itself? How specific were the warnings of imminent attacks received from Russian President Putin, the Israeli Mossad, the Echelon system, the German BND, French and British intelligence, Morrocco, Egypt and Jordan? Which of these warnings reached which of you? What did you know and when did you know it?

The disclosure of the following records could help in settling certain unanswered questions about September 11, 2001:

  • The recorded audio communications between the four flights, air traffic control stations, and other responsible authorities on the day of Sept. 11, 2001.
  • The original passenger manifests of the four hijacked flights.
  • Full, uncensored data from any undamaged cockpit voice recorders and flight “black boxes,” as well as all records of phone calls from the four flights.
  • Primary and secondary radar records of the four flight paths.
  • Video footage from the airports from which the alleged hijackers boarded their flights (boarding areas, parking lots, check-in).
  • Video footage of the Pentagon attack as taken from the Sheraton Hotel across from the Pentagon (impounded on Sept. 11 by the FBI) and from video cameras on Pentagon grounds.
  • Deployment and readiness plans in effect on Sept. 11, 2001 at the bases responsible for air defense procedures, including Otis AFB, Langley AFB, Andrews AFB and others in the Northeastern United States.
  • The content of the Presidential Daily Briefing of Aug. 6, 2001, entitled “BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE U.S.”
  • The content of the redacted passages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry Report on the Sept. 11 attacks, as well as of relevant documents relating to these and other passages.
  • Records of surveillance by CIA, BND and other German and U.S. agencies in the cases of Mohamed Atta, Ramzi Binalshibh, Marwan Alshehhi, Ziad Jarrah and other reputed members of the “Hamburg Cell” during their time in Germany up to summer 2000, and of their movements and actions in Florida and the United States up to the Sept. 11 attacks.
  • The documents said to prove the involvement of Osama Bin Laden in the attacks, which the German government reported receiving from the United States after Sept. 11, 2001.

Statement by the Organizers and Speakers

Click here to VIEW the Statement by the Organizers and Speakers

We gather here today because, two years after the crime and tragedy of September 11th 2001, many questions of what really happened and of who bears responsibility and accountability are far from settled.

We have seen the administration in the United States obstruct the independent investigation that in a true democracy would have immediately followed the events. Two years later, the executive has yet to issue an independent report. Chapters of the recently published Congressional report remain classified. The Bush administration is blocking the ongoing work of the government-appointed independent commission (Kean Commission) in a way that the New York Times has said recalls the practices of the Soviet Kremlin. 

What are U.S. authorities trying to hide?  

We are in solidarity with the demands for disclosure raised by families of 9/11 victims.

The Bush administration has insinuated an outrageous conspiracy theory, that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was linked to the attacks. This entirely unsubstantiated claim was used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq, with disastrous consequences for the Iraqi and American people. What did this have to do with defending against new terrorist attacks? The first victims of Sept. 11, the people of New York City, overwhelmingly opposed the invasion.

Sept. 11th is still “the day that changed the world.” The tragedy of the victims was exploited as a pretext to drum up support for wars – to stifle dissent at home – to push through repressive and unconstitutional legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act – to reorganize American society and shift hundreds of billion-dollars in spending priorities from butter to guns – to inspire fear among the American people.

The groups organizing this conference, 9/11 Truth Alliance and the German 9/11 Research Network, are informal and have no institutional structure or sponsorship. The “Unanswered Questions – Demanding Answers” conference is a one-time event, financed individually by the organizers themselves.

We are against all forms of terrorism, we are for the American people, we are pro-New York, pro-truth, pro-freedom and pro-world. We do not support disinformation or ideology, and we resist all efforts to exploit the aftermath and oddities of Sept. 11th by the purveyors of propaganda, paranoia, racism and mystification. We condemn the attempts by German neo-Nazis to take possesion of this issue, and we resist efforts to associate the questioning of Sept. 11 with their hateful ideology.

We do not share one line on all questions. There are issues on which we disagree. This conference is an opportunity for debate. We ask that you take each speaker as an individual, and especially that you attribute quotes and views accurately to the individuals who state them, and not to the group as a whole.

That should be self-evident, but we have seen that some voices unfairly tar all who question 9/11 with the same brush. Those who question the official Sept. 11 story are routinely misrepresented, misquoted and subjected to labels and ad hominem attacks. The real issues are lost in distractions and side-stories.

In Germany at the moment, 9/11 skepticism is treated as a peculiarly German phenomenon, when in fact the movement for 9/11 truth disclosure is international and primarily American. We ask the German press and media to examine the evidence presented by the English-language researchers who have also questioned Sept. 11. Among the many available resources the book, The War On Freedom by Nafeez Ahmed and the ” 9/11 Timeline” by Paul Thompson provide excellent overviews of the real issues of Sept. 11th.

Cynthia McKinney speaks at Berlin 9-11 Conference

Click here to read Cynthia McKinney speech at Berlin “Unanswered Questions – Demanding Answers” on September 7, 2003.

I want to thank the many Americans living in Berlin who joined with their German brothers and sisters of conscience to put this forum together. Out of the deepest respect for the families of the people who lost their lives on September 11th, and for the traditions for which our country has stood for so many years, we come together to ask for a complete and thorough, transparent investigation of what went wrong before, on, and after September 11th so that we can make sure that such a tragedy never happens again.

First, for the men and women who lost their lives on that day; their families ought to know what happened to them and why. How did our country fail, and what must we do as Americans, to make sure that we not fail in this manner again.

For the sake of justice, America must not seem to behave in a fashion of revenge against the closest or easiest target that also happens to be sufficiently weak or politically convenient. The search for justice is a part of our very Declaration of Independence that we and the world revere so much. It is that idea of justice that delivered us from the evils of slavery and took us through the civil rights movement. It is our notion of justice that demanded the right to vote for women. It is that notion of justice that is about to welcome gay people into equal treatment under the law. The American ideal is that our country’s institutions see no black or white or Latino or Asian or Native American; that they see no gay or straight; that they see no rich or poor or in-between, but that we all are treated equally before the law.

Any glimpse into our society today will show you that we have not reached that ideal. And that in many ways, we still have a very long way to go. But we don’t stop that noble struggle because it’s inconvenient, and we don’t stop that struggle because it’s difficult; we continue that struggle despite the obstacles, and when we overcome them, the world celebrates with us.

I know the world celebrates with us because I heard all over Europe, East and West, sung the anthem of our own civil rights movement, we shall overcome. So I know you were watching and I know you were listening and when we take tiny steps forward, you applaud with us. And we applaud when you move forward toward those very same ideals.

We rise today out of the deepest American tradition and out of love for our country.

When Dred Scott, a famous American slave, went to the US Supreme Court to secure his freedom, he was told by a US Supreme Court Justice writing for the majority that there were no laws written by white men that should be respected for blacks. Our country went to war with itself over feelings like that. And a half century later, when Rosa Parks decided that she could no longer stand up when a white person needed a seat on her Alabama bus, our country was plunged once again into serious deliberation over what kind of country we were. When Dr. Martin Luther King gave his remarkable address to the nation forty years ago on the Mall in Washington, DC, America once again was confronting grave questions about who were as a people and what we stood for in the world. We’ve had to do that as a country, just as we do that as individuals. When confronted with serious questions that have moral implications for ourselves and for others, we must deliberate and always try to make the best decision.

It is right that we ask ourselves these questions so that we can be the best country it is possible for us to be.

And because we still have a long way to go before we reach our ideal, self-reflection is not only good, it is necessary. For just as Europe was singing we shall overcome for its celebration of freedom, sadly, little Iraqi children were recorded singing We Shall Overcome, but they sang as American bombs rained down on their country.

Four incidents of recent memory should note the imperative for self-reflection.

One, we recently commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. But we have unfinished business on the manner of his murder, the treatment of his family, and the realization of his dream.

My generation cannot think of Martin King without also remembering both John and Bobby Kennedy. But in both their murders, we still have unfinished business.

Not just because of the unanswered questions that still surround the taking of their lives, but also because of what they meant to our country. The idea of Camelot was almost the idea of an America fulfilled. And when those men were taken away from us, so too was our proximity to a certain national fulfillment.

Because John F. Kennedy, seated on the throne of world domination, rejected Pax Americana and reminded us that the kind of peace that we really wanted was the peace for all people for all time, not a selfish kind of peace just for us, imposed with American weapons of war.

When Bobby Kennedy was campaigning for President and confronted by hecklers who didn’t like his proposal for poverty programs to help the poor, he reminded those hecklers that they were the privileged Americans, already in medical school. And he noted to them that he didn’t see too many blacks or native Americans in the audience with them and that it was America’s responsibility to see to it that there were. That blacks and Native Americans and all America’s poor and dispossessed had the opportunity to share in America’s bounty.

But Bobby Kennedy was also with Black America on the night of the announcement of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And although speaking directly to black people that night, he was also speaking to all of America, not only for that night but for this night too. Because he asked rhetorically, what kind of America do we want. An America of violence and hate? Or another type of America. Where we all could live together as one. He acknowledged the rightful anger of the crowd, and reminded them that his brother had been killed by a white man, too. So we must not be an America divided by race. We must not be a violent America. Our America should make gentle the life of this world.

Now, imagine a nation plunged into mourning for the deaths of these three heroes and we emerge as a country that could construct a dictatorship in the small country of Chile as it is clear that we Americans helped to do.

When we veer from the path of making our country live up to its ideals, it is possible for our country to take the wrong path. And when we take the wrong path, innocent lives could be taken as a result.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves and the rest of the world, because we have become so big and so strong and so mighty, to be right, too?

I don’t hear very many of our leaders in America who sound like John, or Martin, or Bobby today. But they should. Because we still have depressing poverty; we still have inequality before the law; we still have crushing racial problems, and now we are told by our leaders to expect a generation of war. Our country must not be only an economic or military superpower, but a moral one too.

By asking the critical questions of what happened on September 11th, we set the stage for a better America.

Now, at the time, there might have been those who saw Dred Scott as un-American for raising such questions as the rights of a slave or former slave in a US Court of Law. There might have been those, at the time, who looked at Rosa Parks as un-American for not giving up her seat to a white bus rider. There might have been some, at the time, who thought that John Kennedy’s refusal to go to war with Cuba was un-American. They might have thought that Martin King’s push for the right to vote for black people and social and economic justice for all people was un-American; they might have thought that Dr. King’s idea of Vietnam for the Vietnamese was un-American, but today, isn’t it interesting, that we look back on the triumphs of these people as right and the institutions that hindered them as wrong. We celebrate their willingness to see beyond the criticism of the day to the real issues that make us proud to be Americans.

But lest those quick to criticize forget, it was George Washington, our first President, in h

is 1796 Farewell Address to the American people who reminded us who the real patriots are. George Washington told us to beware the false patriots who would usurp the applause of the people, but who betray our American values. He warned us that false patriots would wrap themselves in the American flag, at the same time betraying our values. In 1796, we were warned to beware the false patriots, and today, we must beware false patriots.

George Washington told us, too who the real patriots are. He reminded us that the real patriots are the ones who take the unpopular stands, ask the difficult questions, pay the ultimate price, make the ultimate sacrifice, but who advance the cause of our country and of its people.

So let there be no doubt.

We here today are the true patriots who love our country so much that we will challenge her to do no wrong and make gentle the life of this world.

Thank you.

Press Reports on the Berlin Conference (the following were reported in German and have been translated into English). Seiten in Deutsch?

Click here to view Press Reports

A selection of press reports, good, bad and indifferent on the conference in Berlin, September 7, 2003. More to come, including comments on TV coverage.

Article archive:

Berlin newspaper, 8 Sept. 2003 (Egerman translation)
Controversy About Background of September 11th
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Berlin newspaper8. September 2003 (original German)

The Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 8 Sept. 2003 English translation)
What really happened on September 11th?
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The Tagesspiegel08. September 2003 (original German)

Berliner Morgenpost, Monday, 08. September 2003 (original German)

  1. September: More questions than answers
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Telepolis/Heise -Mon, 08 Sep 2003 (English)
9/11 conspiracy theories gaining ground
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young world 9 Sept. 2003 (English)
Truth under closure
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young world, 10 Sept. 2003, Interview with Mathias Bröckers (English)
Questions about the 11th September 2001: All just conspiracy paranoia?
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Stuttgarter Zeitung, 9 Sept. 2003
Seven questions and many simple answers
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Leipziger Volkszeitung, 8 Sept. 2003
World Declaration under the Disco Ball

New Germany, Mahler should stay outside
up-to-date press mirror/current.htm+levis+tempodrom&hl-en &ie-UTF-8
“You cannot eliminate this suspicion by disaggering your partners as a crank and then droning the psychological and folk pedagogical prerequisites of the conspiracy boom…”

My boyfriend, the editor-in-chief

The Spectator, Britain (section in bold so appeared in Wall Street Journal)
A sad case of schadenfreude

Original at

Controversy About Background of September 11th

Experts demand disclosure about what happened – Magazine attacks conspiracy theorists

By Andreas Förster

BERLIN, 7 September 2003 — Two years after the terror attacks in the United States, a controversy has arisen in Germany about the still not fully explain ed background to the events of Sept. 11, 2001. The newsmagazine DER SPIEGEL is accusing several German authors [Mathias Bröckers, Andreas von Bülow, Gerhard Wisnewski] of falsifying their evidence in their books concerning inconsistencies and contradictions in the official version of how the attacks attacks occurred.

At a symposium in the Berlin Tempodrom arena on Sunday, journalists, political scientists and experts on the law and covert operations from the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Germany gathered to explainir doubts about the official story of what happened before and on Sept. 11. But first, the experts took up a defense against the accusations of DER DER SPIEGEL.

Witness testimonies falsified

Nicholas Levis, one of the organizers of the symposium, accused the magazine of always having followed the official version disseminated by U.S. authorities. The magazine has become a mouthpiece for Washington and is attacking those who express doubts and ask questions in a very unfair way. “The German media should examine the evidence presented by the U.S. government just as carefully as they do they do the claims of people who have doubts about the official version,” Levis said.

German TV journalist Ekkehard Sieker, who uncovered falsifications by U.S. investigators in the translation of a Bin Laden interview on behalf of the German ARD TV program Monitor, accused DER SPIEGEL of adopting the methods of the Inquisition. The magazine declares all those who doubt into paranoids, said. In this way DER SPIEGEL has bid farewell to critical and independent journalism.

In its polemical article, the magazine concentrates on three claims with which the authors read support their thesis that U.S. clandestine services may have been involved in the attacks of Sept. 11. In all three points DER SPIEGEL shows that the authors suppressed or falsified witness testimonies that go against this thesis. Thus according to to DER SPIEGEL it is untrue that seven of the alleged terrorists are still alive – the persons in question are merely Arab men with the same names who spoke with newspapers after the attacks. A comparison of these people with the published photos of the alleged attackers has cleared up the misunderstanding, the magazine says.

Witness testimonies were thus manipulated in the case of the airplanes that crashed into the Pentagon and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, SPIEGEL shows. These manipulations are designed to create the impression that the two airplanes were actually a cruise missile (in the former case) and a bomb on the ground (in the latter) – a supposed proof of the theory of the managed terrorism.

On Sunday afternoon, several hundred people found their way to the Tempodrom arena, to listen until late that evening to international experts speak on theions of Sept. 11. In addition to the lectures, the program also included the U.S. documentary AfterMath, with addition to the lectures, the program also included its critique of the official version of the attacks.

In the morning the speakers of the symposium held an internal meeting to agree on seven questions that they wish to deli deli to the governments, secret services and investigative authorities in the U.S. and Germany with the request for answers. Among other things they ask what the German federal police agency BKA, the CIA and the FBI knew from their surveillance of the Hamburg terrorist cell before Sept. 11.

Seven Unanswered Questions

The participants in the symposium posed the following until unanswered questions to German and U.S. agencies:

Why did the U.S. air defenses fail to act on Sept. 11, 2001? What did the secret services learn from their surveillance of the Hamburg terrorist cell, before its members moved to the United States. Why were five different FBI investigations against al-Qaeda terrorists suspended before Sept. 11?

What did the investigations into unusual stock trades directly before the attacks reve? Why did the head of the Pakistani intelligence services wire 100,000 dollars to Mohammed Atta?

What warnings did the White House receive about attacks in the summer of 2001? Were the flight schools in Florida involved in clandestine operations at the time that Atta and his friends arrived to begin the flight flight training?

Berliner Zeitung, Monday, 08. September 2003, politics

Dispute over the background of the 11th September

Experts demanding education of events / Magazine attacks conspiracy theorist

Andreas Förster

BERLIN, 7. September. Two years after the terrorist attacks in the USA, there is a dispute in Germany about the background to the events of the 11th, which is still not completely enlightened. September 2001 broken out. The news magazine Spiegel accuses forgery of evidence to several German authors who have presented disagreements and contradictions in the official version of the crime events in publications.

At a symposium at the Berlin Tempodrom, journalists, political scientists, legal and intelligence experts from the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Germany gathered on Sunday to ask for their doubts about the official presentation of the processes before and on the 11th. September to justify. At first, however, the experts had to defend themselves against the Spiegel accusations.

Testimony falsified

Nicholas Levis, one of the organizers of the symposium, accused the magazine of having followed only the official version spread by the US authorities from the outset. The magazine had become Washington’s mouthpiece and is now attacking the people who expressed doubts and questions in a very unfair way. “The German media should examine the evidence of the US government as well as the claims of the people who have doubts about the official version,” Levis said.

The television journalist Ekkehard Sieker, who, among other things, exposed the counterfeits of the US investigators for the ARD magazine Monitor during the translation of a bin store interview, accused the mirror of inquisition methods. All doubters would be declared paranoiacs by the magazine, Sieker said. This has said goodbye to critical and independent journalism.

In its very polemical cover story, the magazine focuses on three claims that the authors use to support their thesis that US intelligence services have on the attacks of 11. September was said to have been involved. In all three points, the mirror proves that the authors have reproduced testimonies that run counter to this thesis, have replied or falsified. According to Spiegel, it is not true that seven of the alleged terrorists are still alive – the individuals were merely Arabs who were equal in their names, who had reported to newspaper editors after the attacks. A comparison between these people and the published photos of the alleged assassins would have explained the misunderstanding, according to the magazine.

In the case of the planes that crashed into the Pentagon and crashed at Shanksville in Pennsylvania, testimonies have also been manipulated in publications, Der Spiegel proves. These manipulations were intended to give the impression that the two aircraft were actually a cruise missile or a bomb – an alleged proof of the thesis of staged terrorism.

On Sunday afternoon, several hundred people had found their way to the Tempodrom to get up into the evening by the international experts on the contradictions of the 11th. to have it cleared up September. In addition to lectures, the performance of the US documentary “Aftermath” was also on the program, which deals critically with the official version of the crime.

In the morning, the participants of the symposium had agreed on seven questions in an internal meeting, which, among other things, are to be sent to the governments, secret services and investigative authorities in the USA and Germany with a request for answers. Among other things, the findings of the German Federal Criminal Police Office, the CIA and the FBI from the surveillance of the so-called Hamburg terrorist cell before the 11th announces the German Federal Criminal Police Office are asked. September had won.

Seven unanswered questions

The participants of the German and US authorities ask the following previously unanswered questions:

Why is the US Air Defense on the 11th September 2001 not become active? What findings have the secret services gained from the surveillance of the Hamburg terrorist squad before they leave for the USA? Why were five different FBI investigation operations against al-Qaeda terrorists stopped before 9/11?

What result did the investigations of eye market transactions yield any strikingly market transactions immediately before the attacks? Why did the Pakistani secret service head transfer 100,000 dollars to Mohammed Atta?

What attack warnings did the White House receive in the summer of 2001? What US intelligence operation was the Florida flight school involved when Atta and his friends started their flight training there?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: The Tagesspiegel, 08.09.2003, Berlin

What really happened on September 11th?

Not everyone wants to accept the official explanation of the attacks. The skeptics invited people to a discussion at the Tempdorom – while keeping undesired guests out.

The tragic and the comic often lie close together, as the ancient Greeks already knew. From there it’s just another step to the absurd. Take yesterday afternoon at the Tempodrom, for example. About a dozen serious-looking people sat at the panel on stage, most of them men, one of whom was posing very serious questions about Sept. 11th. For example, why did the fighter jets that normally intercept errant planes within minutes not do so in time, in this case? A matter that does demand explanation, but at the same time one asks why it is impossible – given the seriousness of this event – to at at least remove the arena’ usual overhead disco ball? It keeps spinning around and around, and never seems to stop.

None of which is meant as a fundamental criticism of the symposium, held at the invitation of the international-looking initiative “9/11 Truth Alliance,” so as to continue the discussion on the background of the attacks, substantiate doubts about the official version, and report on the other inconsistencies that the speakers believeve to have discovered.

A similar event was held earlier this summer at the Humboldt University. The extreme rightist is Horst Mahler was in the audience at the time, which did not appeal to the people from “Truth Alliance.” This time pictures of Mahler hang next to the door, with a sign reading “I must stay outside” – alongside photos of other persons ideologically close to Mahler, and apparently known to the heavyset security personnel. And if anyone else is planning to make trouble, the metal detector is supposed to take care of that with a timely beep. And just to make sure, a few police vans stand parked outside.

These will not necessary, because the public that files in quietly, starting at around 3 p.m. to buy tickets in the form of a 9/11 version of the dollar note, is anything other than radical. The people here are mistrustful, certainly, with regard to explanations from the White House, but in a decidedly polite way. Untypical among them is Klaus Hofmann, who drinks at the same bar as Mahler. Typical among them is the elderly Eva Schmidt, adroit as they say. She has come here with her friend and also attended the Humboldt presentation. “I figured out a great deal myself,” she says of her pathway to doubt. She says that Sept. 11 from the beginning looked to her “like a theatrically staged event.” Where were the interceptor jets? And how did they know all the hijackers after just two days? And is it impossible that the planes were flown by remote control?

Mirko Balke, a student of Scandinavian studies and linguistics at the Humboldt University, never understood why Building 7 of the World Trade Center (200 meters away from the towers) i. collapsed [on Sept. 11]. Later, he and his fellow student Maria-Rose Schumann discovered the book “Painful Questions,” by the American Eric Hufschmid. They translated it into German, and published it on their own intitiative (available at “Painful questions, not painful answers,” Mirco says, emphasizing the importance to him of the difference. He says he does not want to deal in certainties.

Jennifer Timm, a student from Cincinnatti, so made it to the Tempodrom. No one can accuse her of being anti-American. Quite the contrary: to her, the freedom to ask questions is self-evident in a democracy. (ac)

The Tagesspiegel, 08.09.2003, Berlin

What really happened on the 11th September?

Not everyone wants to make sense the official explanation of the attacks. The sceptics invited to the exchange of Tempodrom – and unwanted guests

The tragic and the comic are often very close to each other, the ancient Greeks already knew that. The absurd is not far away. For example yesterday afternoon at the Tempodrom. On the podium in the Small Arena about a dozen thoughtfully three-way people, men mostly, one of whom is very serious questions about the 11th announce. September placed in space. Why, for example, the fighter aircraft, which otherwise intercept every unguided plane quickly quickly, were not there this time in time. One thing that actually demands education, but at the same time one wonders why it is not possible to put the disco ball off over the heads at such an event. So she is now turning again and again and finds no end.

Of course, what does not fundamentally speak against the symposium to which the international initiative “9/11 Truth Alliance” has invited to promote the discussion on the background to the attack, to justify the doubts about the official version and to report on what one believes we have found in further disagreements.

There had already been a similar event at Humboldt University this summer. Even right-wing extremist Horst Mahler was there at that time, what the people of the “Truth Alliance” did not like. “I have to stay outside” stands as a precaution on a banner suspended in between Mahler’s photos, and also other people who are sympathized with heavy-weight security personnel, who are mentally close to Mahler, are not even allowed to do. If someone else wants to slip through with unfair intentions, the metal detector will hopefully be beeping in time. And the police are still there with several team cars.

It is not needed, because the audience, which ranks well into snakes at the entrance at around 3 p.m. and finds admission with tickets in a “9/11” version of the dollar grade, is far from radicalism. One is suspicious, already towards the declarations from the White House, for example, but in a good bourgeois manner. And it is not typical one who maintains a regulars’ table, where Mahler sometimes sits. One is more typical one like Eva Schmidt, an elderly lady, as they say, who came with her girlfriend and was already at the Humboldt University. “I have come to a lot of things,” she describes her way to doubt. “Like a staging” is the 11th edition of her. September released. The interceptors, where were they? And after only two days were all the assassins known? And were the planes not remotely controlled? Mirko Balke, student of Scandinavian Studies and Linguistics at Humboldt University, did not shed light on why building 7 of the WTC, 200 metres away, collapsed from the towers. Later he and the fellow student Maria-Rose Schumann came across the 9-11 book “Painful Questions” by the American Eric Hufschmid, which they translated into initiative and published here (available on www. “Painous questions, not painful answers” – Mirco Balke is the difference very important. He does not have certainties to offer either.

The student Jennifer Timm from Cincinnatti also caused it to Tempodrom. It is not suspicious of anti-Americanism. On the contrary, take the liberty to ask questions, that is part of democracy for them. ac

Berliner Morgenpost, Monday, 08. September 2003, city life

  1. September: More questions than answers

“Experts” discuss theories of the attacks in New York at the Tempodrom

To the assassination attempt of 11. September there are many open questions, according to the global initiative “9/11 Truth Alliance”. However, those who were looking for answers were wrong at yesterday’s symposium “Unanswered Questions – demanding Answers” at the Tempodrom.

In the run-up to the conference, the organizers had agreed on “central questions” they presented to the public and whose answers they demand, such as the failure of the interceptors of the US air defense and the handling of the warnings that had been received in the run-up to the attacks.

This was included by Cynthia McKinney, a member of Congress, until 2002, and the first U.S. politician, who was presented to the official version for the 11th conference. The controversial author Mathias Bröckers (“11.9” and “facts, forgeries and the suppressed evidence of the 11th controversial author.” 9.”).

The speakers repeatedly pointed out that they wanted to ask questions and demand from those responsible, the relevant documents that the event on the 11th ceremony. September can prove to be revealed. Mathias Bröcker referred to the “many suppressed evidence” that could answer the questions about the event. “But I have niffened to draw conclusions from it,” he claimed, but yielded three scenarios to the terrorist attack: either the Bush administration was simply surprised by the events. Or they got wind of it, but allowed the attack because it was politically opportune. Or it is actually a staged act. “I don’t want to commit myself, but I wouldn’t bet a tired penny on the first version,” says Bröckers. A conspiracy conclusion that arrived at the 200 listeners. Bröcker, on the other hand, complained of being portrayed by the media as a conspiracy theorist, fanatic and psychopath, and rejected these accusations of itself. Co-author Andreas Hauß described the attack itself as a “conspiracy”, but his remarks not as “theories”. After all, he presents “facts”.

The symposium on the 11th ceres September 2001 – a single question mark. And many who feel called to give their own answer.

Open questions

Telepolis/Heise magazine

Katja Schmid 08.09.2003

Truth Alliance international – At the 9/11 meeting in Berlin went It is about solidarity in particular

Yesterday the second of Ronald Thoden took place in the Berlin Tempodrom organized symposium for the 11th September held. Different from the first The speakers were not only from the German-speaking countries. Guests from Italy, Great Britain and the United States. The international orientation was the central Message of the event. Because the organizers attached great importance on the fact that it is not a purely German phenomenon, the official version for the 11th edition September 2001 to doubt. Rather come a few of the most critical issues in the United States itself.

So there can be no talk of anti-Americanism on the part of Europeans be. Just as it is not for a citizen of the United States is “un-American” towards one’s own government to be critical. And to make it clear that the speakers are out of overseas are not only on the onlookers, appeared on all posters and Fryers the 9/11 Truth Alliance internationally as an organizer. The solidarity went even further: in reference to the formulated open or legitimate Questions presented the speakers with a list of seven questions, on who had agreed.

Here is a summary:

Why is the US Air Defense on the 11th September 2001 not active become? (Mike Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed)

What insights were made by the secret services from the surveillance of won the Hamburg terrorist squad before their departure to the USA? (Andreas Hauss, Daniel Hopsicker)

Why were five different FBI investigations against before 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorists stopped? (Mike Ruppert)

What result was the study more striking Stock exchange transactions (insidering transactions) immediately before the attacks? (Mike Ruppert, Nicholas Levis)

Why did the head of Pakistani intelligence assign 100,000 Dollar to Mohammed Atta? (Mathias Bröckers)

What attack warnings did the White House receive in the summer of 2001? (Nicholas Levis, Andreas Hauss)

Were the flight schools in Venice, Florida, where Atta, Alshehhi and Jarrah were trained, part of a US intelligence operation? (Daniel Hopsicker)

So that answers can actually be found to these seven questions, they address specific persons such as Kay Nehm or George Tenet, who may have about pertinent Information has, but so far they have done to the public withheld. Under each question are the names of the speakers, which to be responsible for the question. So that no one on the thought comes to throw all into a pot. For even if they are all on one Table sat, so they did not represent the same detail Points of view. Unfortunately, it is with many newspapers and TV stations now common to mix theses of different authors and to suggest that it is a uniform grouping (cf.

The word conspiracy theory was avoided at the conference. Because it has received a negative connotation over time and Since the 11th at the latest since the age of 11. September 2001 serves to provide uncomfortable To silence contemporaries. You just have to be the view current edition of the mirror, which headlines: “Conspiracy 11. September. How cause cause fanatics Make reality on its head.” Even before one even the It is clear: here is billed. With all, which in the debris of the 11th September 2001 have rummaged around because they did not want to be fed off with the surprisingly fast Mulsion from the White House. Of course, the spectrum of Questioner great. There are prudent researchers who do not hasty conclusions, but first year-free material spoke and question tests. And then there are ideologists who pick out a few details that fit into their world view. In between are worlds.

The British press seems much more open than the German press to be a press. In any case, Blair’s former Environment Minister Michael Meacher last Saturday in the English The Guardian article

This was on terrorism is bogus. The 9/11 attacks gave the US to ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination

In it, Meacher does not just go to the questionable arguments for the attack on Iraq, but also on the oddities of the 11th century. September. Not least Meacher poses the question of the long-term Plans of the current US administration. According to Meacher, she has nothing Less than the world domination in sight, whereby the so-called war against terrorism only as a coach of the cover. Meacher would have certainly had his pleasure at the ticket to the Berlin Symposium.

False dollars

The entrance ticket was a redesigned to the deception dollar One-dollar note, and if the word petrodollar did not exist already, then one would have to invent it in the face of the many tiny rigs. However, the name would be even more appropriate, because both the head and the number page are frond with indications Disinformation, distraction and lies of all kinds. And so that everyone knows who is behind “The New World Order”, looks instead George Washington a disgruntled George W. Bush from the dark oval. Behind his back float the shadowy visa genes of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, the triumvirate is called “International Terrorists”.

On the reverse are in the numbers 9-11 the letters CIA “In Fraud We Trust” is announced about this. In the ornamental thicket more or less well hidden are a whole Set of company names (Enron, Raytheon, The Carlyle Group, Unocal, Amoco, Gulf, BP, Arco, Lockheed Martin, Bechtel, Halliburton and the Shell logo). Above the pyramid with the divine eye, the Earth Ball has targeted, it says “Totalitarian Information Awareness, very small, at the base “Vulnerable” and slightly larger “Big Brother is watching you” and “New World Order” – and the double-headed eagle, to whose head the Pentagon floats, stops instead of the usual branches and lightning couple of syringes, poppies and rockets in his claws. And in the Corners, each below 9-11, take turns “Cheney Did It” and “Bush Knew”.

Also emblazoned on both sides of the one-deception note an armor of URLs based on the phrase “Legal Tender” (legal tender) are announced as “This note contains websites which expose tender, public and private truths about 9-11 and the war on freedom”:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thus, the description of the sham dollar is not complete, But the message may have become clear. -Mon, 08 Sep 2003
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9/11 conspiracy theories gaining ground

Ralf Isermann

Conspiracy theories on the September 11 attacks are gaining ground in Germany two years on, with books claiming that the US government was behind the atrocities climbing bestseller lists.

Thanks to a handful of new “non-fiction” works in bookstores, wild accusations have gradually become part of public debate amid a sizeable minority in Germany, home to the so-called Hamburg cell that in 2001 produced three of the suicide hijackers.

Although each book has a different take on the events of that day, they share the premise that the government of US President George W. Bush planned the kamikaze jet attacks or allowed them to happen to advance a radical foreign policy agenda.

Frankfurt-based publishing house Two thousand one (2001) boasts the runaway success of Mathias Broecker’s book ‘Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theories and the Secrets of September 11’ on its website, with more than 105 000 copies sold in 10 months. A follow-up volume has just hit bookstores.

Broecker, a former journalist with the leftist daily newspaper, argues that dozens of “unanswered questions” about the attacks point to a spectacular cover-up on the part of the US administration.

More than 70 000 Germans have also bought ‘The CIA and September 11’ by former federal research minister Andreas von Buelow, in which he argues the planes were piloted into targets in New York and Washington not by Islamic extremists but rather by remote control.

A third work, ‘Operation 9/11’ by public television reporter Gerhard Wisnewski, claims that the twin towers of the World Trade Centre were wired with explosives, has already secured a fourth print-run after three weeks in stores.

France’s Thierry Meysson has found success at home and in Germany with ‘9/11: The Big Lie’, which argues that the attack on the Pentagon was an attempted coup d’etat by US military officials to justify future wars.

Influential news weekly The Mirror tackled the phenomenon of crackpot theories in the cover story of its edition released on Monday, before this week’s second anniversary of the attacks.

The article meticulously knocks down the most popular conspiracy theories making the rounds and attributes their popularity in Germany in part to the deep unpopularity here of the conservative US administration.

Social psychologist Heiner Keupp told AFP that conspiracy theories served a basic human need, leading to the remarkable success of search books.

“People have the feeling after reading them that they understand something about this complicated and inscrutable world,” Keupp said, adding that a healthy dose of paranoia was also usually part of the equation.

Mass communications expert Rudolf Stoeber said that the shock of the September 11 attacks made the search for simple answers to complex events particularly tempting.

He said he found it particularly striking that young people appeared most susceptible to such arguments.

A survey produced by the respected Forsa institute and published in the weekly Die Zeit in July found that 31 percent of Germans under the age of 30 believed the US government was directly involved in the September 11 attacks.

Amid all age groups, the rate was “only” 19 percent.

“September 11 something so irrational. We are raised that there has to be a rational solution and that is why we look for one,” said Stoeber.

He also saw cultural ignorance as a factor in explain ing why Germany given fertile ground to theories that seem unthinkable to most.

“We don’t understand Islam and have no idea about the lives of the attackers. That is why we prefer to look in our own cultural circles for possible causes for the incomprehensible,” he said.

young welts -09.09.2003
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Truth under closure

Symposium in Berlin: Experts and journalists call for education about 11. September

According to the April Forsa survey, one fifth of all now believe Germans that the “US government is the attacks of 11 September 2001 could have commissioned itself, and 68 percent think that from television and the press the “full truth” about the to have experienced events. And indeed, the US government was along with her version of events two days after the attacks Conspicuously quickly at hand: 19 Islamists abducted fundamentalists, funded and commissioned by Osama bin Laden and its Al Qaeda network, four aircraft, were steering two aircraft in the World Trade Center and one in the Pentagon while the fourth Attack against the White House in the heroic resistance of passengers failed. On Sunday, the Tempodrom met in Berlin-Kreuzberg Journalists, legal and intelligence experts from the USA, Italy and Germany to ask their doubts about the official presentation of Events before and after the 11th September to justify. For additional discussion material among the several hundred listeners provided the latest cover story of the news magazine Der Spiegel, which several German authors who disagreements in the official Version for the 11th edition September have revealed, forgery of evidence and presents targeted manipulation.

»These people are standing with their backs to the wall and become bright – the mirror, Leyendecker and others,” noted Andreas Hauß, who together with Matthias Bröckers the book »Facts, forgeries and the suppressed evidence of the 11th 9. has written. Ekkehard Sieker, who for the ARD-Magazin Monitor Counterfeits when translating a Bin Laden videos has revealed, throwing the mirror “Inquisition methods”. All doubters would become paranorics explains what the magazine is about by critical and independent Journalism has been adopted. The established media were omitted with few exceptions to a critical reporting to “with zeal to the critics.” Nicholas Levis, one of the Organizer of the symposium, even gave the mirror to To be made mouthpiece of Washington. Levis said the German Media should examine the evidence of the US government as well as the Claims of people who have doubts about the official version.

The mirror wants to have proven on three examples that authors Testimonies not reviewed, not considered or even have reproduced falsifying. This is the claim that seven the presumed assassin is still alive, wrong. The persons, who would have contacted various newspapers after the attacks, only bear the same names as the terrorist pilots. Also in the related to the claim, not planes, but Marriage missiles crashed into the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, the magazine speaks of “manipulations”.

“Where is the burden of proof?” Hauß asked and immediately gave the Answer: “The USA has the burden of proof.” the critic to merely point out, »that at some points something is not true”. If the crucial documents and documents the crucial questions about September 11, supplemented by Bröckers. As before For example, the following questions are unanswered: Why does the US-American air defense on September 11th fails? Why was the impact hole in the Pentagon is much smaller than the size of the said Boeing 757? What does it have come up with the Stock exchange transactions made in advance of 11 September and in which on losses of US airlines and in the Word Trade Center based company was speculated?

On Sunday morning, the participants of the conference agreed seven complexes of questions, about which governments are told and Investigation authorities in the USA and Germany will be requested: The recorded radio communication and the Radar recordings as well as the reconstructed passages of the Voice recorder recordings from the crashed aircraft, which Original passenger lists and airport video recordings, in which the alleged assassins have boarded the planes, the records of the Pentagon and a hotel opposite. Likewise the flight safety deployment plans, a Presidential Daily Briefing from early September and the blackened passages of the Congress Reports on September 11. Published further the findings of German and US services on the Hamburg cities Assassins and flight students in the USA as well as the US government friendly states handed evidence of the alleged perpetrator Osama bin Ladens.

“We don’t know who it was,” Ekkehard Sieker, “but those who claim who it was to put their facts on the table that the research on the contradictions of the 11. September, Introduced on Sunday, on indications and speculations is based on the one imposed by the US government Information shuts almost by itself. That these theories are probably the same stuck full of contradictions like the official version, so it can not really surprising.

young world, 10 Sept. 2003, interview
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Questions about the 11th September 2001: All just conspiracy paranoia?

jW talked to author Mathias Bröckers

Interview: Jürgen Elsässer

  • By Mathias Bröckers (49), former taz-red editor, and Andreas Hauß is the book »Facts, forgeries and the oppressed Evidence of the 11.9.

Q: Congratulations! She and other “conspiracy fanatics” this week, except for the cover of the “Spiegel”. For the last time someone has done that out of the left dirty corner of my To learn in 1987 – at that time it was the »green Jutta Ditfurth.

My joy is limited. However, the Mirror story for itself. The readers are not so stupid and become see through the intention of the whole.

Q: The team of editor-in-chief Stefan Aust distributes heavily. You, former Minister Andreas von Bülow and WDR filmmaker Gerhard Wisnewski will be either »moklauf» and »absolute Insindicated that they worked on a »Panoptikum of Absurden.

Why? Because we ask questions and the open contradictions of the official version for the 11th edition Make it attention to September? This is supposed to be buttered and ridiculed. What the research of Andreas Hauß and me, the Spiegel editorial team has three points found, in which they have something to complain – the 500 more exciting points we draw attention to are ignored.

Q: At the center of the criticism is your research, according to which some the alleged suicide bomber could still be alive. The also interests the young world, because we had referenced at the end of July on you an emeat entitled “Five Corpses well on” brought.

Exactly. The mirror has found that two of the noisy our investigations are still experiences confusion. The real assassins are therefore actually in the attacks lost life. The one who moves after the 11th September reported and has been led by us, wear a similar, but not the same name as the suicide bomber. The other has the same Names, but look very different, as shown in the photo comparison. Me have immediately telephoned our publishing house, and we are agreed, these two obvious confusions in to correct future conditions.

Q: Why so fast? At the name confusion, the mirror has probably right. But the photo comparison in the second case does not exactly convince: The living said al Ghamdi, a Saudi pilot you found, doesn’t look so different from the FBI as an assassin identified man of the same name, at least if you were Schnauzer and the chic uniform thinks away. You would have to do that again research. In any case, the mirror did not ask the pilot whether the assassin photo used now on the FBI list is or not, but only the reporter who interviewed the pilot. The says: “The ghamdi in the photo is not the pilot I spoke to But one would like to hear that from Ghamdi himself.

Exactly. And moreover, the question arises as to how CNN after the 11th September could use the wrong photo of the pilot. Who has it CNN leaked? Obviously, all Arabs were considered suspicious, once taken flying lessons in the USA, and so you have optionally put one on the list and then, after this has denied, taken another picture. But above all: The mirror wants us at two of the “living corpses” of the sloppy research has been convicted. But what about four of the alleged assassins who discovered after the 11th September reported and have protested against their mention on the wanted list?

Q: After all, she invited Spiegel TV to the studio on Monday evening.

The most exciting thing came after. The cameras were off, we were sitting comfortably together and smoked, and the mirror people said to me: The story is really interesting in your book, that the Suicide bombers probably could not fly at all. Me said, Yea, why did you not write this?

Stuttgarter Zeitung,9 9 Sept.2003
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Seven questions and many simple answers

The conspiracy theorists met in Berlin

By Karl-Ludwig Günsche, Berlin

Nothing is more the way it was, the politicians have said Attacks of the 11th September said. Nothing was as it is supposed to be was, say the conspiracy theorists. Just before the anniversary of the They are booming.

Two police team cars have hit up. Next to it stands a dark Opel. Sitting Inside emphasizes inconspicuous masters with Sunglasses on the nose. White-red iron grids are ready. Yet it goes so peacefully on this day before the Tempodrom in Berlin. A large poster announces: “No violence”. Next to hang the rainbow-colored peace sign. Also the right-wing lawyer Horst Mahler, who had disturbed a similar event in the summer, those responsible do not want to have. “I need to do it outside remain” announces an anti-grinding transparent. Patiently waiting a long queue on inlet to the symposium “Unanswered questions – demanding answers” – unanswered questions about Request answers.

Each visitor is carefully searched with metal detectors. Then is portable inspection. Bully security guards respect meticulous that no one slipped through the checks. So always stand a few dozen outside, as the first speaker inside the first question mark behind the official version of the USA about the Attentative May 11 September two years ago. The Meeting All of those who have doubts, fears and questions, but also of those who Prejudices confirmed that the US has always considered as a hoard of evil watched, got additional relevance, because the “Spiegel” the driving of the conspiracy theorists dedicated title story and no good hair to them and their Theses leave.

Maybe 300 men and women of all ages it has been in the small arena of the circus-like Tempodrome drawn. Eleven Euro admission is worth the event to them. The audience is colorfully mixed: young people with flaming red Iroquois cut are represented as well as biedere older ladies who have strapped the handbags resolute, men with white beard brace and sandals as well as men in expensive jackets with leather spots on the elbow.

Journalists, politicians, scientists, intelligence experts from Germany, the USA and Great Britain want to speak with the symposium Doubts about the official presentation of the events of the 11th September 2001 fuel. But only they defend themselves against the accusations of “Spiegels”, not the USA, but it would have fake and manipulated. The “Spiegel” has become the The mouthpiece made of Washington, one of the organizers sounds. “The German media should examine the evidence of the US government as well as the claims of those who doubt the official version ” says Nicholas Levis, saying with great applause. The TV journalist Ekkehard Sieker even throws the Hamburg magazine Inquisition methods before. Doubters would quickly become spinners explained.

The “Spiegel” had authors in its cover story, that does with their conspiracy theories make cashier, accused of Incorrect connections established, quotations falsified and inadmissible had made covers. Of course, the organizers wanted this not accepted.

In the run-up to the symposium, they had agreed, to focus on seven alleged unanswering questions: Why is on the 11th September the US Air Defense did not become active? Which The intelligence services had insights about the Hamburg terrorist group before their departure to the USA? Why were five relevant Investigations at the FBI before the 11th September stopped? Which The research had the result after some opaque Stock exchange transactions in connection with the 11th certificate September? Why Pakistani intelligence transferred to the assassin Mohammed Atta 100 000 dollars? What attack warnings were issued before the 11th certificate. September? Was the flight school in Florida, where Atta and his cronies were trained were involved in US intelligence activities?

The answers they give are usually already in their books, with which they have been cashing since the attacks. Mathias Bröckers, Previous “taz” editor, the US President George W. Bush sees the “actual revenge of Hitler”, speaks of suppressed evidence and provides three possible situations: The US government was surprised by the attacks; it had previously experienced, but nothing done because the attacks are politically done to her Concept fit; it was an action staged by the USA. “I want do not determine me. But I wouldn’t have a cent to the first version wager.” An elderly lady nods: “I believe the Americans nothing at all.” A younger man with tattoos on the upper arms added: “We will become of them sweared up.”

Books are sold in front of the hall, including that of Bröckers. Round The publisher has already deposed 130 000 copies. The former Research Minister Andreas von Bülow, who after the retreat from politics has drifted away, it even has ranked third the “Spiegel” bestseller list brought with his book “The CIA and the 11th September”. The work of TV journalist Gerhard Wisnewski “Operation 9/11” reached the fourth edition within three weeks. Arnold Schölzel’s book “Das Schweigekartell” has already been published in its second edition.

They all sell well, the knitting type is the same: unclear details are picked up, supposed inconsistencies are mixed together, statements that do not match the grid. With success: according to a Forsa survey, 19 percent of Germans believe that the USA is involved in the attacks. Among those under 30s, there are even 31 percent. The Bamberg communication scientist Rudolf Stöber has an explanation for the boom in conspiracy theories: “The 11th September is so irrational. But we are so educated that there must be a rational solution and therefore seek it.” The Munich social psychologist Heiner Keupp explains the conspiracy boom: “When the USA speaks of an axis of evil,” they themselves brew a similar brew.”

But while the participants of the symposium are still busily discussing, there is already a new conspiracy book on the market: “How the US government provoked the attack was in good time and killed 2476 citizens.” But this time it’s about Pearl Harbour on 7. December 1941, not to New York on 11. September 2001.

Leipziger Volkszeitung, 8 Sept. 2003

World Declaration under the Disco Ball

“There is certainly ‘ne bomb in it, watch.” The joker, who somehow managed to get past the bodyguards at the entrance, walks through the rows of chairs with his digital camera and lets the general tension go up. “Here there …” he whispers with an inside look print. “He is from Pakistani secret service”.

Sunday afternoon in Berlin. Hot air balloons swing against fair weather clouds. Below patro policemen. And at the Berlin Tempodrom, the global initiative “9/11 Truth Alliance” has invited to the symposium. Until deep into the night, there are questions about the terrorist attacks of the 11th. September 2001. Journalists, political scientists, intelligence experts and autodidacts from the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Italy have gathered. Watch the media from ZDF to “Radio Multikulti”. Several hundred listeners have paid entry. As tickets, dollar marks with bush gowalk and 9-11 print are distributed. There is also not necessarily a seminar atmosphere indoors. A disco ball is turning on the ceiling of the small arena. By this, there is curiosity, not turmoil. “As long as evidence such as the passenger lists of the accident machines are held back, I am suspicious,” says Peter Platiel from Berlin. This is true for most people who wait for hours. Only a few spinners have come. Neo-Nazis like Horst Mahler had to stay outside.

The topic has a pull. Two years after the worst attacks in American history, it is in the information society. “9/11” – the date of the tragedy has long since become a logo for uncertainty. The dividing line between fact and fiction frayes the contradictory messages in the staccato. According to the “time” poll, only 27 percent of Germans believe that the media have revealed the whole truth about the attacks. To be 31 percent of under-30s, the US government considers it possible to involve the US government. The discomfort has long since left the niches of cyberspace and stacks itself in bookstores.

The authors want to ask questions about their own documents, and the titles already suggest answers. “The CIA and the 11th The former SPD minister Andreas von Bülow has called his work. “Operation 9/11 – Attack on the globe” is the name of the book by WDR editor Gerhard Wisnewski. “Facts, counterfeits and the suppressed evidence of the 11th century. 9” the ex-taz editor Mathias Bröckers and Andreas Hauß have identified. The books sell like hot rolls.

In fact, the first official version of the attacks has long been cracks. The fact that Osama Bin Laden from a cave at the Hindu Kush sent 19 suicide bombers on the trail and caught all the secret services close, now even government people in 1001 nights refer. What really happened? Who knew what when? There is still a lot to do. The majority of authors do too much. Instead of exposing the gaps, and filing with suitable research, they fish in the flood of messages and tinkering with fantasies, including super conspiracy with remote-controlled drones. Fantomas is back.

Then the “Spiegel” is happy, which in matters 11. Although September has been lagging behind our colleagues from Great Britain and the USA for a long time, they are taking a full hit in the current issue. “Conspiracy 11. September” headlines the paper and shows “How conspiracy fanatics turn reality upside down.” One or the other confusing legend – for example, that of assassins who are after the 11th century, is refuted. September would have reported alive. But the magazine works like most of the criticized authors. One palps the absurd raisins from dozens of inconsistencies and subsumes the doubts completely under paranoia.

This is suitable for the talkies in the Tempodrom and scares away the contenance. “Marginal stubercandles of details” is that, finds Bröckers. Co-author Hauß feels “primitive pink silence”. Many listeners are annoyed. “Instead of the promised new research results, we only get reactions to the ‘Spiegel’ report, Potsdam Ted Zilinski is annoyed. A “typical German debate”, says the American Nicolas Levis from the organizer “9/11 Truth Alliance”. The questions were asked worldwide, “not only here”. For example, after the complete failure of the anti-aircraft defense.

A topic that does not occur at “Spiegel”. But in the Tempodrom. But most journalists have already left that when the young Briton Nafeez Ahmed from Bangladesh leaves to be lost. The man heads the Institute for Policy Research & Development in Brighton. Bröckers, Bülow and Co, are high on the bestseller lists. His meticulously researched book ranks 812th among the online bookseller Amazon.

Jürgen Kleindienst


New Germany,9 Sept. 2003
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Mahler should stay outside
From the 11th 9. 2001 lives in its own book industry. She gave itself serious at the Tempodrom

By Matthias Heine

The market for books on the “backgrounds” of the 11th rooms. September 2001 is booming. Today, theories from the Internet are quickly reached between book covers. On Sunday, a kind of trade fair of popular conspiracy theories took place in the Tempodrom.

Two thick, careless men dressed in the tempo syndrome are standing, who are looking to spend a lot of lonely time in front of the computer. “I did research that,” shouts one. “I have now read 30 books on the subject,” says the other. They talk about the supposed hidden truths behind the attacks on the 11th World Trade Center. September 2001 with the same mix of passion and consumer skepticism as otherwise via processors. Then they go inside and visit a trade fair that will not help you know about the offer on the conspiracy market.

The Tempodrom is something like the semi-official dance palace of the Greens. The building reflects party history: early alternative tent, today concrete in SPD closures. Some things at this congress recalled the beginnings of the Greens, when in a loose alliance of modernity skeptics, many spinners who were later eliminated in the course of professionalization.

In the midst of such a cleaning process, there is obviously the scene, whose basic thesis, the US government could possibly be behind the attacks itself, is now almost 20 percent of all Germans shared. Some of the best refuted legends around the 11th. September are taboo at least on the main podium of the conference: no one claims here anymore that the planes were empty and remote-controlled, that a cruise missile was actually hit the Pentagon or that no Jews were among the victims.

Some of the most half-silky “experts” are also missing: the ex-diplomat Andreas von Bülow, who wants to fathom the truth by empathy, or the quotation feeler Gerhard Wisnewski. At the entrance there is a profile with photos of the right Horst Mahler, on which it says: “I have to stay outside.” And the moderator Nicholas Levis distances himself from racism and right-wing radicalism. He raises theatrical voice.

Later you see the mephistophelian styled young man with the white eyelashes walking around in the hand with a highly symbolic alarm clock. He also doesn’t put this prop out of his hands when he lets a “panorama” journalist throw out because of “too offensive questions”. The cabinet-width men of the security service are very numerous. With such effort, the attacks on the Twin Towers might have been prevented. But what are the congress organizers afraid of? Before Horst Mahler? In front of Amok “Spiegel” editors who are taking care of their laptops?

On the podium, the word “inquisition” often falls when we talk about the enemy media. For inquisition victims, those gathered here look very well nurtured. They have all made a profitable industry out of their scepticism about the “official truth”: The American Michael Ruppert, the Briton Nafeez Ahmed, the WDR journalist Ekkehard Sieker, a close colleague of Wisnewski – together they wanted to prove in 1992 that the 3. Generation of the RAF was an invention of German police officers.

Only the bestselling author Mathias Bröckers seems as if the success of his thought games in the old left niche now seems to him to think. “I’m not really an investigative journalist,” he stresses, while his co-author Andreas Hauß honestly asks: “Would we have to think after BBC reports?” The audience claps amused.

They are young people who have consolidated their anti-Americanism at the recent demonstrations in the spring, middle-aged women with their best friend, who would otherwise go together in French films because they despise Hollywood, and grey-haired hippies, on whose jute bags the word “Cultur” is printed as parody of the Coca-Cola logo. But also entire clans make family trips into conspiracy: father and mother who have learned to trust “the Amis” everything in the GDR, and their almost adult children who have not yet decided between the Internet offers of the right and the left.

What they have in common is a world view to all, which does not understand contradictions as an expression of the antagonistic diversity of life, but as proof of the great concealment. They interpret the actual lies, in which Blair and Bush are constantly caught, not as a sign of the inability of political bureaucracies to long-term conspiracy, but as confirmation of their suspicions.

One does not create this suspicion from the world by disabling one’s partners as a spinner and then ranting about the psychological and folk pedagogical prerequisites of the conspiracy boom. Behind such tirades, sceptics only smell the jealousy of professional truth checkers who see their monopoly in danger. Needs would be researchers who meticulously refute all the references to supposed “Ungerenities” as meticulously as others have done with the “Auschwitz ass”. The thick man before the Tempodrom certainly still has room for a 31st Book on the shelf.



My boyfriend, the editor-in-chief

  1. Sept 2003 – by Ludwig-Sigurt Dankwart

9/11: You don’t need a conspiracy theory to explain the consensus in the German media landscape

The leaf forest rushes, the television channels glow. Two years after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the German media have discovered that the establishment of possible perpetrators made by the American government only one hour after the crime is not shared by all people. For two years, neither the well-known major news magazines nor their TV offshoots nor any other regional or supraregional press organs saw the need to examine or even question the government’s claim of a conspiracy of Osama bin Laden and his 19 robbers for their truth.

Even hair-raising inconsistencies in the official account apparently did not arouse suspicion. In the meantime, two wars with 60,000 civilian casualties have been presented in the name of the official presentation of the 11. September events were conducted, the United States was expanded into a surveillance state, next to which the Stasi Society of the GDR takes out like a stirring kindergarten, and billions and billions of dollars of public money were diverted to the pockets of the arms industry. But with once critical representatives of the German press, no bells still rings. The first SPIEGEL title, which covers the other view of the terrorist attacks of New York and Washington, does not apply new results in the clarification of the crimes of the century, but the bashing of those journalists who demand its education and promote it through its own research. The polemical generalizing form of debate casts a naughty light on the state of this country.

It does not need a conspiracy to streamline an entire press landscape and into one line. As always when one of the big ones begins, the little ones follow to the last provincial postille on their foot. “Conspiracy madmen” are a “theme”. Being a topic, that is, the little freelance journalist will find an open ear with his boss in the editorial office. Not being a topic means: No article, no money. Within two or three weeks, Lieschen Müller in Hintertupfingen has heard or read something about the topic somewhere and can sit back and lean back again in the certainty certainty that our crazy world is not as bad as their reputation. After the 11th On September 2001, one could personally and vividly follow how the political orientation of an entire society functions out of its own structures and largely voluntarily.

While in the countries of the war coalition, especially England and the USA itself, mistrust of the government and uniformed media is increasing, the press empire in Germany is only now beginning to be knocked back. While in California, in California, the mayor of Santa Cruz distributes marijuana free of charge to all who can present a recipe free of charge to the Bush administration’s school on the stages of the town hall, in Germany all heads protruding from the mass of the adapted. Journalists who do the unthinkable, namely to abandon the unspoken consensus of reporting on the “new terrorism” through unbiased approach to the facts, are excluded, insulted and destroyed in the well-known German style. This has led many 9/11 sceptics to speculate about a conspiracy of the press. However, if one knows that the self-confidence with which the uncritical spread of the world view of King Bush & Co. is presented by journalists known as seriously, is rarely based on the most rare cases by a profound knowledge of the facts, another picture emerges. What are these for people who are sitting in the headrooms of the media corporations and selling us the daily truth? I know one of them personally.

He, we call him editor in chief S, is a friend of mine. As a young person, I played football with him, they have been invited to eat for some years and have spent a weekend together at an alpine hut or at a New Year’s Eve party. S is editor-in-chief of an important German news magazine. His boss is a celebrity, the boss of his boss a foreign media mogul. As a journalist, S has earned his spores at their early age on the forefront; he was at hot spots in the Middle East and in street fighting in Moscow. He has not done such daring jobs for many years, but they formed the basis for his steep career.

S lives in a nice house in a beautiful neighbourhood of his beautiful city, for which he has to pay a lot of money. He now has a family of four to feed. To do this, he works to the limits of his resilience or even beyond them. He has gotten some grey hairs to get together in recent years and lost some. Through his position, he has become part of the Federal Republic of High Society. It enters and assumes the decisive circles of politics and business. These are mostly people who at first glance can distinguish a good suit from a cheap imitation. Some of them appear themselves to a garden barbecue party with tie and collar.

S loves classical music. He doesn’t need to say it, but it is clear that classical music is superior to the only truth and every other music. Every now and then he lets himself bring a jazz CD from a friend who works in the music industry, but his musical taste is not at the height of the action. He simply lacks the time to deal with such things more intensively. Nor does he have time to read large-scale books that could give him important basic knowledge for his current work. While I have certainly read more than two dozen works on issues such as intelligence, the United States’ foreign policy after the Second World War or the history of the 20th century over the past 25 years, as well as an even greater number of corresponding TV documents, it should not be so good with its solid knowledge of certain information relevant to the assessment of contemporary world politics. I think, to be honest, that he has not read a single book about the background of the CIA or the American wars after ’45. Did he read the standard documentation of James Bamford about the NSA? Hardly. On the subject of Kennedy assassination, he may have seen the Oliver Stone film, but certainly not the underlying BBC documentary. Editor-in-Chief S believes in the Lee-Harvey-Oswald All-Perpetrator Thesis. For this he knows himself in philosophy.

The funny thing is that the Federal Intelligence Service, after all, the main source of information for our chancellor, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Defense, does not consider the United States of America important enough to make it one of its reconnaissance areas. In any case, this is the official line of the BND. I was there myself when the spies still resided in the Munich suburb of Pullach, heard it from their official mouths with their own ears. I am not actually surprised by the fact that our secret service was launched by the Americans after the Second World War. I also just mention it to show that journalists like my friend S are probably in good company.

Since the 12th September 2001 I ask S with questions about the inconsistencies of the 11th September. Even before this historic date, I had already expressed my concerns about US policy. This did not bring me a good reputation in his circle of friends, and often played around his mouth with a pity smile when I say something again. Or he gets nervous and needs to “talk about this very urgently”. His reaction to facts, which I take from my current reading, is always a negative. The CIA is supposed to be behind some of the bomb attacks in Italy of the 1970s attributed to the Red Brigades? Nonsense! These are all conspiracy theories. And the Arabs, he knows them from his own view. These are indeed such fanatics, I should not fool myself at all. Then I: Whether he doesn’t even want to read one or the other book? No time. Only once did he react to an email. I had given him the story about the alleged film footage of Palestinian jubilant films, which were later actually turned out to be wrong, a few days after the attacks. It was easy for him to answer, and since then the whole story has been clear to him. Conspiracy theories can all be refuted. You just have to choose the right ones.

What would happen if one editor-in-chief S would shift to the other, the evil line of the evil line of the evil crazy conspiracy theorist? No matter what facts would be based on his change of heart, one does not have to talk or ponder the consequences, nor do you need. That would be the end, the immediate unconditional end of his career, his income, his house and his current life plan. The Aus für Kanzleramt receptions, Katja-Riemann premiers and VIP ski weekends. The structures that surround life by editor-in-chief S leave only two alternatives: everything or nothing. Even the smallest reasonable doubt about the version of the events, which everyone has agreed on, could bring down the entire house of cards.

The author of such a thought would inevitably be stamped as an outsider. For S, this would be something like a bum as a bum. Therefore, all the facts that could lead to such a scenario are ignored from the outset. This does not require a conspiracy, that makes the head completely of itself. It does not need any intelligence agents in the editorial offices who control the publications of the press, as one of the authors actually believes in one of the new 9/11 books. If one looks at the structures of our competition society and is aware that they also apply in the world of the media, it becomes clear that here a state-supporting layer has been chained together by the economic ties on the basis of which it exists in the first place, on the ground of which. And that the tacit immaterial treaty that each of them signs when entering this world is the consensus. Even across editorial and party boundaries. Because they all meet in the same recreational rooms of power on which they are dependent, no matter who they are working for. It is this reassuring feeling that it has managed to belonged to have risen to the Olympus, which is the whole reason of state.


Wall Street Journal Europe, September 12-14, 2003
The “Notable & Quotable ” feature quotes the below article by Andrew Gimson, foreign editor of The Spectator (section in bold).

The Spectator Est. 1828. Quoted for educational purposed from, from the week’s edition dated September 13.



A sad case of schadenfreude

Andrew Gimson says Gerhard Schröder has unleashed and exploited his country’s latent anti-Americanism, long suppressed by postwar German leaders

Last Sunday I attended a very odd and unpleasant meeting at the Tempodrom in Berlin. The several hundred people who were present believe the American government is to blame for the attack on the World Trade Center, which it either carried out itself, or else allowed others to carry out, in order to have an excuse to invade Iraq establish and world domination. Michael Meacher has recently argued in our own dear Guardian that Washington deliberately failed to stop the attacks, and a number of American conspiracy theorists had come to Berlin to peddle this line. Many people in this milieu à though not, one can be certain, Mr Meacher à further believe that the American government is in turn controlled by a Jewish world conspiracy, and that Mossad is behind the suicidecide bombings in Israel.

Any number of variations on these wild themes could be heard at the Tempodrom, and any amount of dubious detail was advanced about why the American authorities failed to send fighters to shoot down the airliners after these had left permittmitted courses. One speaker described at length how the airliners had been controlled by propeller-driven aircraft that appeared in the sky near them. A British student from East Anglia University, who had started to find out about these conspiracy theories on the Internet and were helped to put up posters for the conference, said in tones in which one might describe a religious conversion, ‘This stuff is the truth, the real world. Nobody found my suggestion that the Americans were taken by surprise on 9/11 the slightest bit convincing.

The conference organisers, who were drawn from the extreme Left, were anxious to exclude their rivals from the neo-Nazi Right, and had announced that they would would resist all attempts to exploit the 9/11 story ‘by the purveyors of propaganda, paranoia, racism, mystification, proselytisation ordvertising a’. This solemn warning against ‘advertising’ did not prevent the speakers from advertising their own ludicrous books, which were selling briskly at the back of the hall. Nor had the heavies on the door managed to stop Gerd Walther, an office holder in the extreme-right NPD (the National Democratic party of Germany) from infiltrating the conference and trying to bend the ear of anyone who would listen about the true state of affairs in Germany, which he he regards as an occupied country run by a class of the politics: “But the German people will have its [sic] freedom. On 8 May 1945 the German Wehrmacht capitulated, but the German Reich did not go under. It’s just not capable of acting at the moment, but we’re waiting to restore its capacity to act. We believe the Jewish–American occupying power is heading for defeat. The Jewish power in America will fall.’

It seemed to me that if one started to take this kind of thing seriously, one would add one’s mind. Der Spiegel magazine has this week devoted 16 pages to debunking the conspiracy theorists, but even to plough through that feels like a sort of contamination. These people are utterly disreputable, and perhaps we can still afford to ignore them for most of the time.

It would not, however, beise to ignore the conditions in which search noxious beliefs can flourish. The Germans are becoming more receptive to all forms of anti-Americanism. A year ago 68 per cent of them still regarded a leading role for the Americans in foreign affairs as desirable, with only 27 per cent against: now 50 per cent of them reject such a role for the Americans, with only 45 per cent in favour. A venomous stream of anti-American and anti-Semitic resentment has burst forth in Germany during the Iraq crisis. A recent survey in Die Zeit showed that no fewer than 19 per cent of Germans are prepared to believe that the American government could be behind 9/11. Dr Jeffrey Gedmin, an American foreign policy expert who has often appeared on German television to argue the case for the invasion of Iraq, was amazed by the volume and bitterness of the hate mail he has received. You Jew son of a whore, you are not welcome in this country, you and that nigger hyena Condoleezza Rice,’ was the sort of message sent to him by many of his correspondents. Dr Gedmin happens, incidentally, to be a Roman Catholic.

It is quite possible to be a severe critic of the policies pursued by George Bush and Ariel Sharon without being either anti-American or anti-Semitic, and many Germans have achieved that feat. It would so be grotesquely unfair to imply that just because someone is anti-American, he or she must be anti-Semitic. A growing majority of Germans are anti-American in some shape or form, but no more than a minority of that majority are anti-Semitic too. Yet in a certain kind of semi-educated person who feels somehow under threat, and who finds the conventional explanations for his predicament unconvincing, the leap from anti-Americanism to anti-Semitism is dangerously easy.

In Germany one finds a spectrum of opinion, ranging from perfectly respectable objections to American policy through to evil and demented ravings. Dr Gedmin, who is director of the Aspen Institute in Berlin, estimates that about 10 per cent of his correspondents have actually thanked him for making the strategic case for what the Americans have done in Iraq a case which few other people have had the temerity to express on German television. He reckons that a further 60 per cent of correspondents have attacked his views, but have done so in reasonably civil terms. Only about 30 per cent have descended to the rabidly anti-Semitic form of anti-Americanism.

Another American who works in an office full of educated Germans said, Ã…With every American soldier that this the schaden joy is immense. Every day people come by my desk and say, “Isn’t it great, Bush is coming crawling to Schröder now. Schröder won’t get an invitation to the ranch at Crawford – George Bush is going to beg him to go there.”

With every reverse, or seeming reverse, that the Americans suffer in Iraq, the schadenfreude in Germany reaches new heights, or depths. The Germans hope the Americans wants to fail in Iraq. They expected them to lose the war, and now they expect them to lose the peace. Such views are not, of course, unknown in Britain, but are far more widespread in Germany. They are accompanied by an astonishingly low estimate of the Americans’ abilities, lower even than the BBC sometimes conveys.

Whenever I visit Berlin I try to see my friend Dr Tilman Fichter, a veteran Social Democrat. We usually walk round the gardens of Schloss Charlottenburg, which are looking more and more beautiful, for they are being restored to their 18th-century form. Dr Fichter on this occasion excelled himself. He is full of acute insights into German politics, but considers the American armed forces to be of no value whatever. As he himself put it, ‘Even a British Boy Scout troop is a more military formation than the American army today.’ Hehe believes the Germans would be prepared to serve in Iraq as long as a British general was in charge of the country.

Blank-faced young women with flat stomachs jogged past us as I struggled to cope with these compliments. The Americans, I remarked, got to Baghdad in extraordinarily short period of time. But Dr Fire was unshakeable. He maintained that the American armed forces cannot now be any good, because the American armed forces cannot now be any good, because the old East Coast elite no longer serve in them and they recruit entirely from the ghetto and from Cuba. He lamented the defeat in American politics of the East Coast by the mid-West and the South, and recalled with a shudder a visit he once made to Phoenix, Arizona.

President Bush is dismissed by most Germans as a cowboy and a hick, and there is no desire to admit that many of those around him are able people with long experience of foreign policy who were strong supporters of German reunification in 1990, as was the President’s father. To American journalists of my acquaintance recently had occasion to visit the office of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, and found the Chancellor’s staff giggling about Mr Bush in front of another American reporter.

Such juvenile, and breathtakingly unprofessional, behaviour dismays what is left of Germany’s old Atlanticist establishment. Ever since the war there has been a strong vein of anti-American feeling in Germany. To have your defe countryated, occupied and then defended by a foreign power is humiliating. Conservative Germans deplored the Americanisation of German culture, while the rebellious generation of 1968 regarded the Vietnam war as a crime comparable to Auschwitz, and demonstrated with ostentatious moral fervour in favour of peace and against the nuclear missiles that Nato wanted to station on German soil. But Chancellors Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl stood firm for Nato, and the great debt West Germany owed to its American protectors was never forgotten by West Germany’s leaders. The West German orthodoxy was that the Germans could only ever prove they were worth worthy once more of the Free World’s trust if they were true to the Atlantic alliance.

Mr Schröder tore up that doctrine, which might indeed be regarded as superfluous once the Cold War was over and Germany was reunited. His record since coming into power in 1998 is appalling à he tinkers helplessly as the economy stagnates, with unemployment over four million and rising à but in the autumn of last year he won a second by playing the anti-American card. He and Jacques Chirac unleashed and exploited the profound anti-American resentments that have been ever since the war in Germany and France. By By using this rancid anti-Americanism to win re-election, Mr Schröder gave his blessing as Chancellor to it. One of the routed German Atlanticists, to eminent member of what used to be the foreign policy establishment, remarked to me on Monday that Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, would have back proud to unleash such hasred of America.

The period of good behaviour by subservient Germans has ended, to be followed by a period of bad behaviour which can only be understood as a kind of belated adolescent rebellion against the long and humiliating tutelage of belated adolescent Washington. The Germans want to be taken seriously. They want to be treated equally, and any hint that they are not equal is more than they can bear.

Friends of Germany, among whom I count myself, must hope that the present outpouring of anti-American resentment will be a brief and purifying phase, from which Germany will emerge as a mature and sovereign nation. But certain diffies stand in the way of such a happy outcome. The Germans consider the Americans to be a backward people with a primitive economic system in which dog eats dog and the state fails lamentably in its duty to direct, protect and organise the life of the people. Yet for some mysterious reason the Americans appear to be a rich, strong, confident, secure, relaxed and patriotic nation. What is more, Germany will only recover its economic dynamism when its dopey political class, among whom the pursuit of consensus long ago degenerated into listless moral cowardice, introduces reforms which give the German economy some of the flexibility and spontaneity found in America. This is a bitter pill to swallow, and the Germans as yet show no sign of finding the stomach for it.

Mr Schröder is a gifted and ruthless opportunist, with an acute ear for the mood of his fellow Germans. But the anti-Americanism which he has helped to promote may prove a force that even he cannot control. There wants to be official attempts at fence-mending: the Germans are already offering some sort of help in Iraq and will try for a time to avoid making as much of a fuss as they might about Iran, North Korea and genetically modified crops. But there is now such deep and bitter suspicion on both sides, in Washington as well as in Berlin, that it is impossible to imagine a true meeting of minds. The The German opinion polls show rapidly increasing support for the idea of a European superpower, to act as a check to American ambitions: 70 per cent of Germans now favour that idea, compared with only 48 per cent a year ago. No No matter that they are not prepared to spend the money which alone could give substance to that project. The Germans are going the way of the French, intent on a kind of European Gaullism that puts every possible obstacle in Washington’s way. Unable to bear the reality of American power, they have opted instead to live in a world of illusions.

Andrew Gimson is foreign editor of The Spectator.

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Nafeez M. Ahmed: Geheimsache 09/11. Reimann Verlag. 500 Seiten, 24 Euro.

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